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Somehow my site is very slow using the updated theme

Hello, show me your url please

Hi, I took over maintenance of a website for a client that is already using your Builder theme. There was an automatic Wordpress software update that took place recently (a major WP upgrade), and as a result there is some broken functionality now.

Since we can’t go back to Wordpress 3.x, I now need to update your theme to the latest version that works with the current version of Wordpress (4.5). The problem is that since I did not originally purchase the theme myself, I don’t have the ability to download it, and the original developer is not available.

How can I update your theme (version 1.06) to a version that works with the latest version of Wordpress to fix the issues? The page builder and text editors do not work correctly now and is preventing us from updating the website.

I was hoping you could look up the purchase records and confirm license to be able to download??

I hope we don’t have to purchase the theme all over again just to fix the issues. Let me know what information I can provide.

Thank you…

Hello, to provide support i need username and valid purchase code from your client.

My client does not have ANY technical information or license codes as the original developer never forwarded this info to them. This is why I was hoping that we could provide you with the domain name, if possible, so that you could look it up in your records to confirm that a license is tied to the domain. Is this possible?

There’s no way I would be able to provide the username as we (me nor the client) know what account was used to purchase the theme…

I’m really sorry, but i can help to you without purchase confirmation

Hi. Im Having trouble importing demo content. Is there a way to do it from FTP? I keep getting error messages Sorry, there has been an error.

“File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.”

Hello, add me to skype – orange_idea, i will try to help

Hi – we recently installed SSL – and no matter what we do, the fonts wont load. I did a DB search/replace and went through the style sheet, but cant find a font reference that I can update to https://

Any assistance appreciated.

Em, i think you better to ask it on your hosting provider, but i will also try too “google” that problem with redux framework

31 October 2016 Plugins updated

 - Visual Composer and Revolution Slider updated (/BUILDER Theme/ ) reinstall it.

Sambuno Purchased

$200 ?

Good morning, we’d like to know if this wonderful theme is WPML compliant. Waiting for an Your kind reply Ale

Hello, theme are translation ready, so yes you can work with WPML


xwise1 Purchased

Hi, I just purchased the Builder theme and there seems to be a problem with the theme customization. When I try to change any of the style or margins they don’t take effect. They show to be changed in the control panel but the theme defaults are overriding these values and nothing changes on the site.

The other thing I wanted to ask you about was the license for Visual Builder. The plugin shows it needs to be upgraded but when I tried it said that I didn’t have a valid license.

Hello xwise1, add me to skype and provide wp-admin login/pass – orange_idea and at morning i will helpto you. Visual Composer in theme will be updated in 1 day and you wil be able to redownload theme and update VC to latest version.

Hello, I have a couple of questions. 1) How should the theme be updated from ver 1.2.1 to ver 2.0.0 so that no theme settings are lost? 2) After updating the theme the Typography settings aren’t editable, is there a way to fix this?

Hello, you will loose all Theme Options settings if you update 1.2.1 to 2.x Version. Can i get wp-admin to test typography issue?

I can’t give the login, but I figured out what the issue was. In the Body Typography options the .picker-wrapper class div that contains the Font Color label needed to float left so it wasn’t covering up all the other Body Typography options.

Great, is there any way i can help to you?

For some reason the typography settings for “body” are not taking effect on front end of my site, all headers are however.

Any thoughts?

i mean that was not me, i saw your comment 5 hours ago that all already works, looks like problem just gone… thanks to magic =)

Ahh, well that is cool. Must have been cache or something….or magic. =)

Magic for sure =)


Dampas Purchased

You don’t have jQuery dependencies in your enqueue scripts.

wp_enqueue_script(‘oi_bootstrap’, get_template_directory_uri().’/framework/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js’, false, null , true);

should be: wp_enqueue_script(‘oi_bootstrap’, get_template_directory_uri().’/framework/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js’, array( ‘jquery’ ), null , true);

Thank you for notice, i will fix it in next theme update

Hello, recently we updated our installation of Slider Revolution, and it stopped working with the version of Builder we had. Now we have updated our installation of Builder, and not only does the slider not work, but neither do any of the interior pages. It would be great to receive some assistance with this.


Hello, have you update Visual Composer also? What Theme version do you use?

Hello, we have updated Visual Compose to 4.6, and have updated Builder to 2.0.

hm… strange – add my to skype – orange_idea

I have a client that has purchased your Builder theme. They have version 1.4.0 How do I update the theme the version 2.0?

Just reinstallt theme, but in that case you will loose all themeoptions settings


db_casper Purchased

I imported the “All Content” file, and a majority of the pages show up as a blank screen when I view them on the site. The Visual Composer plugin also doesn’t seem to work properly as it says “Loading…” when I go to the page(s) to try and edit them. Thank you in advance.


db_casper Purchased

It seems like I have fixed it after re-installing the plugin. Although, I am having issues with the font not changing sizes when I have changed it in the Theme Settings. It also took a few hours for the colors to change from that end. Also having issues with the Portfolio images on the homepage going to a 404, even though there is the Portfolio there (from demo.) I have added you to Skype.

Still waiting to hear back from you. There are 404 on the portfolio pages. The existing pages and new pages that I make.

Hello, please to to settings -> premalinks, choose something and hit save, after that choose that was before and hit save once again

Hello! We buyed your template Builder. My transaction code is – can i post it in the comments? How i can send private message to you? Do you speak russian? Because i see you video about template and you used yandex and wordpress is on russian language шт your video. And that is why I mean that you speak russian. Am I right?

We have a problem with install your theme builder and import demo, demo images etc. Do you have a more new video about install your template – because some plugins doesn’t work. I’m very waiting your answear.

Добрый день. Вы говорите по русски? Очень жду вашего ответа.

ок, отлично! я уже перечитал несколько страниц предыдущих комментариев и нашел там часть решений, если вдруг опять возникнут трабблы – напишу вам в скайп.

отправил вам запрос в скайп – проблемы с установкой отображения верхнего меню и красивого слайдера на главной странице, также у меня написано в данной ветке обсуждения – Purchased Supported – это значит что в рамках покупки шаблона вы сможете подкорректировать сайт под корпоративные цвета и т.д. Верно? Какие работы Вы обеспечиваете в рамках “Supported”?

еще вопрос – в папке \Demo Content\Sliders лежит 8 архивов, залил 4 архива – ничего не меняется. В общем необходимо подробная инструкция по полноценной установке всех элементов меню/слайдеров и т.д.

Hi, I have some problems to costumize the themplate.

I need a fullwith website layout. I choose it on the theme options but it don’t work. I have the latest version of the themplate.

Can you help me, please? Thank you.

Hello, add me to skype – orange_idea and provide wp-admin login/pass

Hi, I already added you. Than you!

I wrote you but you don’t answer….