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Nice template, GLWS :)

Thanks 2Code

Thanks 2code

Nice item, Good Luck With Sales. :-)

Thanks Junaid

Thanks Junaid

Nice work, Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks Man :)

Nice item, GLWS :)

Great theme! Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks Filethemes

Is there any provision for a boxed version?

Hello, no. But this seems to be really tiny thing – you can just add max-width for the body and you’ll get boxed version.

Very nice site template! My client is digging it quite a bit. One question: Form works great …but it’s not serving up a success or thank you …so users keep clicking submit again and again (and sometimes send 14 emails). Any ideas?


Any help you could offer would mean the world! Again, great work! :-)



I tried on your web, this is a problem indeed. I also checked live preview and it works fine, so probably you made some bug? I was browsing the scripts a bit and saw no bug, but there are bugs in html, it’s possible that these might cause the problem.

To tell you more I would need the source files if you could send them somehow (send me an email via contact form in my tf profile so we can send attachments by email).

You could also try the original contact form – download the original template from tf, make no changes, just check if the success message appears.


Small point, but I have a problem. On the one-page site on the iPhone, Samsung and tablet the menu is not minimizing once a selection is made. Can you provide an update?

There is only one file updated, if you want contact me via my profile, I can send that file by email. Might take a while until themeforest approves the update.

Excellent service, superb template, absolutely delighted. Where do I rate this author?

For rating go to “Downloads” in your user menu, you’ll get list of items you bought, and there click on the stars.

By the way I was informed that the email I’ve sent you was not delivered because of some error on your mail server – that explains why I’ve had to send two emails. So just to let you know that you should probably check if your mailbox works properly.


hi ? buy your built thema. ?m very love and happy.but ? have one problem. ? cant add google map code in my contact page. can you help me?what can ? do?

I made a section about google map in documentation, so please refer to docs. Quick sum up – file custom.js, look for “var myLatlng” and “var center”

You should always check the docs before asking questions, thanks.



Dear BUILT author,

Under the Projects menu, I want the list of projects to drop down on Hovering over the menu, instead of after clicking the Menu.

How do I go about this?


this functionality is a standard bootstrap dropdown menu, there is no setting you can just switch from click to hover, so you’ll need a bit coding to change that. I suggest to remove the bootstrap dropdown and make the functionality via css – standard construction li ul {display: none}, li:hover ul {display: block}

Note that there is no classic hover on touch devices, so you might want to deal with it somehow.