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Is this author still supporting this theme?

Before I buy will this theme work with 3.2.1?

First I wanted to see if you were available for hire. The company I work for is looking for someone who can design CMS -based sites for a few of our clients using custom themes. It’ll pay generously for someone of your talent level.


I have a couple of small problems.

1.) My blog posts don’t appear on the main page. I don’t see anything in the documentation that shows me how to get them to appear. http://deconsumer.com

2.) Underneath the header graphic there is a list of pages “rss, twitter, contact, staff” is there a way to replace that with the categories indexes instead? I can put the pages in the footer. I’d prefer that the categories go there.

3.) On your demo site, you have excerpts from your posts with images in the sidebar. What is this, and how do I get it? Can I use it as my “recent posts” section?

Can I get an answer please?

I love the theme, works perfect for the most part.

My site is www.swagsoldseparately.com

Issue 1: Header on any Non-Homepage says “Go Home” but it displays as an empty image on every browser other than Firefox. Ideally I would prefer to keep my logo consistent throughout the site as the header but the fact that it is displaying an empty image for everyone not using Firefox annoys me.

Issue 2: The small adds feature issue is similar to the first issue; the images only display on the homepage, any post or page they display as empty images.

I have a couple other small issues but those are the ones I really need fixed!

Thanks, Matt

Hi, I just bought this theme, but I am having problems with the featured image. Is there any way to add a featured image box that is present on most wordpress themes? How can I do this?

Hello and thank you. This is bit older theme and to add images is necessary to add image into post. Thank you