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after the latest update the Author Box is missing. :-(

Many greetings, Marco

Hi. Please update to 1.3.2. We have fixed that.

Good evening! Congrats on bucket. Is great!!

Can you explain me how you’ve done the ALL POSTS BY “an author” page? Thanks in advance.


I’m glad you sorted out the issue.

Gravatar is the default WordPress way to display author photo – but you can always use a plugin like this one WP User Avatar that let you upload your own avatar image.


Thanks a million!:)

Thank you for being our customer.


Tried uploading the new theme file via wordpress backend but its doesnt work (think its my hosting). My worry is that I have done a lot of custom coding to the theme files (head 1.php etc) and if i update all the changes will be lost. I have done a backup but i’ve done so many changes not sure how long it would take to change each file i need to change back to the old files if that makes sense.

Anyway around this?

Also, how do i get the custom YARPP onto the site that you have with the live theme?


Hey Scott!

The recommended way to change a theme without losing updating ability it’s to use a Child Theme as described here HelpDesk – Customizing Using Child Themes

About Updating the theme I recommend you this article: HelpDesk – Updating a Theme

In order to configure YARPP please follow up this one: HelpDesk – Related Articles Configuration

I hope it helps.

Regards, George

Hallo! Could you say please, is there the version for tablets and smarphons too? Thanks, Yulia

It is at the bottom ( http://pixelgrade.com/demos/bucket/contact/ ). It is just a regular page with a Contact Form 7 shortcode and sidebar. Cheers

You are welcome.

Hi, pixelgrade.

Actually How to setting, Latest Featured Posts like this http://bit.ly/blog-classic ? Where I can setting it ? Help , please


You can do that by using the Custom Page Composer feature.

Also – not forget to buy the theme first :)

Regards, George

I need to change the logo. I want to replace the image for text. What is the code and where to put it?

Hi. If you simple remove the logo from the Theme Options then the theme will use the Site Title as the logo (text).

Thank you pixelgrade! Another question. How can I remove icons photography, video, audio, ... appearing on the post I publish? what is the code?


In order to offer a better support and keep track of the issues please open a ticket on our HelpDesk

Regards, George

Hi, can I reduce height of billboard? and can I add one more billborad there, that there will be 3 billborad not 2?

Hi. You can change the billboard slider height from the block settings when being in the page editor with the Custom Page Composer template. As for 3 small posts instead of 2 there is no easy way right now. Cheers

Hello ! Is there a way of diplaying the latest posts from a single category on the right side bar?

Hi. We don’t have such an widget but there are probably plugins around that can handle this, like this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-posts-widget-extended/. Most probably you will need a little bit of custom styling to make it look like the rest of the theme. Cheers

Great… But, if you could tell me where to change the look of the links to match the look on the TRENDING box… That would be very nice…

Here is the link: http://wordpress.hiper.fm/mais-um-video-surreal-das-corridas-da-isle-of-man/

I want the links to be a little larger and black… :)

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will try and assist you. Cheers

Hello! There are Turkish character problem, on our site… Specifically, the problem occurs in news headlines. How can we solve the problem? You can see the problem on site, www.yukselentv.com .

Example : (correct spelling in Turkish) “KLAS?K ARABA KULLANMAK B?R SANAT VE YA?AM B?Ç?M?D?R”

(appear on the homepage spelled wrong) “KLASIK ARABA KULLANMAK BIR SANAT VE YA?AM BIÇIMIDIR”

also like this, there are problems with Turkish characters Ç, ?, ?, ?, Ö…

We’ll be happy, if you can help …


Hi. First all thank you for being our customer. Secondly, you will need to use a font that supports these characters and select the latin extended character set for that Google font. If you still encounter problems, please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will do our best to assist you. Cheers.

You’re welcome, We really like the theme bucket… Have recommended fonts, Google font… I’ve tried some of them… But unfortunately the results did not change. I’ve opened a ticket..

Also, my suggestion is that you: to provide support for Turkish language, it would be great… our business is a lot easier… you can also add new customers… 80 million in Turkey, in different countries of the world there are about 250 million Turkish society :)

Thank you for your support… have a good day…

Ok. We will keep in mind those numbers (I haven’t known there were so many turks spread around the world).

Hello Great Theme ! Love this Theme But there is a Problem with Google+ Social Counter G+ share not Counting :\ :(


Hi. Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with the url? Thanks

Anyone else experience slow load times? Any recommendations?

Hi. Since this theme features a mega menu and a complex homepage, we recommend you use a caching plugin and also optimize your images. See this article we have written to explain things further: https://help.pixelgrade.com/support/solutions/articles/174162-speeding-up-your-wordpress

I am already running a wordpress website http://www.xgizmos.com i would like to know if i buy this theme will i be able to migrate the whole website to this new bucket theme easily ?

Hi. No it is not so. Those issues arise when there are JavaScript errors due to other plugins. As you can see on our demo there are no issues. What I meant were not custom templates but but if your posts are regulars WordPress posts.

Okay,Thanks But i have seen this site igyaan.in which is running on Bucket which is quite slow it takes long time to load is there any issues with the speed ?

We can only do so much in terms of speed. You can’t expect that a page packed with images and a multitude of different elements that put a strain on the server to process, to load as a simple twentythirteen. When you want to serve such pages, no matter the theme, you need to back it up by a reasonable hosting and some caching plugin.

Hi, great theme. Just want to know how I can disable excerpts on my posts? I just want to show the featured image and the post title. Thanks.

Hi. We have no except disable option but you can hide them with some custom CSS. Cheers

Hi again. Thanks for “List of posts” block update. We’re using two “List of posts” blocks with latest post from category with two different categories. The problem is, that we use this for sidebar. In the first block, we added some widgets for sidebar, and now the space for widgets is full (with showing 5 posts), so we need, that the sidebar go in the second block and we could put some more widgets, but, then we add some widgets, the sidebar in the first block gets bigger, and leaves the white space, but sidebar can’t go to the second block. We tried to install woosidebars plugin, but this just replace for example one of the footers widgets area, and if we put the widget in new sidebar, it’s displayed in the old footers place. is it other way, to make to sidebars? o how we could make this one sidebar near the two blocks?


Unfortunately there isn’t a way using WooSidebars to have two different sidebars on the same page. Also we don’t have an out-of-the-box option to give you an option to select a different sidebar area for each module – so without some custom coding I’m seeing a way to accomplish this – sorry about this.


Hi Guys,

Can you display products in the menu bar as well as posts? So when you hover over culture, it show 5 posts with images, can this be products instead? Is it also possible to show latest or featured products on the homepage too?

Thanks, Sarah

Hi Sarah! Unfortunately not without some custom coding – sorry about this. Regards

Ok no worries, maybe something to think about for future ;)



We need to add a custom field to articles in one category…

How to do it?


Hi hiperfm! I recommend you to read more about Custom Fields on Wordpress Codex http://bit.ly/1dIoO9W Regards

Hello dear Author. Thanks for nice theme. Question. It’s possible in future add share button ” Vkontake” vk.com and add count Post Views instead of like button. Thanks. Richard

Hi and thank you for being our client! We will think about both requests – thank you for the suggestion. Regards

That would be great. Thanks a lot.

Hi PixelGrade,

I just noticed that I can’t really create a gallery post. I choose Add New Post, Choose Gallery Post Format, adjust the Gallery settings, but unlike the Video or Audio, there seem to be no way to add the IMAGES. Using Wordpress native Add media to add Gallery does not show on the front end.

Any help? I want to reproduce this page. http://pixelgrade.com/demos/bucket/music/delevingne-photoshoot/

Thanks Tunde

Tkt number: 4858 Theme not working very well.

Hope you can see the ticket no. One last thing tho, is it possible to isolate the featured images on single posts by categories or post formats? We need to be able to see featured images on most articles but not on some post categories.

I have answered your ticket.

hello, can you guyz add a “news ticker” to the theme, that would be great. thnx.

Can you elaborate on this?

i mean like this theme: http://theme20.com/sevenmag/ the red balk saying: “News Trending”

Ok. Got it. Right now we don’t have this planned but do add it to our Community Forums under the Feature Requests section so others can vote on it and push it up on our priority list ( actually there is already there :)https://help.pixelgrade.com/support/discussions/topics/63710 )

Pre-Purchase Question: I need GALLERIES that are tiled – not a slider, that open in a lightbox. Is this a possible option for this theme – whether through the original wordpress gallery, or something similar?

Thank you,


Hi. We support the regular WordPress galleries that are inserted into posts and will open the images with our fancy Magnific Popup. Cheers