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Hi, I can’t import the sample data. Where are they?

There isn’t any sample data with this theme, because it’s just a simple blog. You would basically just upload the sample data then delete it all, I don’t really see the point.

Of course if you think it would help please open a ticket accordingly at wpthemehelp.com and I’ll send you one.

Would you please tell me why my home page can’t show the slide in IE? Chrome is OK. My website is “fhwh.net”

I have removed the coma at the end of Line20, Now is ” nextText : ‘ Next ’ ”,but it still doesn’t work.

Ill look at the ticket.

I have replaced the Fancybox file which you gived to me, but it still doesn’t work. thank you very much.

Hi, does this (and your other themes) works with WPML plugin? Thanks.

It should. The theme is localized. You will find the .mo and .po files in the lang folder.


I was wondering why the search bar doesn’t produce results according to the categories of the posts?


Would the search results still display in the grid form, as it currently does with the wordpress search?

Is there anyway to edit the wordpress search code itself to search for categories/tags?


Nevermind, I figured it out! Thanks for the advice on finding a plugin! Didn’t know those existed :)

Nice Theme ! Could you please add Videos to show on homepage without any picture ?

You mean show the video instead of the thumbnail? This is possible if you edit content-video.php – however I’m not updating the theme for this. The grid is way to small for video embeds and also the videos are a bit glitchy with the ajax function. I much prefer the cleaner image look – it’s much faster as well. If lets say youtube or vimeo is down, it could cause your whole homepage to break.

Yes correct ! How must I edit the code ?

See how it’s done on line 19 for single-posts. Basically use that code instead for the entries instead of the featured image starting at line 30.


Quick question: I was wondering if it was possible to make the thumbnails for the Search Results to be a fixed height like on the homepage?


I’m not understanding the question…The search results page uses the exact same code as the homepage for the entries.

Oh it must be due to the plugin that improves the search function. Nevermind! Thank you!


Great looking theme. A couple of questions before purchasing to see if it can easily do what I need (I am not too good with css!).

1) Is it easy to change the background to a custom wallpaper? Can this be done for the home page, side bar and individual pages?

2) On the home page could I have a video at the top instead of the slider (or videos in the slider)?

3) Do I have to have the text on the images on the home page?

4) on the individual pages can I turn off the comments (and/or moderate them first before going up)?

5) Can I change the size of the image thumbnails?

6) Is it easy to change the bottom i.e. remove what you have shown in the demo and put a copyright footer?

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks

Pretty much everything you ask is possible, but they all would require edits to your template files. Support includes bug fixes and confusion with how a theme works. If you wish to edit the theme you are on your own there ;)

Hello, I love this Theme! I am having one issue I can’t figure out:

I currently have the site reading a static page instead of my posts: http://fingerlakestrails.com for the frontpage display I was using this as a placeholder while I built the post. Now when I switch to display “your latest post” It does not give me the featured image. It works fine on my local MAMP site. I tried creating new post with new featured images but just get a weird, too short bar at the top. Any ideas what’s wrong?

There could be an issue with the server not being able to resize your featured images, but hard to tell just from looking at the link you posted in your followup comment.

Could you open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com? You might have to enable wp-debug so we can see if there is any error on the front end and if so what it is.

Love the edits you’ve made, gj!

Ticket opened. Thanks for your quick response.

Here is an example of how the post look: http://fingerlakestrails.com/?tag=cheese

I would like my home page to link to category pages in the same way that my pinterest home page links to my boards. (all my posts are associated to one of 6 categories). Is this possible?

You can see the categories I have here: www.redsparkler.com.

Ideally, my home page would display boxes for each category, and clicking on the box would link to the collection of posts for that category.



This is possible, but it’s a huge customization. You’ll have to create a new homepage template and I use the get_terms() function to loop through all your categories -http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_terms – then you can pull the featured image for the first post (using a get_posts() loop within the get_terms() loop) in given category to display on the front end.

In regards to clauer’s question above. I had a request to set the home page up this way. Instead of using posts I plan to set the front page “reading” to a static page, Then on that page I used the 3 column shortcode and placed images (200px wide) with captions in the colunms. Then linked those images to the category ID http://fingerlakestrails.com/?page_id=1155 Hope that works for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

That’s a great idea if you don’t have a lot of categories. ;)

By the way now with the images working your site is coming a long quite nicely.

Thanks, the issue with the images was on the hosting end. Now I have WP_DEBUG on and I get this message:

Warning: fopen(http://fingerlakestrails.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1365022148.5612978935241699218750): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in /var/www/fingerlakestrails.com/public_html/wp-includes/class-http.php on line 921

any idea what that’s about?

I responded to your ticket on the support site.


I was wondering if you know of an easy way to integrate directional hover for the posts on the homepage?

like this?


Thanks! :D

How easy it is to integrate depends on your coding skills ;)

Haha that’s true, I’ll just focus on other things! Thanks for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate that!


I was wondering if it was possible to truncate the title because the difference in title lengths is resulting in different box sizes…


I don’t have DISQUS enabled so I can’t test. If you want to open a ticket I’d look at your site for you – http://wpexplorer.org

alright, I’ll do that when I open my website to the public! Thanks again! your support is always speedy and top-notch!

Alright ;)


We are using this theme for www.stellabellahome.com and are having one issue with the Recent Posts widget. Black diamonds with question marks are appearing within the post titles. Please feel free to take a look at the site. We’ve added the widget to the sidebar right underneath the Search widget. Looking forward to your response.


When I try and view your site I get a malware warning…Your site appears to be hacked…you should probably get that fixed first. Then I’d be glad to assist – I don’t want to put my computer in danger zone.


According to the scan it appears you have no malware, but you are still blacklisted…I’ll have to get back to you when I can check on my other computer that I don’t really care about.

You should still get that checked, since you won’t want to be blacklisted.

Either you have malware on your site and securi doesn’t know about that particular one or you are clean but blacklisted.


I have just downloaded the latest Bulletin-v1.12 theme and was wondering which files / folders needed to be updated from my existing installation? Would you mind briefly explaining the best way update this theme.

Thanking you

You can see the detailed changelog for this theme here: http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/bulletin/

I think the best way to update any theme is replacing the files via FTP, it’s the fastest and most efficient way.

The update through the filezilla FTP went smoothly! Thanks again

Hello- Looking over the documentation and tinkering with Wordpress for a bit. I can’t seem to figure out how you added (in your live demo) a separate menu, that displays format types that link to a gallery, video, image and link.

I basically want to create pages displaying Print, Web, etc and just have them link to galleries, video, etc—just like in your live demo example. Thanks!

In the menu dashboard if you click “Screen Options” on the top right you can check to enable “Formats” so that you can add these format pages to your menu.

I think I figured it out – just used the gallery option in the page setup. Is there anyway to make it so that the gallery page I just created can link to another gallery or post page?

Basically, if my gallery page displays all sorts of print projects—I’d like each thumb to perhaps go to another gallery that only has thumbnails or a large image / detail of that project. Thanks again…

Not quite sure what you are looking for…sounds like maybe you want to redirect your WordPress gallery shortcodes to external pages? If so this isn’t something built-into WordPress you would need some sort of plugin or custom theme functionality.

I’m back :nerdy: !

Quick one: On the example of the contact page, I have copy/pasted your example into my page template and noticed, like your live demo, the “Your Email…” entry box does not seem to be obeying any CSS and I’m not sure where to tinker with code to get it back. Any help is appreciated – thanks!


This is because Contact Form 7 just recently updated and added new classnames for some of their fields.

I will be updating all themes for the fix but not until 3.6 is out so I don’t have to re-go through each of my 28 themes again to do the 3.6 updates.

The fix is simple. It’s just adding the new inputs to the list in style.css under the Forms section.

If you open a ticket – http://wpexplorer.org – i can give u the updated file.

Submitted – thanks!

Regarding the message you received above noting ‘black diamonds with question marks’ I am also having the same issue but with the Featured Posts widget. If you wouldn’t mind taking a look at the site and suggesting how the issue maybe remedied would be appreciated. http://ridgelineimages.com/ Cheers

I can send you an updated file using a different trimming method for the titles and see if it helps you – please open a ticket at http://wpexplorer.org

Submitted – cheers

Great theme! I’ve been using it on a client’s website and wanted to know if there’s a way to make sure all boxes for recent posts on the home page are the same size and whether there’s anyway to break a line in the text preview underneath the pic: http://fearoffrying.ninabarrett.com/

- Make boxes same height:

a. Add min-height to the boxes via CSS - i prefer this
b. Use some sort of equal heights js script

- You should be able to use the custom “excerpt” field for custom excerpts. It should accept html such as line breaks.