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i sent a complaint to envato i hope that others will not make my mistake and will not purchase from you :reallyevil:

Hi have a css problem, some text is moved to the right

how can I fix this


Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

i sent a complaint to envato

Dear sigfont,

So what you are saying is (1) you lost your purchase code, and (2) you don’t have access to the purchase confirmation email message; and (3) the message is not searchable from your email account and somehow got deleted from your Trash folder; and (4) it does not say “Purchased” next to your Envato username above because you also cannot find your access info for your other Envato account; and (5) you are unable to do an Envato account passwd lookup; and (6) you cannot access your Paypal account either so you are not able to show any proof of purchase to the seller; and (7) due to yet some other unfortunate incident that just now happened to you, you cannot do a Paypal account passwd lookup; and (8.) you are actually ANGRY at the seller for not wanting to support you.

And finally (9) you are pretending that you are not using a pirated version of the theme, and you’re convinced that everyone here believes your 7 or 8 wild coincidences that all magically occurred at the same time.

Now, I’m not the seller or from Envato or anything, I’m just a guy who is LMAO at you! Thank you sigfont for making my day a little lighter. (10) You rock!

Thanks wdcs, nicely put. ;)

i second wdcs on this.. :)

and i hope more than the 14000 other clients will continue purchasing from Ghostpool… ;)

Thanks nexia. :)

Hi I am facing a problem :( My site is not showing in any browser without chrome. It is buddy theme. Is there anyone who knows this issue?

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi I have a questions. Please tell me how to change the design of Forum Statistics into as the demo site.

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

On the demo version, when I choose to see a two column page it only shows a one column page. I’d like to see what it looks like with two columns.

Hi there,

Are you referring to this page

If so it’s definitely showing two columns, but when the window size is small it will switch to one column to maximize space (responsive behaviour).

aha – ok, that might explain – thank you

Another question, is there a visual editor or instruction on editing the phone and tablet themes separately from the main theme ?

The theme does not come with a visual editor. The theme is responsive meaning it adjusts for mobile and tablet devices, it doesn’t actually use a separate theme/skin for these devices. You can edit the mobile/tablet styling from the responsive style sheet that comes with the theme.

Hi im new to buddypress and testing it now,whant to buy theme! But dont whant to be frustrated after purch! So where i can test admin backend of theme and test/customise how it run ! Can you give such opportunity Is it possible to test non actual some old version of Theme?

Hi there,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to give you admin backend access for security reasons. If you want to test BuddyPress itself you can do this by installing the free plugin on your WordPress installation. Buddy uses all the same options as the default BuddyPress theme it just looks at look different doing it. :)

BuddyPress itself you can do this by installing the free plugin on your WordPress installation

It is understandable :D

I mean that you can never know if Theme will be as flexebile as you need! It is not a problem to BUY it with pleasure,but i like some thin as light version for test and analys

I don’t know of any way of giving users admin access to the theme without them being able to then take the theme for free or alter the contents of the demo site. This is the same with all WordPress themes here as far as I know.

Thnx for support

Found cinematix theme on Nowall testing it all day…pfffff I dont like it – sent to dustbin! Im glad that i didnt bought

It is better to have opportunity try LIGHT versions

You seem to be talking about another theme, what does this have to do with Buddy?

talking about to have opportunity try LIGHT versions

I would love to offer a trial/light version or admin access, but I’ve not found a satisfactory way to do this unfortunately. The theme has over 800 purchases and has a nearly 5 star rating if that means anything, I also provide plenty of screenshots of the backend.

I’ve been looking at virtually every BuddyPress theme I can find and this one looks the best, most robust.

One quick pre sales question. How well will Visual Composer work within this theme?

Hi there,

I use the Visual Composer with one of my other themes and can’t think of any reasons why it would not work. I just did a quick test and didn’t see any conflicts either.

Excellent. Thank you GP. Just about ready to purchase, just have to confirm with my board.


I am very interested in purchasing you theme. Am having to migrate a site away from Ning because of cost, and am tying to move to WordPress/BuddyPress (never used BuddyPress before).

Two questions, please:

In an earlier comment above, you stated that your theme doesn’t have a Visual Editor. What does that mean exactly? Will there be no option to do postings visually/text like in all other WordPress sites I have? Have been using mainly WooThemes and WooCommerce (glad to see that this theme is compatible with it!)

Also, I just purchased the Ning to Wordpress plugin to use in this transition. Is it compatible with your Multipurpose theme? Hope so!

Also, I will be able to change theme colors and type, right? Will I be able to do that from the Admin panel?

I need to get this site moved before end of day tomorrow (July 20), so hope you can get back to me soon!

Thank you very much!

Hi there,

1) The user was referring to the Visual Composer plugin available on Code Canyon which provides a drag and drop interface for shortcodes. Don’t worry Buddy has the same interface you see on any WordPress theme.

2) I’ve never used this plugin so I can’t say for sure but I would imagine any conversion plugin is not dependant on the theme itself so I don’t see any problems.

3) The theme comes with a number of options to change theme colours via the admin panel.

Hope that answers your questions.


Thank you very much for getting back to me! Did you happen to see the question/post I did right after the first one? Had a question about the header and if could upload my logo and it look similar to existing site? ( Am waiting to purchase theme and get work done tonight, I hope!

Thank you again!

I’m sorry I didn’t see this question. Yes you can upload your own logo in the header. You will need to make a small CSS adjustment to centre it which I can show you if you decide to purchase the theme.

featured image not showed on the top of post, after updating to the newest version… ;(

fixed? or, just only happened to me?

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

fixed. : ) had to reset something up on theme option. ; )

Ah glad to hear it, what did you have to reset?


Theme looks great.

For the blog, homepage & all BuddyPress pages, can one left or right sidebar be used instead of the default two sidebars? I saw your examples of a left and right sidebar… I just want to make sure that I am not forced to use two sidebars for certain pages.

Also, is it possible to reduce the width of the layout? I would like a fixed width of about 960 pixels, but only if it’s doable without having to do a large amount of work to achieve it.

Thank you!

Any links that I have permission to use are listed on the item page. GottaSalsa is particularly unique.

You can easily make the theme look completely different with just CSS modifications. :)

Hey, thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

I will be ready to purchase in a day or two, but I need to confirm a few final things (sorry for all the questions).

1. Can the space between the content-wrapper and the header be easily reduced so that they touch?

2. When changing the layout to a fixed width of 960px (or maybe 1000px; still deciding), will a lot of other elements on the site need fixing so that they don’t “break”? I need to begin working on the site right away, so if you’ll be able to provide the fixed-width edits I need within a day or two after purchase, that will pretty much seal the deal.

3. Can the widths of the sidebars also be easily changed? And, if I did decide to use two sidebars, can the widths of each sidebar be different (and easily changed)?

4. The [register] shortcode says the “password will be emailed,” but in the examples I saw users were able to enter their own passwords. Which is it? Can you choose?

I’m assuming #1-3 only require CSS edits (and maybe a quick template edit for #1?), but I need to be sure.

Thanks again!

1) Yes, this requires a small CSS change which I can show you.

2) The theme can already be set to a fixed width of 980px, once I give you the CSS to resize to a fixed of 960px nothing else will need fixing. Support questions are answered within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

3) You would need to adjust the sidebar and main content column widths using CSS.

4) BuddyPress registration allows you to choose a WordPress. Normal WordPress emails a password to you, which is also how the [register] shortcode works. The register shortcode cannot be used if BuddyPress is activated.

Hope that answers all your questions.

A psd of the full layout (or at least of the homepage) is included? Thanks Stefano

Hi there,

The theme comes with two PSDs of the logo and retina logo and a PSD of the homepage.


I recently bought the CInematix and One Community themes and can’t stand them! Why does the developer make it a nightmare for the average person to customize their own site?!

Before I buy this theme, please can someone honestly tell me how easy (or difficult) it is to customize everything. I’d prefer to avoid CSS if possible and just use the dashboard and Theme options to get me around the site. I’m not looking to build the next Facebook, just a plain and simple social site for a niche online community.

Getting some coffee and will be back soon.

Hi there,

The theme comes with a number of styling options to customize the colours of all areas of the site as shown in the screenshot:

However if you want a greater level of customization you will need to adjust the CSS.

Awesome! Now that’s what a theme should have…nice and simply customizable options for n00bs like me :) Thanks so much Ghostpool.

is it compatible with wordpress mulitiste. We are creating a blog network.

Hi there,

Yes the theme is fully compatible with WordPress multisite. :)

When I activated theme it gives homepage redirection loop problem. :/:/ How can I fix?


I found It conflicts with bbpress plugin but How it can be?!

Hi there,

The theme definitely works with the bbPress, you can see it working on the demo.

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.