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Wonderful work ! :)

Fantastic :)

Any color choices or boxed version available?


Actually what you see is what you get for this one. Of course the stylesheet is nicely laid out so you could easily change the looks ;)

That said, if I get enough requests for a dark version I might make one.

Another great work Clarke, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thank you

Nice work AJ! Bookmarked!

Happy New Year, Clarke! You have designed a gorgeous theme. Good luck with sales!


Nice one AJ, I really like this one :)

Thanks Chris!

Nice one and I think demo doesn’t work.

I’ve checked on several computers/browsers and demo seems fine to me ;)

Excellent work!


Nice ! Can you put a video in the homepage slider ?


There is a field to insert a video URL (oEmbed only) however, since you see the arrows are over the slider, I personally think it’s best if there is only 1 video or if you change the design to move the arrows where they aren’t in the way of your videos.

Well done – congratulations!

thank you!

awesome work!

thank you!

great work AJ ;)

Thanks friend ;)

thank you!

looking nice and clean .. good work

I like how you remake the menu when on responsive. It feel more of the website menu than the smartphone’s menu. Will the menu support sub-menus?

BTW: Nice and clean layout. Lots of useful features.

Oh, not jQuery drop-downs. Sub menu items are indented like this (click for screenshot). I didn’t want to load a bunch of javascript for toggle menus as I didn’t find it necessary.

I didn’t want

Got it.

I can always add it myself if needed. Hoping to be more active on freelancing this year, I may be able to use this theme for a photog project.


Great ;)

I should have a new photo theme next week as well – ajaxed – I’ve been working on.

More work is always good! Best wishes, AJ

Nice looking theme… Few quick questions…

1. Do you support Post “Excerpts” on the homepage?

2. Do “Featured Images” automatically show at the top of the post when viewing the post page?

Thanks in advance for you help and good luck with sales!

Sure thing, let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Heading out of the office atm, but will be back later.

One more thing… Can the slider at the top of the home page be linked and not just static images or videos? That’s all… Thanks!

Yes you can link the slides to an external URL if you wish and select self or blank target for the link.

Hello, can we embed audio, what about geolocalisation ? Thanx

I chose to not include audio post formats on this one. If you have a plugin you use for inserting audio to your posts, it’s too difficult to enable a new post format. But I won’t be updating the theme to have a built-in audio system.

Geolocalisation – .mo and .po files are included with the theme.

Just a heads up: On the demo site, the icons (I guess they are icons) on the shortcodes page (-> testimonials) are still linked to a localhost address. (http://localhost/[...]sdf.png)

Thanks for the heads up bud!