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Congratulations my friend and good luck in the sale!

Thank you very much

Clean theme! Good luck :)

Congrats, great as always, have a many sales ;)

Thank you :)

Support forum

Dear customers we just launched support forum for this theme. Welcome!

Wonderful! I was looking at the Wordpress version yesterday and wondered why you didn’t have a HTML version yet. But here it is! Thanks!

Wonderful, as always!

Thank you very much :)

I love clean designs. Good job!

Otlichnaya rabota! Great Work!

Tried to use the support forum, but I keep getting an error that my purchase codes are not valid.

you need to use “sneakyllama” login

Thanks. Forgot I had already joined.

Hey Guys

The template in IE8 narrows from 1240px to 1020px? This affects the span sizes as well. Can I get a fix please?

I have posted in the support forum but no response?


I saw some pages on the wordpress version but not here, are they on the works ?(ie. pricing tables)

cheers, C.

Hi, i’m about to buy this template, but want to know if I can use more than just one image on the single item portfolio.


Ok. So i bought the theme but item-slider.html isn’t there.

Can you PLEASE send me that file via email ASAP?

Thanks in advance.

Im getting a weird issue in ie – the slides seem to slide in slanted then snap into place has any one else had this issue?

Whom me your url please

Does the contactform working? I pressed the button but no reaction on the example of Themeforest.

Or if I buy the template and publish it with in the php my own email, than it works??

Yesm sure, it’s works

can anyone tell me if they have had any issues with the slider on the homepage – on mine the slides seem to come in slanted?? Ive tried contacting the designer but no replies yet so was just wondering if anyone else could give me any pointers

I’ don’t see such issue, show me your url please

Hi, i was wondering what would happen if i put a Google Adsense 300×250 medium rectangle in a sidebar. Will it scale while changing the screen size?

If it will be image – it will be okay :)

Great template! I don’t see an example on how to include the flexslider…

Thanks – it’s on the- portfolio with slider

@rog12 – had a similar problem and changed the data-transition from random to fade.

So you find out what wrong? I’m glad

Perfect! great work.

Just one thing, is it possible to have two lines of text in the main menu? That way more entries can be added while keeping it compact.

2 lines in sub menu? yes

Any help how to place the logo in the center of the page?