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How can I change the default button colour within listed blogs (“Read more”)? I can’t find the option anywhere in Builder options.

(Half way down page)

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, i dont see any purchase from you

The website wasn’t developed by me. I am helping my client (who already has this website set up by someone else) make a few updates.

hi , i want to buy this theme! but i want to know is there any way i can make it full width website? in the live preview its not full width . please let me know as soon as possible , thanks

Hello, yes sure it’s possible take alook here

hi , i want to buy this theme! but i want to know is there any way i can make it full width website? in the live preview its not full width . please let me know as soon as possible , thanks

Hello, yes sure it’s posible take alook here

thanks for answer , and can u please tell me is this theme makes my website heavy ? ( slow loading) or is it fast ? because its very important for us. thanks

I have not heard about any problems with loading speed among 3000+ customers :)

hi , demo importer is not working! what is your email so i can send u the screenshot?

hello ?!

Hello EternelClinic, click – and you will add me to skype by that link

can u tell me where can i change the color of the icons? from green to other color!

Hello, you mean buttons? i’ve already answered. or you mean something different? Drop me some screenshot please

hi , there is an issue on the theme. the partner logos they will not show in the middle , who can check and fix this issue ? also the google map its not working on the contact us page.

we already fix that via skype :)


lesko Purchased

Tried to install and get message “Are you sure you want to do this?” memory_limit and upload_max_filesize have been adjusted to 512M each im sure that if fine. - builder Zip is the one Im uploading Thank you

Hello, try to install theme via FTP (there are instruction in Documentation)

Hello, is it safe to update to the newest version of WP? 4.8.1? By the way – been using Builder since 2013 – still very pleased with it!

Feel free to update if you using latest theme version

hi , this is my website:

i want the navigation menu to stop hiding when i scroll down and up. please tell me how to fix it.

Best regards

There are no option for it but please add this custom css

.oi_head_holder  {top:0 !important}

KDNDG Purchased

I really like the look and feel of your theme, but the demo data import is a total mess. Not only is a lot of media missing (no longer available on your orange-idea site) the import takes a lot more steps than what is described in your readme.

I have not yet found an elegant way to import the sliders, but could you, (very) pretty please consider applying one click demo importer or similar for your theme? Or at least update the demo data and readme? Because now it is really hard to import the demo data.

Also: the demo data is 2016-version, your live site 2017 version. This might also explain some of the missing media…

Hello, Thanks for report, i will take a look today

493fb84f-a0f2-4bf9-beb9-a3f49f8c3cab when you know it give error of missing file why you do not fix it

Hey, as i can see you’ve already changed few elements , about building services – i’ve replied via skype

Hi what you suggest to make multi lingual site with theme RTL any sample you know been built with theme What is best way to have video page with theme search, category play list and so on Thanks

Hello, take a look at WPML plugin – i think this is the best solution. Can you please be more specific about video search? Sorry for delay i was ill

Hello, i have problems with the contact page. I see a blank screen. I think its a problem with the GoogleMaps. Where i can insert the GoogleMaps API ? Thanks Sebastian

Add me to skype – orange_idea and provide wp-admin login/pass, i will take a look

Sorry i have no skype. Can i send you an email?


rkuban1 Purchased

I just bought your theme and tried several times and can’t load the demo content. I get an internal server error 500 when I am importing the demo data. Please help me. Thank you.

Hello, let me help with it, add me to skype – orange_idea and provide wp-admin login/pass :)

visual composer is not showing in my downloads.. plugins..

It’s renamed now with wpBAKERY.

can you send me plugin download link free?

Yes i see you in skype

HELP ME IMPORT DEMO CONTENT. When I try to import DEMO CONTENT, it takes me to page where it takes something of author and option to download and import all data (I click it).



I followed exactlysame steps you mentioned yet in wordpress I’m seeing this option;

This theme recommends the following plugin: Visual Composer

Yes i see you in skype


rkuban1 Purchased

I am unable to install any of the demo data

Hello, we are working on using this theme on a new Wordpress install, but as soon as any changes are made to the theme, the homepage CSS seems to lose it’s shape and form, and boxes stretch out of place. Any idea what might be taking place and why? We are using the Builder – Child theme to make our changes. Any guidance would be great. Thank you.


jjohn Purchased

Hello, I’m trying to update from v1.x to v2. How can I do this?

Hi I want to buy this theme buy I have one question. How to create download button like this web