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4 February 2017 Plugins updated

 - Visual Composer and Revolution Slider updated (/BUILDER Theme/ ) reinstall it.

I can purchase extended license and include this plugin for free in theme for our customers. Do you guys need it?

It wouldn’t hurt to have more options that the addons provide. I would say yes.

It wouldn’t hurt. i’ve already tested it.

When Woocommerce is installed, the entire site goes blank!

According to woocommerce Your theme (BUILDER THEME) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files…

Hello, what version of theme and woocomerce do you use? can i get url to your site?

I’ve installed it minutes prior to write the message here. Where can I send the login information ? ( I’ve deactivated the plugin as the site is live, you will need to activate it.

Add me to skype – orange_idea and provide wp-admin login/pass and FTP

I made some minor changes to my website today and suddenly it’s defaulting back to Builder demo content including the logo, footer etc…all of my custom work is being overwritten with Builder stuff, even though I have a different logo etc. uploaded in the theme settings. Any ideas??

Nevermind! Disregard last question. It corrected when I started using child theme.

I’m still having some style issues though …. the line spacing is about 10x what it should be … any ideas?

Sorry – the URL is

I’m little bit confused about 10px spacing – can i get screen? bacuse i dont see any issues


hqit Purchased

How to reinstall the Revolution Slider?

Hello, redownload theme from themeforest unzip it and reinstall revolution slider from /BUILDER Theme/

Hello, I have published the BUILDER template and when it was already customized it has been disassembled all with very spaced line spacing, you can tell me how to solve it, it has never happened to me with any template

greetings and thanks

Hello, please go to Theme Options -> Typoghraphy and check “Line Height” for “Body Typography” it have to be 18-20px

Thanks for the solution of body typography, Solved!

I installed the plugin Polylang and works very well, But the Tag Line Home I can not change it, it is possible?

Greetings and thanks

“Tag Line Home” what yout want to change there?


yjshin Purchased

I purchased the theme and have several problems now. 1. When I log in and mouse over to the left top corner to “Visit Site”, I’m directed to a old home page that I removed earlier and I don’t get the black bar at the top which shows login status with editing options. When I click one of the menus, then I see the login status. 2. I don’t see visual composer in the backend editing pages. Only available on the frontend pages. 3. I’ve been trying to upload and replace portfolio but I can’t insert new or replace photos for featured image 4. Although I changed the portfolio category, it is not showing up. 5. Visual composer is not showing up in either front end and backend of portfolio post and blog post. Please contact me for fixing this matters. Thanks.

Hello, can you please test now. i’ve updated class “class PageTemplater” on you site. Add New item – works, Add new portfolio page – works. Add new portfolio page by TAG – works –


yjshin Purchased

Hi, thanks for your help but it’s still not working. I added all of our portfolio with tags but they are not showing up.

Hi, it’s been a while but the portfolio page is not working. There should be categories top of the page and the portfolio should be sorting accordingly. This function is one of the reasons why I bought your template.


yjshin Purchased

I purchased Builder theme. Somehow, Portfolio not working even if Portfolio settings were set. What should I do?

Hello, let me see – add me to skype – orange_idea and provide wp-admin login/pass

You fixed a css issue for me a couple weeks ago where the logo wasn’t being responsive.

I just noticed that the footer columns are responsive but they are breaking down in an odd way. The text becomes jumbled together when there is still room for it to go left and right, almost like the padding or margin is set too high.

Is there some CSS I can add to resolve this?

You can see the issue when the screen is made smaller.


It’s strange i don’t see such problem on my demo site, have you edit core php files?

I found it, the footer padding options had been modified to keep the elements off of the outsides by 200 px lol. Thanks again


Hi, My website isn’t displaying the icons on the website. For some reason the link is taking it to… How do I fix this so they display again

I don’t see any purchase from you. Looks like you use outdated theme version

Hi, sorry I wrote to you yesterday from a different account. I realised it was this account I had bought it off. My website is remember I messages you about the icons not working. Should I just install the latest version?

Hello, sorry but you useing “Version: 1.1.3” -> this version was actual in 2012 year. Current version 2x it’s 100% new theme

Why does it say $59 on theme details, but listed as $200?! I’m interested in this but am trying to understand why is this theme worth $200? Am I missing what is included and the theme capabilities?!

Hello, sorry for misunderstood, but it was cached image with $59, theme worth $200 because it have more than 300+ theme options and it’s possible to create every layout that customer want.


Dampas Purchased

Is there any easy solution to have Main menu under Revolution Slider? Like “Proud Agency” page, but menu under images.

Thank you.


Dampas Purchased

I know that I see errors because of wp_debug mode, but theme shouldn’t produce errors in the first place. I am just trying to make theme better, that’s why I am telling this so it can be changed. I need debug mode because I am working on booking calendar widget, so I can get all the errors.

You right, looks like i need to update oi-shortcodes plugin. Or you don’t want to fix it faster – drop me FTP details and i will firstly do it on your host.

I have find another error – if you have no posts you get errors on blog page in oi_portfolio.php and in header.php (trying to get ID of the post that don’t exists).

Just check ’ if( !is_object($post) ) { ’ on both occasions. I don’t know how to contact you privately – I have problem with my Skype not working.


jo_yuen Purchased

Hi, I purchased the Builder theme a while back and noticed that it won’t let me update the Visual Composer automatically anymore – can you advise how to do this please? I’m not very technical so I find the Visual Composer the easiest way to make changes to my website. Thanks for your help, Jo.

OMG, add me to skype and provide wp-admin i will take a look what goes wrong with Theme Options panel


jo_yuen Purchased

What’s your skype login? Is it OrangeIdea in Shenzen China?

OOPS Sory, orange_idea

17 March 2017 Plugins updated

 - Visual Composer and Revolution Slider updated (/BUILDER Theme/ ) reinstall it.

Hello thanks for your good work on this theme and your continued support. I have some css issues, One : changing the menu colors, I know it’s supposed to be change from the Menu-Logo link but the css seem not to work. Same for body line height and the top color. The other css seems to work just fine, very puzzling. Thanks


I just buy the new version of Builder with Visual composer inside, but Visual composer is not working. When i try to edite a page with visual composer, the logo just turn but never open the page. Can you know why, i cannot work with visual composer?


Hello, it’s bit strange. Add me to skype – orange_idea and provide wp-admin login/pass. I will take a look

Hello, I just add you on skype my skype is Violaine69009

Hi OI – how do i set up the OI twitter widget in the footer? e.g. do I need to get keys tokens secrets etc?

Hello, I’d like to know what’s so unique about this theme compared to similar universal themes on the market like Avada or BeTheme that justifies the price?

it is simply awesome! :)