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nice template.. Good luck with sales mate.. :D

Thank you JOGJAfile!

A good template. Contact form working?

Hi vadim321, thank you, no the contact form is not plugged for the time being…

I updated the template, contact form is working now. Regards.

Love the menu bar!

Thank you HenkVanIngrid! Try the Off canvas menu resizing the browser too. You should like it.

Thank you!

Nice one, could I ask what font you used for the logo please?

Good luck..

Don’t remember. I’m gonna search. And I’ll tell you.

Hi @miam00, this is Dy Lovastuff 02 you can found it here

That’s great, lovely stuff thank you.

Really like this theme. Just before I buy though, Is the contact form working? How easy is it to set up, I only have very basic HTML skills.

Hi, the contact form is not working yet. Anyway I can add this functionality before you buy if you want. What do you think?

Hello. Due to many questions about contact form, I added the PHP code to make it work. It’s up to date on ThemeForest. Cheers.

Very flexible with those LESS variables, nice design too. I like it!

Thank you liuviu_cerchez!

Hello I think one of the best themes I have used! I got a issue maybe you can also solve, I cant see the background images in the ipad/iphone on the main index page with no slider also the small slider page.

Thank you again and Great purchase looking forward of launching it soon!

hey looks good but I think homepage2.html the slider isnt working, can you look into that.

OOps… sorry, remove de “display: none;” on .rslides-wrapper in homepage2.less

Hi mariomattia. If you encounter any issue using the template, feel free to contact me. And if you didn’t rate it yet, could you please take a moment to do so. Thanks.

Super template !!!! Good Job ;-)

Hi chasslimix2000, thank you very much!

I’ll buy it as soon as the contact form is working. So let me know if you fixed this issue. Also, I have a few questions: -is it possible to use a bigger logo os this is the standart size? -how easy is it to change the header (when you scroll down) and footer color from black? -is it also possible to change the colors from blue (buttons and stuff) to some other? -does this theme accepts words like “Açafrão” without bugs?


Hi tallinnas. I made improvements on the template relative to the header customization, buttons colors, and I fixed some bugs. It’s up to date on ThemeForest. Feel free to purchase it. Cheers.

Thank you so much! Will buy it tomorrow then!

Hi, I just started working with Less a few days ago so I wanted to test in a template. Great template! Well done..Cheers.

Thank you emxch! Feel free to rate it if it’s not already done. ;-)

Well deserved 5*! Thanks..Cheers

I think it’s broken. background images won’t load.

I fixed it. I’ll submit the fix tonight, it should be approved in a few hours.

Awesome work! One of the most creative ‘agency/portfolio’ style design’s I’ve seen in a while. Any chance on a Wordpress version?

Hi ReeBooT. Thank you very much for your line. Yes I have to schedule a WP theme development. I hope I will submit it in a few weeks/mounths.

So is the contact form working or not working? Just curious. Just want to know if I need to through my own in there or not.

Great looking site.

I PDSLO, yes it’s working know, the files are up to date on ThemeForest. See you.

Hi, I can’t get the slider to show up on the “homepage2”. I removed the “display: none;” on .rslides-wrapper in line 20 of homepage2.less and I also tried changing it to “display: all;” and nothing has happened.

Please see my email answer. Thank you.

Hi, I want to change design’s web built with Bootstrap, does Bulb works fine with the Bootstrap 2.2 and latest 2.3.1 ? Thanks. Very nice work, congrats ! Superbe theme Vincent !

Hi fredericrrr, thanks for your line. Despite bulb has been built in the same way than Bootstrap, I can’t tell it is compatible with it. In fact I used the same classes and styles base, but I made many modifications. You could adapt bulb with bootstrap but I think this will be laborious.

Thanks for your answer. I don’t want to have a “bootstrap like”, i love your design as it is, just wonder if using it with bootstrap in order to keep similar design as actual Bulb will be laborious ? Best regards

Yes you may have conflicts with bootstrap due to the same classe names. I do not recommend to use both, anyway I never tried…

Hey I’m not sure if you have received my email regarding the IE problems. But I seem to be having issues with IE8 and 9.

Hi chrisack. I got your email but I didn’t answer because I was in holidays, sorry. I will check your issues tomorrow morning (Paris Timezone). And I’ll reply you via email. Thank you for purchasing bulb. Keep contact.

Thanks for your help.

If anyone else has suggestions to my questions, please post them and thanks.

Bought the theme recently, finding the documentation a little thin compared to the other themes I have bought in the past. For example:

1. Where do I change the Twitter feed to my own Twitter?

2. Are there any icons for LinkedIn?


Hi kurasawa.

I have to update the documentation you are alright, I made changes but didn’t update it yet.

Anyway there is no Twitter feed plugin in bulb, this is just flat HTML. Maybe I should add one.

Regarding to the LinkedIn icon, it is not include in Easycons (the icon font I created for bulb). Be sure I will add it as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Regarding the most recent update, 3 April 13. As I am half way through customizing the previous version, you have released another version. So, my question is, how do I update to the latest version without losing my customized changes? Cheers.

Hi Kurasawa.

Here is the files affected by the new update.

Added files: /js/vendor/head.min.js /js/vendor/PIE.js

Modified files: /js/vendor/script.js /less/ie.less /less/typography.less /less/team1.less /less/blog.less /less/layout.less /contact.php All HTML files (headjs added)

Only <head> changed in HTML files. And the oldest <script></script> tags in the footer have been replaced by head.js() call.

You should use a diff software to compare updated files with yours.

Good luck! Feel free to contact me if you need some help.

Zing! That was fast. I appreciate it. Added a Buyer rating by the way. Cheers.

Thank you very much!

I bought and downloaded this awesome template on April 5th. Is the header-menu supposed to take 20 seconds to load? I’m working on the site locally if that helps. Thanks.

Could you put it online? It’s hard to help you without accessing the site.

Well there you go, it works fine after uploading. Thanks for the help!

Great! You’re welcome.