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Very Nice Theme! 10x! Can u update visual composer inside theme?

It’s HTML version )

What happened to the wordpress BUILDER? I had it bookmarked to buy and came to get it today and it was gone! Hopes you are gonna bring it back, I really loved it was just waiting to buy it until I had the cash.

Thanks LadyHarley

I’m wondering what happened to the wordpress BUILDER also? I purchased it the other week and clicked the link today to look at something in the support forum and it was gone?

Hello, I have bought this template and have two questions: 1. How can I change the color scheme? 2. I have tried to use some standard Bootstrap elements like the search form. But it appears unformatted. Why?

I have asked in your forum without a response. Would be nice if you could reply. Thx a lot.

I’m having trouble getting the contact form working – it looks like its posting to contact.php, but there was no contact.php file included in the download. Am I missing something?


Are you supporting this product? It appears that I am not alone with a lack of response from you with a direct contact request. Please reply.

The “html version” appears to be different than the version displayed in the DEMO. There are a lot of Wordpress references and little in terms of the support file. The support file seems to cover the Bootstrap basics and nothing else such as changing the color scheme.

As tammij stated, there is no contact.php file and many other 404 issues throughout.

Is this the wrong version of the file/theme? Please provide an update. Your lack of response is troubling.


Please provide a refund, or address the issues with an update. Your theme has a number of issues.

You are referencing files on your own site from within the css. You are not supporting “12 theme styles” as you state. Your contact form handler is non-existent. You have a number of 404’s You are referencing Google fonts incorrectly throwing a 400.

PLEASE RESPSOND or provide a refund.

I would like to purchase this template but I see many complaints about errors and you are not responding to them. Are you supporting this template and have you fixed the issues?

Are the pricing tables included in this html version?

Wow was just about to purchase but this shows why its important to check the comments first! What a shame RE: the lack of support!!!

Nice theme.

It appears that the Superfish plugin is not properly enabled i.e. when hovering over the menu there is no delay in the dropdown.

Do NOT buy this theme, it’s a total coding mess with so much inline styling it will make your eyes bleed.

To say it was produced by an Elite Author makes a mockery of the whole rating system.

Awesome work! Big thanks.

The buyer said above about inline styles, but in some cases it is the best solution.

Wonderful job. We use it in your corporate website on django.

BIG Thanks, again :-)

This is a scam! Please refund immediately! The theme does not install. This is what I get (after downloading the theme many times over again, and trying to install over and over): Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello, really? Unzip main archive and you will find documentation and package to install inside

Tried that a dozen times. Tried that once again after receiving your message. Same thing happens.

i see, you purchased HTML version – it’s not WordPress theme.

Does the contact form work? Is a script included? Otherwise nice design and good work.

Hello, no it’s does not have php files