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Hello! Lovely theme and very easy to work with. Thank you very much for your work!! I have one question in regards to the images in the featured slider – is it possible to somehow grab a different section of the pictures?

I guess I’m not sure how to explain it, but if you look at my blog you’ll see I have 4 posts and out of the 4, 3 of them have odd samples of the images that were added in the posts. Even when I inserted a thumbnail size on the cow image it pulled just uhhh well, least attractive part of the cow to put in the slider. :) And for my daughter’s picture it pulled the electrical wires from the sky – top left corner of the picture….

http://www.FruitLipsnYuckyCharms.com is my blog.

Thanks for your help!


Slider displays automatically images in 270×270px resolution.

Hello, 1. the slider panel is not working in my website. May you help me? http://www.familiaesucessoes.com.br/wordpress/ 2. How to configure contact form. Please make a test and u will see the error. Thanks for help.

Hi, answer send via e-mail!

Will this theme offer a PSD file in the future?

Why does the featured slider seem misplaced?


Scroll down and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Hello Dannci. Thanks for this template. More about menus: are there a way to reorder categories. Plugin ou sth like that. Actually they are in alphabetical ordem. I want to put my own order. Is it possible?

Hello Dannci. My website is ok, but I need to reorder the menus, not in alphabetical order and I need too hide some posts at the home. Is it possible?

Hallo, I bought this theme and installed it. But when I activate it, the thumbnail-function disappears. Without this I can´t create thumbs for articles and the slider doesn´t show images. Do you have an idea how to fix this problem? thanks very much, sandra

Hi there, thumbnails for slider and post are creating automatically. Just upload images to post content. No thumbnail function is needed.

Hello Dannci!

First of all, congratulations on your work!

The template is very well design, but I’m having a problem with it, maybe you cab help me…

When I click on a post I always receive a 404 error message, saying that the page was not found.

Do you have any ideas about how to solve it?

Thank you so much! Rafaela http://www.espaconave.org rafaela@espaconave.org

Hi, it is weird, try to change permalink settings – maybe there is problem. Dannci

Thank you so much! It was the permalink!


Hey Dannci , Great theme – one of the very few Ive seen which made me say : WOAAAA !! ( I also managed to see your other works & your fonts as well – excellent work you do my friend :)

Now the only issue I have encountered when setting up the theme is that I cannot generate the Contact Page as it is provided in the Theme Demo . Regardless of what Ive attempted – it isnt happening :(

Do you need to run a contact form plugin by any chance ? And if not – then can you please tell me exactly what I would need to do in order to generate the full contact form page ?

Thank you in advance for your response & for creating and Uber Awesome theme !

Hey can I ask, For your preview page http://wpdemo.dannci.com/preview/excerpt/ can you tell me the type of font you use to write the Word “Buffalo” I really like it and would like to use it in my own blog. Thank you


Quick Q,

Can a different background image replace the black bar that goes across the top behind the logo?

I’m thinking about this theme, but need this question answered before I buy it. Thanks!

Do more comments from author? Makes me unsure of buying… :(

Hello again Danci. How are you?

One question: do you provide service customizing your own Buffalo template to meet some especial needs that I have?

If yes, may you send me a budget for that service? rafaela@espaconave.org

Thanks, Rafaela

Does the theme support shortcodes?

Many thanks, Mark

Hi there,

I am having issues with pulling the Tweets in from Twitter to this theme. There is no restrictions on the server, and I have correctly adding the Twitter username, because all the links to Twitter work.

Any ideas?

I love this theme and have purchased it. 2 questions please: Do you have a tutorial? Second, I have purchased the $30 version in hopes of recreating a site very similar to http://365thingsaustin.com/ who is using your theme. Will the $30 version allow for this?

Hi, Please tell me you can remove the ‘RSS FEED ’ and ‘TWITTER’ page links?? The default ‘SAMPLE PAGE ’ is listed under pages, but not those 2. . . Also could you tell me what the font is you used for your original ‘buffalo’ logo?

Cheers and great theme.

You can change / remove the ‘RSS FEED ’ and ‘TWITTER’ in the page editor under ‘header.php’

I love love love this theme!!! It fits perfectly for what I need.

I do have a question before I buy. Can I insert page images in the slider instead of post images?

...and are there problems with using it with Wordpress 3.2.1?

Thanks again!