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One more quick question… I’ve uploaded my favico.ico file to the Bulletin theme folder. I’m trying to follow these directions: http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Favicon but don’t see the line for favico.ico in the header.php file. Is that line somewhere else in this theme?


Edit: Please disregard. I’m pretty new to Wordpress and I realized there’s a plugin fix! Here’s what I used if anyone needs it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-favicon/

Thanks for letting me know you got it working ;)

Also, generally you can also upload a favicon to your root domain folder (via ftp) and it will work automatically on modern browsers.

Good to know, thanks.

plans to purchase.. :D, I have a question, can change the size of the sidebar, slider, thumb, or the main content? For example, I change sidebar size of 300px. thanks..

Glad you like it. If you purchase and run into any issues the dedicated support site is at wpthemehelp.com.

ok thanks,.. i like photography, this theme a best choice to my blog. :) do you have e-commerce theme?

Unfortunately not yet. I think I might include WooThemes support in my next theme, but still not sure.

I’d like to edit the homepage so it display more posts. If you look here (http://www.infographicsonly.com/), you can see that it’s displaying 10 posts… but the 10th post is on a line of it’s own. Kinda weird looking. I’d like to add another two posts to that line.

Can you point me to a support article if there is one? If not, if you could just point to the php or js file I need to edit to change the loop number that’d be fine.


hi there,

To change the number of posts displayed in WordPress you log into the dashboard and go to Settings->Reading. There is an option that says: “Blog pages show at most”. Change this setting.

ps: I’ve been looking to possible hire an infographic artist…any specific person you would recommend?

Thanks WPExplorer! I should have thought of that! :)

As for a good infographic designer… we’ve used a guy in the UK before and were pleased with his work. He’s more affordable so he’ll need a little hand holding, but is worth it IMO – https://www.odesk.com/users/~0130a2b6eccd003a07

Thanks again!

Thanks for the heads up.

Nice. Any plans on including Aside, Quote and Standard post types?

Thanks ;)

  • Standard is included as this is the default style.
  • Quote / Aside – I didn’t consider adding these because they simply wouldn’t match the fluidity of the theme.

Hi there,

First of all, great looking theme, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. One question. I’d like to add a shop module and thinking of WooCommerce. I know it works with almost every theme, even twenty twelve. But to be sure; does WooCommerce work with your theme?

And does it have a filter? I see you have ‘format’ but are these presets? And do you have a built in soundcloud app?


Edit: I saw you talking about you looking for a inforgraphic designer, can you let me know when you’ve found one?

  • I have not tested the plugin with my theme. My theme is well coded though, I dont see why you would have an issue. The only thing I can think of is you might want to create the WooCommerce template file (woocommerce.php) – its normally preferred:
  • What do you mean by “filter”. The formats are the built-in WP formats – standard, video, gallery, image..etc
  • The soundcloud embed code can be inserted in the WordPress dashboard in any theme. Also pretty sure JetPack has an extension for this.
  • I’m still looking. I would like to get some infographics made for blog posts in the future at my blog – wpexplorer.com/notes. If interested please send me samples of your work via my contact page.

Warning: “This theme requires the following plugin: Symple Slides.”

Our server doesn’t have plain FTP, FTPS or SSL enabled, so we can’t download and auto-install this plugin. Where can we get the plugin from in this case?

Thanks in advance.

This should be mentioned in the docs. The plugins are found inside the functions/plugins folder. So you can find it there to upload accordingly.

Thanks for the purchase!

Thank you

Sure thing!

How do I set the logo for the site. I am sure, its really simple, but unable to find the setting in wp-admin ?


Nevermind ! I noticed that I had not installed the “options framework” plugin. Thanks. Would delete this comment, but I can’t seem to be able to, hence edited instead.

Glad you figured it out, thanks for letting me know!


Absolutely loving your theme btw! I was wondering if it was possible to enable comments on pages?


Glad you like it ;)

It is pretty easy…Open page.php and add the following code around line 25 right after the entry div:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

We recently purchased this theme and when we went to install it states the package is unable to be installed because it is missing the “style.css stylesheet”. Any tips as to what we need to do to resolve this issue and successfully install the theme?

This is a pretty common error, no need to worry.

ThemeForest requires us to package our themes in a certain way. To install the theme please be sure to first extract your purchase, open the “Upload” folder and inside there you will find the actual theme.

There is also a documentation folder included that provides further details.

Thanks for the purchase!

I have a question. I want to copy and past links onto the website, when I do that I want images to automatically be added. Will this theme do that?

I’m not sure what you mean…

Like in Facebook. When you paste a link into a post, it automatically puts an image in there that corresponds to the link.

I’ve never seen this functionality built into WordPress or a WordPress theme. This would definitely be plugin territory, have you looked into any plugins?

WordPress uses “featured images”normally which you define on your own: http://www.wpexplorer.com/videos/featured-image-wordpress/

We recently purchased this theme and were curious if there was a way to change the number of posts displayed on the homepage to either 9 or 12 rather than the current 10.


Sure its very easy. Go to Settings->Reading and change the value for “Blog pages show at most”.

Hello – just purchased/downloaded and tried to upload but keep getting this message The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

any thoughts

Thank you for the purchase,

This is a common error. Please be sure to extract the purchased zip. Inside the “Upload” folder you will find the theme to install.

Themes must be uploaded to ThemeForest in this way, sorry for any confusion.

Thanks – literally just sorted it out – sorry – didn’t read my instructions! Kinda new to this….

No worries, glad you got it working!

Hi,i’ve got a problem.And i need some help. First of all,i’m gonna say,this is really a wonderful theme,i love it.Thanks for your theme.

As you know,when i use mobile to visit the site,it would change to the mobile style.But,no matter how people visit(mobile,PC or tablet),i want them all be lead to the normal style.

I wonder where should i edit and how i edit to make it.

Best Regards Daodao

The image you are trying to show many doesn’t want to load…

You can remove the homepage recent posts by default by editing front-page.php and removing lines 30-45 – make sure you leave the closing php tag ( ?> ) to not break the code above.

Thanks a lot. Wonderful Theme.I love it.

I’m glad!


I was wondering how could I change the alignment of the callout bar so that it’s centered across BOTH the sidebar and the main content side.


Hi there,

All you need to do is remove the left padding via CSS – example:

#callout-inner { padding-left: 0; }

wow so simple! thank you so much! best theme i’ve ever bought!

You are welcome. Glad you like it!

what is the default size of the logo? I want to design my logo to the exact size so it doesn’t look distorted. Let me know, Thanks!

Well the image won’t go outside the sidebar boundaries. But if you want to make sure its the perfect width, the sidebar is 200px wide. Height of course wouldn’t matter as the sidebar doesn’t have a fixed height.

THANK YOU! Love the template!


Just informational question, I cannot post THUMBNAIL posts, it always shows the title first, which I dont even need it. So even if i dont enter any title, its still gona show just text in that post, without Thumbnail image.

I changed to Thumbnails in themes(functions.php):

add_theme_support( ‘post-THUMBNAILS’, array( ‘video’, ‘link’, ‘image’, ‘gallery’ ) );

I did some changes also in index.php, it will luckily show me HALF of thumbnail now, but I need straight original size images, that I actually publish in posts, I dont write any text.

Any simple solution for this? Thanks!

I got some professional help for that thank you, now the last thing I need is to change the colors of the text-menu (Home,Categories,..), if you have a solution to that? Thanks a bunch! :)

It’s just CSS ;)

See style.css lines 1094-1100:

#sidebar a, #sidebar a:visited {
    color: #505050;

#sidebar a:hover {
    color: #f5634a;

Thank you !

This is a great theme. Thanks! I would like to have the sidebar on the left on the home page and on the right on all other pages. How do you suggest I accomplish this?

Thank you! Bonnie

haha! I hope I don’t have any clients still on crap browsers. Thank you for this. Where does it go in the style sheet, sorry! I know it’s elementary.

Bottom of style.css is fine. Or you can use a custom CSS plugin such as the jetpack custom CSS extension.

fabulous, thank you!

Also, one more thing, I’m having issues with the images on the main page. Is there a way to control how those appear without resorting to feature image?

Thanks again!

I would just like to know where the images get pulled from for the main page so that I can use a different image than the feature image or post image. Right now it’s cutting off the images I have and only displaying images for posts that have a feature image selected and then it doubles up the image on the post page. I don’t know if it’s WP settings or themes, but they weren’t doubling up with the other theme I was using, same WP settings. Here are screen shots: http://tdmpro.com/jing/2013-03-12_1647.png http://tdmpro.com/jing/2013-03-12_1650.png It’s at http:maxthatmarketing.com

Thank you.

1.The default behavior of the theme is to show the featured image on the post. Most themes do this ;) You can open single.php and delete line 27:

 <?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?>

To prevent the featured image from showing on blog posts.

2. Images in WordPress are cropped in the middle, that’s how Wordpress works. There is a built-in WordPress functionality to change the cropping location – If you don’t know how, this video might help: http://www.screenr.com/a8w8

the video was very helpful, thank you!

Hey there. I am having a bit of trouble. Really would like to only have the pages listed to the left instead of a search bar, or featured post or anything else. How might I do this?

Yes you can, but this has nothing to do with WordPress. This is just basic CSS.


/* make text bold */
#sidebar { font-weight: bold; }
/*change font */
#sidebar { font-family: YOUR DESIRED FONT FAMILY; }

Thank you so much, where would I paste that into?

That is just an example. You should be using child themes for customizing your theme. But you could just edit style.css as well if you are more comfortable with that.

Hi, great looking theme. A pre-purchase question:

On the home page you have a slider with various images/posts underneath. Am I able to have multiple home/slider pages. For example if on the homepage someone clicks on photo A, could this take them to a homepage for that category with another slider at the top and other posts below?

Basically I want the homepage to feature different subject (photos/vidoes/articles etc) and then when each one is clicked the portfoilio (with a slider) is there for each category page.

Hope this makes sense!

Sorry for the delayed response,

Basically the slider is setup for the homepage only. If you wanted to use the slider functionality for multiple pages, it would unfortunately require some heavy customization – add a taxonomy to the slider so you can categorize slides, create a new template file where you can select what slider tax to show as well as what posts to show – or add a meta field to your post categories where you could insert your slider tax ID….etc.