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When uploading the bulletin theme I’m receiving an error message saying, “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Please HELP. Not sure what to do.

No worries. You just need to make sure to unzip the download you get from ThemeForest an upload just the theme and not everything. The theme should be located in the Upload folder.

Thanks for the purchase!

You’re welcome. Thanks for a great theme and quick response! Took me a minute to catch up to the class but eventually I was able to figure out how to download the theme!

Great ;) I hope you enjoy it!

Tell me, how can i change the font?

With CSS:

body{ font-family: YOUR FONT OF CHOICE; }

Hey, love ur theme!

does it work with Twitter bootstrap? I use that for my project and am afraid it will destroy the layout.


Not sure I understand the question. This theme hasn’t been coded using the bootstrap framework.

I use twitter bootstrap for my project. I am afraid when using your theme either my projects layout our your site layout gets messed up…

I dont understand…please note this is a WordPress theme.

Hi there – thank you so much for a great theme. Quick question: is it possible to change the positioning of the menu items in the sidebar? I have a logo at top, then the menu, then some text, but I would like the text to be above the menu. I’m not a programmer so it’s not something I can easily do on my own in the stylesheets (unless given explicit direction). Thanks again!

It’s super easy to do.

Basically don’t use the menu location. Under Appearance->Menu un-select the menu location on the top left.

Then instead go to Appearance->Widgets and use the menu widget. This way you can position it wherever you want.

The only reason the built-in menu is there is because the ThemeForest reviewer made me add it, but using the widget is ideal in my opinion.

Thanks for the purchase!

Is it possible to use a picture as the background for all the pages?

You could add a new background image either under Appearance->background or by adding custom CSS for it. But I can’t guarantee how good the site is going to look if you change the background, since a lot of the elements of the theme have rgba backgrounds that are a little see-through.

Hi, Great looking theme! Is there a pre-design social integration? Or will a plugin need to be added? Any suggestions?


None built-in simply because of the sidebar area you can easily use a plugin for this. I think you should be able to find one here:


Firstly brilliant theme! Very intuitive and easy to navigate..

Just one question however:

1) Using the shortcode notification box (half width) is there a way to stop the text underneath from wrapping around the object (box)?


Glad you like it!

You could use the shortcode [symple_clear_floats] right after your notification box so that it clears the float and prevents the wrapping.

You could also put it inside a column shortcode (half) with another half column shortcode next to it thats blank.

Worked a treat! and also added p style=”padding: 7px;” to add some breathing room.

Notice there is a “spacing” shortcode you can use as well ;)

Just purchased the theme, and learning my way around. How can I achieve a similar looking homepage as you have in the demo?


The homepage simply displays your latest posts so as long as you have posts it should work. The only thing you’ll need to setup is the slider which you can watch the video guide here:


There is a sample-data.xml file though that comes with the theme if you want to upload dummy content.

Thanks that was so easy…is there a way to make a post sticky? So it can stay right below the slider

Yes, the sticky function is something built-into WordPress. You can do this in the dashboard using “quick edit”.

Hey Great theme. Might be purchasing the theme, I had a question though.

I am guessing the small image shown for a post in the homepage is the featured-image. Although if I don’t want the enlarged image to show (at the top) on the post page.

Is there easy way I can have that functionality ?

Yes that is the featured image ;)

I didn’t add an option in the Theme Panel to disable the featured image on the post, but its SUPER simple!

You just open single.php and delete line 27:

<?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?>

Sure thing ;)

Hi There, Thanks for all the help and the quick responses. For the logo area, is there a way I could enlarge the allowable space. Right now, my logo seems small, any no matter what size I set it remains the same.

Thanks again,

If you want your logo any wider you’ll need to increase the width of the sidebar which would require many edits to the theme, in which case you should hire a freelancer if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

Although I get a suspicion, maybe you are inserting the WP cropped version of your logo and maybe not the full-size when adding it in the theme panel. ?

Thanks I had saved the file correctly…

Hi, For the posts below the slider on the homepage, is there a way to make those posts be from a specific category only? Thanks

The slider is completely seperate from the blog posts. If you want to show from a regular category and not the custom post type it is possible, but you’ll have to edit your template or hire someone to do so.

Great template, love it!

Quick question—I’m looking to hide (comment out) the Date and Time from the bottom of each individual post page (like this, for example: http://tomhanlon.net/2013/01/31/daft-punk-robot-rock-music-video/) and was wondering if I’d find that function in the index.php file or maybe somewhere else?


Glad you like ;)

See single.php line 33

Couple of more questions.

1. Can the background image/pattern/color be changed ? 2. Is there a way we can have the left menu fixed ? (i know this might be too much to ask for)

You can do both these things, but they will require custom CSS. Do to the extremely cheap nature of themes customization aren’t included in support, only issues/bugs. So you will have to make these adjustments yourself or hire a web developer. They should both be pretty easy updates, simply ask a freelancer prior to purchase if they can assist.

Right thanks, purchased the theme. Works really well. Thanks.

Great, thanks!

Great theme – quick question:

Is it possible when viewing a standard post page, to click the featured image and it popping the lightbox to view full size?

I’d rather the user didn’t have the option to pop the lightbox from the homepage, and that the image drove them to the post page where they could see the detailed image.


It wouldn’t be hard at all (super easy edit), basically you want the lightbox on the single posts for standard posts right?

  • Open content.php and change line 21 to look like this:
<a href="<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ); ?>" title="Expand" class="fancybox"><img src="<?php echo aq_resize( wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ),  wpex_img( 'post_width' ), wpex_img( 'post_height' ), wpex_img( 'post_crop' ) ); ?>" alt="<?php echo the_title(); ?>" /></a>

You da man! 8-)

Thank you so much for replying to my last question – very helpful. I have another one I’m hoping you can help with.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to easily center the featured image on the post pages and when the images are smaller than the main content area width to make sure the remaining width is transparent (i.e. not a color like you’ll see on the following page: http://www.therialtoreport.com/2013/02/05/through-the-looking-glass/).

Thank you again!

Please submit these sort of questions to the support site – http://www.wpthemehelp.com (as mentioned in the docs) so I can assist you. From what I see i can probably make a little update to the theme.


I am considering buying your theme. However before I do that I need to know if it supports a WP with multisite option enabled. I need it to create a site in 2 languages.

Not sure what you mean. WordPress Multi-Site? All these should be MS compatible. But yes, I can’t see any reason why it would not. All my demos are running on one giant MS install.

Hey, love the theme. Two questions though.

1) When I’m looking at the theme from my nexus 7 landscape the menu sticks to the screenborder (and doesn’t look responsive). Can it be changed, or will it change?

see screenshot: http://goo.gl/xoKnO

2) Does the theme support foldable menu’s (not sure how you call it?) pop-out?

1. I’m not seeing these issues on a few other tables. I don’t have a nexus 7 but I’ll see if I can borrow one to have a look. What size is this device, it’s possibly it would just require altering the media query for the ipad size so that it would include the width of this device.

2. There isn’t any included, i wanted to keep the sidebar minimal. You could use a plugin for this.

Hi, another few questions.

I bought the theme and I love it. But I have run into an issue (I think). I don’t want to have the posts page as my front page so I have selected a Static Page (page: Home) and a seperate one for the Posts (page: Blog).

The post do turn up on the ‘Blog’ pagelink. But when I’m on the Frontpage it doesn’t load my ‘Home-page’ (which has content in it). How can I solve this problem?

Can you try deleting the file called front-page.php in your theme? If that doesn’t work you can open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com so I can assist.

Hey man, is there any way to reorder items on the homepage other than by post order? Would a workaround be by moving the posts to private and republishing to public in the order I want?

You’re a saint! Thanks!

Beautiful theme design! I’m looking at purchasing and have a couple of questions.

(1) Is there an audio post type? If not, is it really difficult to add one>

(2) Are custom, drop down menus available in the theme?

(3) Can you create individual pages that link to those menus?

(4) I think you mentioned that you can add a social icon widget to support that feature. Is there a way to have the social icons on the individual post.

Thanks for your help, and the great work too!

1. No. And it depends. The difficulty is going to be based on your knowledge of WordPress or if you are willing or not to pay someone for the mod.

2. There aren’t any drop-downs. See the demo. I wanted to keep the sidebar minimal.

3. Not sure what you are asking.

4. The sidebar appears on all pages/posts so yes, if you add a social widget to the sidebar it will show up everywhere.

Glad you like the theme, thanks for the kind words!