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From the jwplayer site:
Note however, that the JW Player Plugin for WordPress no longer supports commercial JW5 upgrades. If you are interested in using a commercial version of the JW Player (or any new functionality going forward), you must upgrade to JW Player 6.
Do you plan on upgrading to the JW6 player within this theme?

Hi there,

At the moment there are no plans to include JW Player 6, for two reasons. It costs a lot of money to buy a new commercial license to include series 6, the cost of this license would not be reflected in more sales.

Where will we add Community stats, login widget at live preview?

Hi there,

This is explained in this section of the help file:

Please note that if you have any support questions these should be submitted at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi i would like to purchase this theme, would like to check if its adsense compatible on all browsers. thanks

Hi there,

Yes of course. :) Ad Sense can be inserted into any page or widget ready area.

Hi, I am seriously considering buying this theme. How much can I customize the layout? For example, would it be possible to show a list of topics on the left side, and then the center of the page having latest discussions for all groups? Thanks for your advice!

Hi there,

BuddyPress/bbPress comes with a topic list widget so yes you can add this to the left sidebar.

You can add the [activity] shortcode to the centre and filter by groups only.

Great, that’s awesome! I am also curious if you offer work for hire if there’s more specific customization needed in the future?

I have someone who personally does all the custom work on my themes, he is available to hire for any customizations you need.

I am interested in purchasing this theme…have one question first. Is it compatible with all languages…or is there an option for people to choose for it to be translated into their language?

Hi there,

The theme is translation ready meaning it comes with the .po/.mo translation files which can be translated by yourself or somebody else into any language you want.

My site makes use of custom post types. Will it be possible to show the custom post type in the activity?

Hi there,

You can add custom post types to your activity stream with a small piece of code which I can show you if you decide to purchase the theme.

I just wanted to say that we tried various themes before deciding on using Buddy, but we’re glad we made the decision as it just looks like a social network. It’s easy to use and other plugins work extremely well with it, including WooCommerce.

This is what our site looks like:

A proper looking site :) Thanks you.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Really appreciate the comments. :)

Fantastic and fast loading theme! So glad I bought it!

However I have an issue: all the images pd the posts in the listings of the home page and the ones in “related posts” don’t redirect to the post, instead they try to open the image with the lightbox and show the error :Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

I just want the image to redirect to the post like the title does.


Another question: if I don’t give access to my users to the WP admin panel, how can they go to their profile? I don’t see any option to go to his profile.

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

I did, thanks.


This Theme simply ROX \m/

Wishing you abundant $ALE$

Cheers! ;)

Thanks, appreciate the comment. :)

Does it support woocommerce, directory and classified ads plugins? is it possible for you to add this in the demo so we could see?

Hi there,

Yes the theme supports WooCommerce. I’ve not tested it with the classified ads plugin, but I don’t see any reason why it would not work. Unfortunately, I cannot add plugins to demo requested by users because I’d have to do this for everyone and bloat my themes with plugins.

Is there a german translation available so far? Or must i translate it on my own? Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

The theme only comes with the English translation files, you’ll need to create your own German translation which will be fully supported by the theme.

hello, i’m really interesting to purchase this theme, I have questions:

Q1- Can I show several categories in the main page with 5 posts in each category?

EX: category1:
  • sample post1
  • sample post2
  • sample post1
  • sample post2

Q2- can I set the main page to have only one sidebar?
Q3- for forums in this link:

is it included with the theme or it’s a plugin?

thank you

Hi there,

1) Yes.

2) Yes.

3) This is part of the bbPress plugin which comes with the BuddyPress plugin.

Hope that answers your questions.

okay great, can I do the first question by just changing the theme setting? or I have to modify some templates?

You can insert the [posts] shortcode 5 times and load a different category each time. So it’s not exactly a theme option, but you do not need to modify the theme files either.

Hey there. I wanted to make a feature suggestion.

I was hoping that there would be a shortcode for placing the activity input box.

Hi there,

So you’re basically asking to add the ability to comment in the [activity] shortcode? If so there’s no plans to add this but I can point you in the right direction so you can add it yourself on my support site at

Hi I would to know if it’s possible in the homepage to remove the “Latest Activity” area and replace it, displaying my Groups in the way you display “The Features” (Galleries)

Thank you

Hi there,

You can remove any of the homepage elements, including th eLatets Activity, as they’re all added via shortcodes. You can add your groups to homepage but you’ll need to adjust the styling so they look like “The Features” section.

Hi! I love your theme! As you can see I have tried to mix it up a bit:

Beside the slider I am trying to make a “menu” box, with buttons to direct people to places inside the page. But I can´t find out how to make a box which I can define my self with the text and buttons I choose. I would also like to make this box static, is this possible? Is there a shortcode you can use for this purpose?

And by the way, I have found out how to make the horizontal divider, is there a vertical as well?

Hope you understand my question.


Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Please, why is there no ‘Register’ link on the homepage for new users who would like to register?

Hi there,

This is because it’s a demo site, and if users were to register they could spam the site. You can add a Register button from the theme options if you decide to buy the theme though. :)

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I’m getting this when i try to install theme

this my first time buy and not sure how to install the theme on my word press a step by step please

Hi there,

A help file comes packaged with your download and you can view it online here:

If you still require support please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Lovely looking theme Ghostpool. I would want to run Woo Commerce Multi User with it should I choose to purchase. Are you aware of any good examples of the Theme with Woo Commerce running?

Any purchaser here care to share their URL with Buddy + WooCommerce?

Hi there,

I don’t have any examples of the theme running WooCommerce, but I can guarantee that WooCommerce and WordPress Multi site will work with theme as I have tested both myself.

Nice theme, I thought it looked familiar! Turns out this guy is using a nulled version of your theme. I don’t like people that steal creative work. I actually used to work on this site and noticed some funny stuff with this guy Sherrod D. Pigee. I’ve even got his Customer Number (45093110).

The website is

Hi there,

How do you know he’s using an illegal version of the theme?