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PLEASE help me. I simply cannot embed a youtube video in a post. I have seen a million examples, but it simply is not working. Can you help?

If you are using the latest version of WordPress you can simply put the URL to the youtube video into your post content and it will turn into an embed on it’s own:


Great theme, thanks. My index page leaves one space in the bottom right corner without a post thumb/excerpt. Any way to fill it in? Also, is there a way you can set all the preview boxes on index to the same size so it’s all uniform? I’m going to make sure all my thumbs are the same size. and have titles match length somewhat, but it would be nice to have them all set to the same size no matter what. Thanks.

You are only showing 8 posts per page. Go to Settings->Reading and change the option that reads “Blog pages show at most”.

You can add some custom CSS to make them all uniform using min-eight. That said, I’ll probably add in support for the Masonry script in the next update. If you would like the Masonry update send me a direct message (via my profile page form) as a reminder for me to make the update ;)

Submitting the update right now for the masonry ;)

After accidentally deactivating the Options Framework plugin: I received this error message when trying to reactivate it:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare optionsframework_init() (previously declared in /home/ridgelin/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpex-bulletin/admin/options-framework.php:60) in /home/ridgelin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php on line 54

My blog seems to be working fine just want to fix the error notification.

Kindly, David

Hi David,

You don’t need the plugin active, the Options Framework is built-into the latest version of the theme. That’s why the error reads “Cannot redeclare..” because its already declared in the theme ;)

So you can delete the plugin!

Hi AJ, I appreciate you clearing this one up and will now delete the pesky plugin! Thanks :-)

When I embed a youtube video it shows “)” under the movie on the Single Video Posts. I don’t have this when I emded vimeo.

The only way would be by altering the theme – content-video.php

That is funny: now the >> ) << bug is gone. I gues this was a youtube bug :-P

Yes, I actually found that out recently too, that it is a Youtube issue. They had a ) at the end of their embed code. Everyone was raging them on twitter.

Thats awesome that its fixed now!


I have a couple of questions about your template.

1. Can I place a video in the slider? 2. Have you heard of anyone using IgnitionDeck’s WordPress crowd funding plugin with you site before?

Thanks so much! Adam

Hi Adam,

1. You can add a video but it has to be compatible with the WordPress oEmbed function. Also since it is a slider it would be best to have only 1 video (mixing videos/images with the simple built-in slider wouldn’t be ideal because the slider arrows are overlaid).

2. Nope, sorry ;(


Great looking theme. I was just wondering, before I purchase if you had made the masonry update to make all index posts the same size no matter the title length.

Look forward to hearing from you



Thanks for the reply, That is a good looking theme. However I really need a sidebar on the index page. I noticed on one of the other comments on here, that there was a way to make all the index posts uniform using some CSS. Is this something you could help out with as my coding skills are limited.

Many thanks


Hi Paul,

My new theme does support sidebar on the homepage – http://wpexplorer-demos.com/fabulous/ – if you hover over the “home” item in the menu you can see all the various layouts available.

And yes, you could use CSS to keep all the items the same height. It’s not hard.

ps: I hope to make the update this month, added to my list of things to do!

Submitting the update right now for the masonry ;) Already shown in the live demo.

Hi, there is some bug with Google Chrome. Check www.edwinsnippe.nl. If you open the page for the first time, the menu left is not visible. This is only with Firefox. Please can you tell me how we can fix that? Regards, Tim

Sorry I’m a bit confused because I don’t see the issue (in Firefox or Chrome). Is the issue in Chrome or Firefox? At first you said Chrome but then you said only Firefox. Please confirm so I can do further testing. Also are you using Windows or Mac?


Hi, Thanks. It is only with Chrome. The menu and some other elements are not visible. If we go to another page then it is visible, but if we click on refresh (F5) then again it is not visible.

I think it might be an bug with the latest version of Chrome and a conflict with the responsive video script I’m using. Can you send me a direct message and I’ll email you an updated theme to test.


Is there a way to display a different photo as a preview on the cards for posts on the main page, different than what the Featured Image is when jumping to a detail page. Sometimes a featured image will crop gross on the main page, it would be nice to control that and design an image specifically for those preview cards. Thanks!

This would add a lot of unnecessary bulk to the theme. Of course it’s possible, but it’s not how WordPress is intended to be used.

If you want you can add this functionality via a child theme but I would suggest maybe 1 of the following alternatives:

1. Use the WordPress tools in the Media Library to crop your images to the location you want, might help.

2. Disable the auto displaying of featured images on single posts, that way you can define the featured image for the archives/front page and for single posts you can insert it at the top of the page or use a custom-field to define it.

Either-way, if you want to have 2 different images, do suggestion #2. Rather then creating a function for a different featured image on archives create a custom field for the single post, this will ensure better portability if you ever switch themes.

How can I make it so the oembed videos auto play?

There are 2 ways I can think of, hook into the oEmbed function or use javascript to tweak the URL for the video to add the autoplay attribute. Because oEmbed supports various different players it might be tricky as you’ll need to check where the URL is pointing to and tweak accordingly.

Unfortunately I don’ have the code off the top of my head for this.


I couldn’t find the changelog for version 1.3. What has been updated?


Oh sorry I forgot to update it. I added masonry support for entries on the homepage and archives. And I removed fitvids.js because it causes some bugs in Chrome with @font-face.

You can see the masonry in action in the live demo.

Sorry about that! I’ll make sure to get the changelog updated.

Is it possible to have the menu at the top for this theme ? Is it possible to have endless scrolling ?

Neither are options built-into the theme. They are both possible, but only if you modify your theme.

Hi ,great theme! I was wondering how I could remove the featured image for a blog post when opened but keep it on the home page? this sounds easy but really need to know, thanks :)

Appearance->Theme Options -> General Tab. Uncheck the option that reads “Featured Images For Single Posts”.

Hi ,great theme! I was wondering how I could remove the featured image for a blog post when opened but keep it on the home page? this sounds easy but really need to know, thanks :)

*duplicate comment.

Hi. I am also having a problem with display of front page in Chrome only. When I load the page at full width (three columns of post summaries), no text appears: no post content, no menus, etc. However, if I resize the window to force the layout to 2 columns, the text appears—and then remains visible once I resize the browser window to full width.

Curiously, the same thing happens if I load the page in two-column width—no text until I resize the window to 3-column. Then text appears.

This has only happened using Chrome.

URL is www.hillmancity.net

This was fixed in the last update. Please re-download and make sure your theme is up to date.

Would it be difficult to replace the slider with a Featured post and Image?

Depends on your coding skills. I think it would be fairly easy, but it does involve altering theme template files which is outside the scope of support.

This Vimeo video used to be embedded. Now it simply has the link. What happened? Do you know at all?


Also, in Google Chrome, the characters are very mixed up. They display correctly in Firefox and IE. Do you know what causes that?

That video works for me locally – http://cl.ly/image/163E2M1K090q

Did you by any chance add any plugins recently that might have broken the oembed function in WordPress?

What do you mean by the characters being mixed up?

ps: Version 1.3 is available for download if you want to update.

I have no idea if a plugin is doing this. I deactivated the last plugin I installed and the video still didn’t embed. How can I find out what is causing it? As far as updating the theme, what is the best way to do that? I don’t want to lose all of my customizations.

Hoping to get the change log information for the 1.3 update. Can you let me know what files have been altered? Thank you!

I don’t remember what exact files were changed (it was quite a few though). Here is the changelog – http://www.wpexplorer.com/changelogs/bulletin/

Hello, thanks for the great theme – a couple questions though: 1) I’ve been having problems using the slider, I’ve activated it but it’s still not showing up. 2) Would you be able to tell me a basic size for an image for the post? what’s the width? 3) Is there a way for the thumbnails to be different sizes? thanks!

1. Did you add your custom slides and they each have a featured image?

2. The default image sizes are: 980 wide by unlimited height for the posts – see functions/default-image-sizes.php

3. Yes, you would have to alter the function mentioned above.

Thank you I figured it out!

Another question, I would like to change the font of the “Pages” title on the sidebar, how do I do this?

Hi, Is support still alive on this item? If so, is it possible to resize the image-slider on the frontpage?

Also, is it possible to add a post category to the menu? Its a lot easier for readers to choose a specific category.

Definitely, but support is provided for verified buyers only.

Is it easy to display the category on each post “tile” on the homepage?