Discussion on BuddyApp - Mobile First Community WordPress theme

Discussion on BuddyApp - Mobile First Community WordPress theme

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How does one login to view a live demo of the Private Community demo? Demo credentials provided are accepted but it just refreshes the “Login” form page.

I’ve done that. It only takes me to the admin backend. No theme preview.

There is no access to wp-admin. Share a screenshot to understand what you see

Hello, I’m using a woocommerce plugin but the button to set the images for shop and products is not visible in the pages (it is with twenty-twenty lower left). More precisely it regards the button.button.media-button.button-primary.button-large.media-button-select have tried to shift in the center and to make it visible with this custom css: .button.button.media-button.button-primary.button-large.media-button-select { position: absolute; left: 500px !important; z-index:9999 !important; } but it is still hidden.

Any suggestion to move it in the visible area?

Best Regards,


Hello, I have fixed the issue, thank you.

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Ok, Have a nice day Cheers Radu

Hi, could i do something like this or similar: https://www.xbyhr.com/F36/ is a job/news/house renting website thanks

sq_support Author Team

Hi, That layout looks similar to activity view on profiles on our demo : https://kleo.seventhqueen.com/members/kleoadmin/ or sitewide https://kleo.seventhqueen.com/activity/

Cheers Radu


TonnyP Purchased

The main menu (or any menus) on mobile stopped working? and I have no idea about where or how to fix it?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, The website redirects me to the login page where the main menu it’s not shown to can test it : http://wellshigh.dk/login/?redirect_to=http://wellshigh.dk/

Please sent to our profile ( https://themeforest.net/user/seventhqueen ) a private message including initially wp-admin credentials, domain url (and the initial message for the reference ) to can check further the issue.

The favico seems to miss , you can add it from wp-admin -> customizer -> identity -> icon.

Related to the speed issue and optimization service we continue to discuss on our platform.

Cheers R


TonnyP Purchased

Hi R I have contacted you now, but I have not head from you? Cheers T

sq_support Author Team

Hi, There it was easter holidays, i’ve replied to you and also fixed your issue. All should be ok Sorry for the delay Have a nice day Cheers R

Why no update since 2021?. Is that the theme death?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, No it’s not. Because the theme it’s works as expected after all wordpress and plugin updates, no issue or conflict. Cheers R

hi .. sems demo is redirecting to login (looping) ...

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Please check here https://buddyapp.seventhqueen.com/demo/, sometimes trough envato/themeforest iframe it does like that

I’ve tested and it behaves normally.

Let me know Cheers R

Hello, Could you add Sms and email notification ?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Are you referring to Buddypress notifications ? They can be added by hiring us or other dev team to build this custom, There it’s no pre made solution in this matter. This will imply to use a services to a sms gateway.

Let us know if you want a quote in this direction. Cheers R

Hi SeventhQueen, What a nice mobile first BP theme! I’d really like to purchase it but I see it’s been a year since last update. Do you plan on keeping it alive & publish new updates for it? Thanks in advance.

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Yes, the theme will be maintained to work exactly how it was designed. Cheers Radu

Hi, the demo is very stimulating! I have a question though: I would like to combine the BuddyApp experience with an LMS. For instance is BuddyApp compatible with the following plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/edunext-openedx-integrator/#description to integrate it with an OpenedX platform? Thx!

sq_support Author Team

Hi, I haven’t tested those all together, in general they should work without any problems like the majority of the wp plugins. Cheers R

Demo #1 doesn’t work. Makes me nerves to buy a product if the sellers can’t get it right.

sq_support Author Team

Hi, I’ve just tested and it works as expected : Use this direct url to our demo https://buddyapp.seventhqueen.com/demo/ user demo pass demo

The possible cause for that maybe was the themeforest iframe that wraps the demo view.

Let me know Cheers R

I register and you are not entering the login

Hi, Sorry don’t understand the problem can you please rephrase and add more details ? Cheers Radu


marvc Purchased

Cosmetic request: make it possible to change / customize the background of the footer within the options panel.


marvc Purchased

Can the footer appear at the bottom for every page as it does in Kleo & Sweet Date themes? I need a solid background color with separate colors for text & links.

Any responses appreciated.

Hi, You can do it with those CSS’s

Replace the colors with your desired one

div#footer { background: #999; }

div#footer li a { color: red !important; text-decoration: underline !important; }

div#footer .widget-title { color: blue !important; }

div#footer * { color: #fff; }

The css can be added to wp-admin -> appearance -> customize -> additional CSS

Cheers R


marvc Purchased

Awesome!!! Thanks!

Hi, is the demo not working?

Hi, At this time it works : https://seventhqueen.com/themes/buddyapp/demo/login/?redirect_to=https://seventhqueen.com/themes/buddyapp/demo/

Maybe it was something with the server

Cheers Radu


I have some questions?

1. Supports files such as pdf, word, power point, among others?

2. Supports files such as .mp4, H.264 video formats, among others?

3. Create users by roles?

4. Notify by email new documents uploaded by roles or for all?

5. Online viewing and downloading of pdf, Word, power point documents, among others?

6. Generate PDF in conversation from a sequence of emails?


1. Create a project called “Hello World”

2. Is each user assigned a task?

3. does that task have an opening and closing time?

The purpose is that each user who is in that project can be followed up on whether or not they fulfilled the proposed task. Can I do all that with your theme?



1. Using a plugin that extends the wordpress default formats, yes : https://wordpress.org/plugins/file-upload-types/ , additionally you can have a look at this article : https://www.monsterinsights.com/how-to-allow-wordpress-to-upload-all-file-types/

2. Same as 1

3. It can be possible , check this article : https://buddydev.com/assign-user-roles-based-on-buddypress-profile-field-data-on-user-registration/

4. No, the wordpress doesn’t notify admin when a new media it’s uploaded, you will have to search for a plugin or a custom solution in this matter.

5. By default not, maybe only for the PDF’s files that browser can read without any extension installed, For the rest you will have to search for a plugin or a custom solution in this matter.

6. You will have to search for a plugin or a custom solution in this matter. Don’t know a certain one to recommend (if exists).

1. -

2. It should be possible, check here : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cant-find-assign-task/

2. You can set a deadline for each task and the start time it’s the date and time when it has been created.

If you need more advanced task plugin you can look for something else and try it.

Cheers Radu

Can I create 250 users and each user give him a roll so that he does not see some things?

Example: When the user enters he will find 9 images and each one of them will have different information. Can I give a user access to certain things within each page?

can I add a teaching plugin?

Hi, You can create users quickly using this plugin : https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/bp-default-data/ it will create also some demo content in community.

then depends by the user membership that have it assigned you can restrict some content only for certain membership ID wrapping the image code into this shortcode

only show up for level 1 users.[/membership]

Same matter on pages, you will find a box in the right side of the page from where you can restrict the memberships.

You can add a teaching plugin, you can look at sensei.

Cheers RAdu


TonnyP Purchased

The mobile main menu stopped working? what to do?

Hi, Somehow the mobile menu closes immediately after you click on it ? Let me know


TonnyP Purchased

no, nothing happens when you click on it, it adds a ”#” in the url? the same thing happens on both desktop and mobile, but no menu are been shown og hided.?

Hi, That behaviour might indicates some JS errors and breaks the entire js functionality, please let me know what’s your website url to can have a live look. Also make sure to have everything updated to the latest version : Wordpress, theme and the plugins. If they already are and the issue persists, try to deactivate the child theme and check again and also the rest of the plugins excepting the theme recommended ones

Let me know Cheers R

Icons (icomoon) don’t show even on clean install. Also contact me please so i can change account purchase code on my new acount ( I deleted old mail), so I can place ticket..

Hi, please email me at happy @ seventhqueen.com

I tried that body { overflow: auto !important; } to no avail. How can that be solved? Thanks.

Hi, What’s your current issue, cannot find any previous comment from your side? Please explain.

Cheers R

Hi there! Is it possible to restrict the contents according to the roles of the users? is it possible to restrict products (from woocommerce) with roles? Thank you!

Hi, It might be possible, check this article : https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-restrict-wordpress-pages-by-user-role/

Cheers R

Demo is not working

Hi, Just tested and works as expected : https://seventhqueen.com/themes/buddyapp/ User : demo Pass : demo


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