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I have to say this is the worse theme I have ever had to work with! I have just spent 4 hours trying to work it out and it still looks like crap. And yes I did install your dummy data and none of the page are showing up like on your demo site. I am very disappointed by this theme although my client chose it.

Have you received my email and what is the status of the query?

Already sent you an email, please check.

Well check again, I just replied because this has nothing to do with the page you sent me.

Hi, I need to translate to portuguese all theme, but, I found the small difficult to some places it´s all ok, but the menu theme don´t identify de chartset. Please see the image:

and the Revolution Slider is presents some errors when do updates, sometimes appear and sometimes dont appear…


Could you double check if you are using the right code?

html_entity_decode($menu, ENT_QUOTES , 'UTF-8')

note the ENT_QUOTE is passed as constant not ‘ENT_QUOTE’ which will be a string

I want thank too much, all help and support! all small problems resolved and the theme is works all right.

I recommend this theme and the great developer support!

thanks for all support!!!

You’re welcome Daniel, much appreciated! and we’d be grateful if you can rate our item :)

In the documentation you say You will need to adjust the default image size for the products… what sizes do you recommend because taking a few wild guesses the pictures on the homepage still appear blurry…. What sizes did you use in your demo?

And did you keep the original settings in woocommerce? I thought your documentation says to change that to larger size but whatever size I try the pictures are still blurry. So that was those sizes recommendations I was after as all the images on the size are around the 500px from memory.

Go to woocommerce, then settings and product image sizes, you can adjust the size there. you may also contact our support then we can provide you with more detail information.

Email sent. But it might be useful for other people to know…

I purchased this theme some days ago and I’m facing the same problems the user danielstartdigital had, but in my case with Spanish accents and letter ‘ñ’. The theme doesn’t display these properly on the menu titles. I’ve sent an e-mail to but I’ve received no answer yet. Do I need a special font for the theme? How do I install it?

Hi, just checked and apparently your email goes to our spam folder, thus we just knew it was there, sorry about that :( as for the issue, we’ve replied to your email. Cheers!

Just wanted to say that the support team of VicTheme has been really helpful and quick these days in solving the problems and attending to the petitions I had related with the theme configuration. Great customer service!!

Hi Axel, glad you had satisfied with our service :) and we would appreciate if you can rate our item and you can click here if you’re not sure on how to do so. again, thanks for the time!

Thank you very much to support team especially to Kaylie for helping us to resolve the issue with importing demo content with PHP 5.4. People like you make it happen! Looking forward to working with you and your themes. Igor

Thanks so much Igor for the kind words and supports, please follow us to make sure you’re being informed when we release our next item in the future :)


I am having problems on have the revolution slider in home page. How can it appears??

Thank’s Miguel

Hi. I have sent you an email like you asked but my problem now is that I want to have a home page like yours> A slideshow (I already have) but the content I eanted to have boxes of news like yours.

Thank-s miguelcordovil

We sent our feedback via email, please check. thanks!

Hi. I am with a problem. I want to change the size of the menu, because I want to put more buttons. How can I change the font size of the menu?

Thank’s Miguel

How can I make sure that the top menu is also visible on a smaller screen?

What code do I have to adjust?

you need to edit the js to turn of the init code

And where can i find the init code?

Hi. I am with a problem. I want to change the size of the menu, because I want to put more buttons. How can I change the font size of the menu?

Hi, you can do so with custom css. email us at for more details if you still had question. Cheers!


Are you going to have updates for wordpress 4.0 ?

Yes, you can download the latest version which suppose to be compatible with WP4.0, just let us know if you find some problem. Cheers!

I have to disable the custom scrollbar. How I can do it?

it is from bueza/controller.bueza.js look for niceScroll invocation and comment them out.


About the question from itayitach where is the file you say to alter bueza/controller.bueza.js I don´t find, and I wanted to desable the costom scrollbar to…

Could you help me?

Thanks Miguel

it is in bueza/js/controller.bueza.js

Regards, Jason

Theme doesnt work well on iphone,ipad and android phones (small screen devices), there is a slight jerk when we scroll down on all the pages. is there a fix available ?

Hi there,

Which version you’re running with? and for better support response, you can submit a ticket here when reporting issues and you can also send us the url link of your site.


Good evening, I have used your theme on my website I have a problem.

the topheader on this page: appears briefly and then disappears quickly and briefly again for 10 seconds.

on this page: immediately appears and he remains standing.

Conclusion: at the bottom menu on, he was right and at the top menu as fast and then after 10 seconds. What can I do about this? Furthermore, I wondered when an update comes out for version WP version 4.1