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Nice theme! best of luck..

Thanks, it goes for you too :)

Awesome theme, good luck with sales :)

Thanks, it goes for you too :)

Great work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks, it goes for you too :)

Congratulations Vic, wish you best of luck!

Thanks, it goes for you too Vic :D

The homepage graphics are very good, especially the most of the theme are coming in Wide screen 1170px grid but this has come in smaller width which makes it different. Good work.

Thanks for the kind words, there is a style switcher button at the right side of the homepage to change the width between 960,1170 and fluid (just in case you may not notice ;)

Hi we are writing you from hungary. Just purchased your new theme. We miss the central european font packages. Do you have any suggestion? Many thanks


You can use webfont generator here and choose expert to optimize the font.

Hope it helps and you can contact us at for faster response.



@bvfheating – I’d suggest buying a product like the one below to upload the fonts yourself (once you have fonts, of course since font licenses often don’t permit authors to include them) –

VicTheme – Is UberMenu only supported on the WooCommerce pages or can it be used on every page?

Also, in the Live Preview (demo), your WooCommerce cart page would appear to go off screen (outside browser viewport) on a 320px wide portrait device orientation.

I really like the full width widgetized top header. I haven’t seen that before.

Are both left / right sidebars supported? Is displaying both at the same time possible?

What Theme Options framework is in use? Are the screenshots somewhere of the backend?

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion :)

As to your questions, ubermenu can be apply on all pages, not just the shop. sidebar can only be apply either left or right an can’t be both at the same time. we used our custom framework base on wp standard, you can view screenshots of the backend at our documentation here



Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks, it goes for you too :)

Nice Work! GLWS :)

Thanks, it goes for you too :)

Really awesome works mate ;)
hope it get many sales

yeah, thanks man, hope it’s true and g’luck for you too ;)

I see great potential here but heres a few heads ups: vertically squashed images in each product details page…

Plus I got this error: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$ID in /home/drublue/public_html/wordpress_sites/bueza/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.class.php on line 4087 Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$ID in /home/drublue/public_html/wordpress_sites/bueza/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.class.php on line 4014

From this page: From using the breadcrumbs. these pages wouldn’t allow me to scrol either.

Hi, thanks for the notice. we appreciate your input and we’ll be checking on these :)

just FYI, demo fixed :)

Great! I’m sure I’ll be grabbing it soon :)

Good job guys! Congrats on the theme!

Thanks for the kind words, it’s motivated ;)

Hey one more question – can the page content slide effect be replaced with eg a fade?

Also how hard is it to eg put the blog list on the homepage (whilst keeping everything else). I’ve done this sort of hack before but easier and cleaner with some themes than others

Ok, the content on this page can be set up from the backend and here’s the link on how to do so Hope it helps and you get the better idea on how it works, the basetheme itself was base on standard wp :)

hey, btw it’s possible to replace but you need to do it manually, from template or CSS, it used CSS3 animation

Hey VicTheme,

I’m trying to have the slogan thumbnail on the front page to link to custom page (instead of the full page slogan) when clicked. Is there a way to do that? Alternatively, is it possible to insert a typical <!-more-> tag into the slogan’s description? I tried doing that but it did not seem to work.

Sorry for the late reply, If you want the thumbnails to link directly to a other page, you should edit the :

templates/portfolio/grid.php (for portfolios teasers) widgets/templates/portfolio/portfoliobox.php (for portfolio widgets) widgets/templates/slogan/sloganbox.php (for slogan widget)

and change the get_post_permalink() as the a element href entry into the new url that you wanted it to point.

for portfolio items, you can replace the link to point to the portfolio meta client_link by retrieving it like :

<?php $meta = Portfolio::defaultMetadata($post, FALSE, TRUE);?>

and print the value like <?php echo $meta[‘client_link’]; ?>

Thanks for the tip! The syntax as you wrote it did not work for some reason, but this did: ?php echo Portfolio::defaultMetadata($post,’client_link’, false, true); ?

Thanks for the input and to clarify the issue, it may helps for other user and don’t forget to rate our item ;)

hi, I have buy this theme. it looks good but I am facing lots of problem after installation. Like from theme option when I try to change logo and footer note and click on save then it did not save . it come like before. No change.. and I also face lots of problem installing slider. After face this problem I have delete my word press and re install and try again but it show same problem like before. Please help me.

Hi, thanks for the purchase :)

Have you tried to clear cache the page? see if it’s changing and if that’s not working, you can email us at for faster response.



Sorry for the late reply, We are in process of testing the fixes for this problem which is caused by PHP version 5.2. In the mean time please update your PHP version to 5.3

PHP 5.2 is fixed in Bueza 1.2 Release

Hi. How I can have a home page like yours? What model page I use?

Thank’s Miguel Cordovil

ok. I wil wright to you

Now I have another problem how can I embed a youtube video in a page? When I put the youtube code it doesn’t appear nothing.

could specify which page that you want to embed youtube? If it is embedded via the post body content then it will turned into youtube iframe elements automatically. but not for other custom metabox.

Hello, Same problem with demo content or not. Configuration saved, but it’s wrong, nothing saved…

Sorry for the inconvenience, I just spent the PHP version 5.4 and the problem is solved! This can be used for other users.

Very nice work, I would buy other theme of this quality. management admin theme excellent! Only drawback, the French translation ^ ^

Thanks for the kind words, just don’t forget to rate ;)

Hi, I have a problem, when i try to change THEME OPTIONS doesn`t work. Example: I change the logo, when i click SAVE, it put the Default Logo again and is the same for the other OPTIONS.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, Thanks for the purchase, as for the problem could you give us more information about : 1. PHP version used 2. Did you save using the “theme options” or the “theme customizer”?

and if possible a login information (via email to so we can debug the problem for you?

Sorry for the late reply, We are in process of testing the fixes for this problem which is caused by PHP version 5.2. In the mean time please update your PHP version to 5.3

PHP 5.2 is fixed in Bueza 1.2 Release

Another widget related question: I have two slogans displayed in a slogan box on the front page. I want each item in the slogan box widget to link to a different page (not the standard slogan page). So I thought I could store the link address in the headline title field and access it so: ?php $title = Headline::defaultValues($post)[‘title’]; a href=”http://<?php echo $title;

Now this works but in a strange way. It grabs the title for the first slogan and links to that beautifully. But when it comes to the second item, the link still points to that of the first one ($title variable doesn’t get updated for some reason). Any idea why it’s doing that? Is this some kind of trick php foreach loop behaviour?

The Headline::defaultValues() will statically cached the value when called the first time, thus when called multiple time it will just return the cached value, I think you will need to set the $reset to true to ignore the cached value and rebuild the value everytime it is called.