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Hi, when I install this theme and use the importer for the demo-files, the importer stops with the media files. (Dirs are writable). I tried to use the splitted files and the importer hangs on the “media files” xml. What to do now?

For example this link in the xml: doesn’t work. So I think the media files are no longer there at the source?

You can’t import not any images or just few specific images?

The example image doesn’t work, so the process of the importer is broken. I did some tests with urls in your “Media Files.xml”. Some work, others not.

Hi, I have updated your theme to version 2.0 however I didn’t see any files to update the Visual composer. I went from version 1.4 to 2.0…

The visual composer on each page isn’t loading the page contents so I can no longer modify anything.. please help!

hm… show me an url please

Could you please help with this? Still having the same issue

Also how do I go about Styling the page sidebars? This seems to have disappeared from the Theme options menu


Problem in builder child submenu hi how can i reduce the upper and lower margins of submenu items see menu unawa Thomas


Sent Login User Info to skype

Hi I sent you the user login date for from my skype account “Thomas Bänziger” on 30-06-16 The vertical distance of submenu (see menu unawa) should be much smaller. Pls change this, or tell me how to change it Thank You Thomas

I am working on a website for a client and their blog page has a right sidebar, but the left side of the page is just blank. is there a way to set the blog to show latest posts in the left or a specific category?

Is there a reason why everything has so much padding on it? Images are seperated by large padding when added below each other inside of a column. When I use the ‘paragraph’ style on my pages the lines are about triple spaced such as

Also, one other thing. When I am editing tables they appear with only horizontal lines dividing the rows which is how it was on the last version. Once I hit save and exit out of the visual composer, the tables become basic with all borders.

I figured out the padding.


Some time ago I purchased your Builder theme to build a website, however since I upgraded to version 2.0 it appears that it has broken both my twitter feed and my footer entirely.

Is it possible someone can take a look at this and advise me how to resolve this situation?

I have currently tried; switching to the WordPress 2015 theme and then back to the child theme, activating the main theme instead of the child theme, a clean install of the theme and a clean install of WordPress.

None of these things have resolved the stiuation

Thank you for your help.


We’re running version 1.4 of your theme and for some reason the visual composer stopped loading on each page and we’re no longer able to make any edits on our website.

I decided to test upgrading to version 2.0 on a staging site, but I quickly noticed that many of the theme options that existed on 1.x are no longer available on 2.0 making it too much work/changes to justify upgrading at this point (no portfolio page options, many styling changes, no sidebar styling etc.)

I need to be able to update pages on version 1.4 (or anything 1.x). Can you please provide me with a fix for this issue? I’m happy to share login credentials to my staging site if that would be easier for you?

I’ve already tried to uninstall and re-install the VC with no luck..

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. This is critical to our business.

Best regards,


FYI – This is what I’m seeing: