Discussion on Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme

Discussion on Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme

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Hi, I am a new blogger I don’t know which theme is the best for my blog, You can visit my blog https://www.banglalovestory.in and suggest me the Best theme.

Hi there,

If you’re wanting an easy to use theme for blogging then Buddy will work for you. :)

Hello, please make us a nice demo with new features like reviews, shop,... I bought Magzine but I hate youzer I prefer Buddy he is unique

Hi there,

Buddy is not a review or WooCommerce theme and will no longer be receiving new features as is stated on the item page.

Magzine does not require Youzer – you can use BuddyPress without with Magzine with Youzer. I will also be adding new inbuilt BuddyPress features to Magzine in the future. :)

hello, learnpress o learndash is compatible whit this theme?

Hi there,

The theme has not been tested with these plugins, but I don’t see any reason why they would not work. :)

Congrats! you have made it impossible to ask a pre-sales question. You have an extended license for this theme. I want to know what does it include? Does it give us the permission to rebrand, rename and resell your theme?

Hi there,

You are asking a pre-sale question right now and I’m responding, so I’m not sure what you mean that I’ve made it impossible?

The extended license is explained in full here: https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/extended

So basically as I understand it you can modify the theme and sell it to individual customers, and you can do this as many times as you want. However you can’t resell the theme as a stock item online with just minor modifications i.e. just rebranding or renaming it.

This is a public forum though. I was hoping to get some private support before coughing up $2200. Is there another way to get in touch?

Yes absolutely, I have a contact form which you can email me from. In fact I know you already have, however I didn’t reply as I had already responded to your question here. I’ll respond now so you have my email and we can talk privately. :)

how do you get the avatars ? or gravatars ?

Hi there,

WordPress themes use Gravatar. See: https://wordpress.org/support/article/how-to-use-gravatars/

do you have any idea why my login button on my page takes me to the wrong url ? https://www.worldofchat.co.uk/ ive tried to find help for this but no one seems to have a clue

To set up the login page see: https://ghostpool.com/help/buddy/help.html#25

If this is not working please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.

Thanks for the nice BuddyPress theme! After installing WP5.8 (Gutenberg inc.) my widget-tab disappeared – I had to disable new blocks via add_filter (‘gutenberg_use_widgets_block_editor’, ‘__return_false’)

Are you planning to include support for Gutenberg in new version of BuddyPress theme? I would like the prospects only.

Hi there,

I’m running WordPress 5.8 on my Buddy installation and see no issue with the new Widgets interface being loaded. It’s likely a plugin is causing this issue on your site. Disable all plugins to see if this resolves the issue.

If it is a theme issue or bug and you don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.

Hello, I would like to make my community, but I would like to know before joining the product, what is the scalability, as I am an influencer and I have more than 50 thousand people already registered for my community. Can your theme with aws loadbalance services support this volume of users?

Hi there,

Yes, the theme will be fine. It’s not a question of whether the theme can handle it but whether your WordPress installation on your server can. :)

Mobile phone access to the forum, there is a dislocation

Hi there,

If you’re reporting a theme issue or bug and don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.

i am blogger and can you suggest best theme for my wordpress blog https://guruvanee.com

Hi there,

Buddy is could for a simple blogging site, but it is not actively updated, so I would recommend my Aardvark theme.

I have a project that could use this specific theme. Is there an ETA on when you plan to stop providing support or remove from Themeforest? Any responses appreciated.

Hi there,

At the moment I have no plans to stop supporting this theme. It will continued to be supported for the foreseeable future.

I understand that you want to reduce new customers. But I want to say this is perhaps only one theme that is close to microblogging cms. Almost all microblogging cms shut down, except GNU Social, may due to the competition from Twitter. But that won’t make microblogging themes less attractive. Check whole envato for microblogging WP themes or scripts you will see none. I would request you to take this project in that way.

Hi there,

I plan on releasing a Buddy like demo in my next theme that will be out shortly. Follow me on ThemeForest or Twitter @ghostpool to keep up to date on when the theme is released. :)

Statistics < Can these items be linked or no? It would add value as people can click on the stats to see where the data is coming from. Just a question. Please let me know.

Hi there,

The statistics are not clickable unfortunately.

Dang $199.99. Does this thing ever go on sale? why so expensive? Thanks1

Hi there,

I explain why at the very top of the item. :)

I want to install this theme on my site? Can you check my site?


Hi there,

I’m not sure what you are asking me? You’ve posted from an account that has not purchased this theme. If you’re looking for support you need to open a support ticket at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/ providing the purchase code which can only be obtained from the account that purchased the theme.

Hello, I would like on the activity page to display only what people I am friend with are posting but by default is displaying all the posts from all the users. Is there a way I can correct this? Also, sign in form validation doesn’t work, do you think it is a conflict with some other plugin?

Hi there,

I have responded to your questions in your support ticket. The comments sections here is only for presale questions. :)

Hello, I recently updated this theme on my site, and the top menu button on Chrome mobile is not functioning. What could be the cause?



Hi there,

If you’re reporting a theme issue or bug and don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.

I don’t understand one thing…can I have a theme on my website and then integrate this theme only to the social network (the buddypress)?


Hi there,

It’s possible with the help of a plugin, but I wouldn’t recommend using two themes on one WordPress site.

What does Buddy Plugin do?

Hi there,

It includes parts of the theme that are required to be in a plugin rather than packaged with the theme such as custom post types.


I have some presale questions. It is very important for me to know all the answers since I am doing research if this what I need is possible to implement. I want to create website using BuddyPress. I need to know if the following options are possbible.

1. Can I have at leaset 20 000 profiles of users, and up to 50 000 profiles of potential users?

2. Can users create their own profile by themselves? And when they creat profile admin of website just verifies and approves this newly created profiles? So I do not want that admin of website creates profiles of user, but users on their own should create profiles

3. Can users when creating a profile choose category of work they are involved in, also I need them to choose location, and I need to have filters for this locations and categories on website (for an example location is one city and when someone sets filters by this city I need to have just results for this city to be visible). Is this possible?

4. Can users add profile photos on their profile, and can they add description of their business activity on their profile, can they add contact info, and in general info about their company? I need to have option that they can add all of this data by themselves when creating their profile

5. Can website admin limit the number of photos the user uploads to his profile and the number of characters for the text he enters?

6. Can registered and logged or signed in users excange messages with each other? Is there an inbox option if one registered user want to write message to another user?

7. Can website admin send message to any registered user? Can website admin send one message to one registered user, and can website admin send the same message to all of the registered users, for an example if privacy policy is changed and I need to send the same notice to all of the users I do not want to send it 20 000, like to put them all in cc? Is this possible?

8. Is there a chat option? Like is there a chat between website admin and users? If some user has some question and he can not wait answer to some message and he needs right info as soon as possible, he will need to have chat with site admin?

9. Is it possible to have some analytics data from website? Like, possibility to have a preview of number of users by some category of bussines activity and simmilar)?

10. Can users edit ther profiles after signig up or registrating? Like, maybe they change their address, change some contact info, or add some photos?

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

All of these questions refer tot he BuddyPress plugin and not the theme itself, but I’ll answer best I can.

1) The theme will have no issue with this, this will be dependant on WordPress and your server specs.

2) Users can register and create profiles using BuddyPress plugin. You will need to install an additional plugin to approve users.

3) BuddyPress allows you to create profile fields for users to select from, so yes. You can also use the BP Profile Search plugin to search for users based on specific profile fields.

4) You’ll need to use a plugin like rtMedia so a user can upload images to their profile. And if you create the profile fields e.g. business description they can fill them in.

5) You’ll need to check the rtMedia plugin for photo limits. BuddyPress does not limit text entered.

6) BuddyPress allows private messaging.

7) Yes you can send out a global message.

8 ) You’ll need to use a chat plugin.

9) The theme does not have these options.

10) Yes.

Tell me why bbpress 2.6 duplicates themes and responses in the activity filter, is it because the theme has not yet been optimized for the new plugin?

                <select id="activity-filter-by">
                    <option value="-1">— Everything —</option>

                    <option value="new_member">New Members</option>
<option value="updated_profile">Profile Updates</option>
<option value="activity_update">Updates</option>
<option value="bbp_topic_create">Topics</option>
<option value="bbp_reply_create">Replies</option>

        <option value="bbp_topic_create">Topics</option>
        <option value="bbp_reply_create">Replies</option>


Hi there,

This isn’t a theme issue, it’s a bbPress issue and occurs on the Twenty Twenty as well.

For some reason, the Buddy Plugin is not translated using Loco Translate, the translated text is not displayed on the screen

You’re posting from an account that hasn’t purchased this theme.

If you require theme support you will need to either purchase the theme or log into the account that already purchased the theme. Once you’ve done that, please open a support ticket at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/


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