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i was wondering if it was possible to limit the excerpt length by number of characters rather than words?


it is possible, but I don’t do that because it causes issues with certain languages.

Wow, never would’ve thought about that. Thanks anyway! :)


Or actually, is it possible to just have the thumbnail boxes to be a SET height so the length of the excerpt and title won’t change it?


I would recommend a “set” height because of the responsiveness. A min-height might be ideal. Example:

.post-entry { min-height: 340px; }

You can paste in style.css and then edit the height value accordingly.



I would like to know if this template supports Ads – I am a MAC user, will this theme work on a MAC or only PC?


Advertisements can be added to the sidebar easily via a text widget or a custom plugin. In the content area they can be added by editing your template files or by using an external plugin.

WordPress works both Mac/PC.

I am also a Mac user ;)

I installed WP3.6 and this theme. Everything seems to be running fine, except on the post edit screen, the FORMAT section that allows you to designate image, video, etc… doesn’t show up on the right side. Screen Options shows POST FORMATS, which I click and a ribbon shows up above the editor. I add video embed code, but that does make the video show up ON TOP of the body content, but below…

I also added the URL and embed code to the bulletin POST SETTINGS section, but that doesn’t do anything.

In no case does the video show up in the homepage excerpt.

Is this a 3.6 issue, or am I doing something wrong? Insight? Thanks in advance.

Post Formats are changing completely in version 3.6 – http://wp.tutsplus.com/articles/news/what-theme-authors-need-to-know-about-post-formats-in-wordpress-3-6/ – I am not quite sure what you are talking about to be honest. If you want to open a ticket at wpexplorer.org for us to take a look at you can. However, please remember WP 3.6 isn’t released or fully finished yet, so we can’t really assist with any bugs until the version is fully finished and bug-free in itself.

I’m running this on Heroku using WPPRO (aka WP Read Only) to host my images on S3 (since Heroku has no permanent storage).

I can’t get the images to show on the homepage for image posts when I do this.

The theme uses a custom script to resize images on the fly via WordPress functions. The issue is WordPress requires all images that will be resized to be stored on your server for security reasons. The only way around it really is to set the script so that it just displays w/e image you uploaded un-cropped. This might be a pain…but if you think it would be helpful I can help you edit the theme – http://wpexplorer.org

Hi, I would like to know if you can alter the font of the menus (titles and headings of widgets)


Yes you can. But this should be done via CSS. Either editing style.css directly or adding custom CSS to your child theme or via a plugin – http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_font_font-family.asp

Can you password protect a gallery?

The update is now ready for download.

Thank U! I meant to thank you earlier! EXCELLENT turnaround time

can you tell me how i can change the colour of at the bottom of the page – i would like to change that grey/black colour into something more bright..


The Footer?

This would have to be done via CSS. Example:

/* Make footer white */
#footer-wrap { background: #fff; }

If you aren’t sure how to make design changes to your site you should consider hiring a freelancer – freelanceswitch.com is a good place to seek help or also our partners at Tweaky

thank you :) will look into this

Hi there,

First – love the theme, it looks great!

I’m trying to create a page where I can have regular content, followed by displaying posts (in the thumbnail/box format, like that on the homepage) from a specific category. So far I’ve tried to add a new page.php tweaking the code slightly to add in the category posts via:

<?php query_posts(‘cat=1’); while (have_posts()) : the_post(); get_template_part( ‘content’, get_post_format() ); endwhile; ?>

The problem is the page is loading both the thumbnails and full posts :(

I’m no wordpress expert so apologies if I’m doing the wrong thing, I’d like to get your help on this please.

Thanks in advance!!

Cheers Pat

You are on the right track but you should be setting up a custom query rather then using query_posts use wp_query – http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query

Hi great theme!

Im not an advanced user, but Im having trouble with the home page, the post featured images do not appear on the posts them selves as thumbnails, just when I go into the full post.

What am I doing wrong here?


I’m having trouble opening your site.

Are you sure the images are set as featured images and not just inserted to your posts?

Another reason featured images might not work is if you have the GD library disabled on your server so they can not get resized/cropped by WordPress.

It was the GD library… I forgot to install it… thank you so much!

wow, my traffic is rising…. :D, thank you for great theme,.. what is the latest update of this theme? in my version is 1.1

how to download new update ?

The latest version is always available on ThemeForest in your “downloads”.

oh yess… thank you… :D

Wonderfully simple theme. Could you tell me how to change the number of post thumbnails that load on the front page? Thank you!

Sure, it’s quite easy. Go to Settings->Reading and change the field that says “Blog pages show at most”.

Ah the hardest questions have the easiest answers.. thanks!


It seems like there’s a problem with the mobile site when viewed on an iPhone in portrait mode.


As you can see by the image, there’s some empty padding on the right side. I’ve checked a couple of other websites using your theme, and they have the same problem (http://bernietiano.com/ and http://ridgelineimages.com/ )

Could you please advice on this?

Thank you very much :)


Could you please report all bugs to the support site as mentioned in the support tab? http://wpexplorer.org. If there is an issue with the theme i’ll make sure to push out an update to fix it.


Alright, just reported! Thanks!


I was wondering what “Retina support site for featured images” meant… like what are the “featured images”?


No, if the reader’s monitor supports retina it will display the retina version otherwise the standard version.

There are only a couple small graphics on the site that aren’t retina ready. Retina isn’t really popular or used to much, so at the moment I don’t have plans for this. If retina actually becomes a trend I will ;) The big featured images you can really tell the difference.

Aqua resizer is the function that crops/resizes your featured images on the fly so you don’t have to use plugins like the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin.

Oh I understand now. Thanks for clarifying all that! You always have the best online support!

Sure thing ;)

Hi there. Pre-purchase question: It looks like all the images on the demo are horizontal. 1. Can you have vertical images in the slider (also that are not full frame)? 2. For the smaller images on top of a post excerpt: can those be varying heights? Can they be vertical , and if not, how are they cropped? Many thank!

Just replied ;)

OK, can I just say “WOW” on the customer service you provide! It’s Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend, and within 7 minutes of posting this bug through your profile page, I received a fix. An enormous thanks, and well done! :)

When making use of the Featured Image the alt text is set to the page title. Is it possible to make use of the alt text that is set in the media library field instead of the post title?

It is possible but you have to edit your template files to do so. The reason it uses the page title is for SEO reasons ;)

To show the image alt text you would use the following code:

get_post_meta( get_post_thumbnail_id(), '_wp_attachment_image_alt', true);

And edit your content.php file accordingly.

Thanks but I actually noticed a significant drop in traffic for images using the title tag.

This may be a dumb question, but I will ask. How do you apply the update without losing my old site. Is that possible? I hope so, because I would hate 2 have 2 start over! Thank you 4 your assistance

Your site should never be “lost” all your posts are in the database. The best way to update is to just override all the files via FTP. Just make sure if you made any changes to the template files that you don’t override your changes.

ps: You should always backup your site before updating a theme or core WP ;)

Hi, I was wondering how I could create a page like the homepage with the thumbnails (basically that would be my project page) and also is there any way to modify the text under each thumbnail for it to be custom (in my case a short description of the project different than the post itself)?


You could just create a new category and call it “projects” or w/e you want. Then with a plugin you could exclude that plugin from the homepage.

For custom excerpts, just use the “excerpt” field for that post.

Oh also, could the thumbnail/description page show custom pages and not just posts?

Thanks again!

If you want a unique page for this, you will have to create your own custom page template. And then setup a loop to loop through the pages you want -http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query

This is fairly big addition to the theme so it isn’t something I can walk you through.

Hi! I bought this theme and am just starting some basic configuration. However the content area to the right is appearing below the left column nav on all pages. I haven’t changed and html or css. Can you let me know where I might fix this problem? I thought the logo I uploaded was too big and pushing it down, but have uploaded a small logo and it’s still doing that.

Thanks for your help and I’m excited to work with this theme!

Abby Tovell

The homepage shows your posts by default. the only way around it is to edit front-page.php (you can copy i ntoo a child theme) or to use a static homepage.

Ah! Sorry for newbie questions and huge thanks for quick responses. All looking good now!