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Hey, do you have any plans to do an option for infinite scroll?

The reason I didn’t add it was because of the footer (users would never reach it if you have a lot of posts). That said…it shouldn’t be too hard to add support for the JetPack infinite scroll. I’ll definitely add this to my list for the next update ;) Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks! Also, do you have any plans for letting the user upload a logo suitable for retina displays?

This is a 2 sec update I would do this definitely. Added to the list ;)

Hi, I like your theme, its clean and simple but also elegant.

I am currently looking for a theme for the affiliate program that I am planning to run in my online fashion store. What I need to do is to copy and paste an individual product codes provided by the advertisers in a post or a page in wordpress. And what I want to achieve is to set up a page for each brand and have the products uploaded to the respective brand page. I would be interested in using your link post formate but just wondering how it works if I am using it for the affiliate program (do I just copy and paste the codes on each page for the different products and it will show up 3 products a row as your demo (link page) shows. Thank you!

Regards, Natalie

Hi Natalie,

To be honest I am not 100% sure what you are trying to accomplish.

The way the link format works is you create a regular post, select the link format then you enter 1 URL into a custom meta field that will then make the post entry link out to another site instead of showing the post.


Hey AJ,

I was wondering if there was a simple work around to changing the post title color in this case color #3e3e3e with out also making changes to other h1/h2/h3 headings etc. Is it perhaps possible to add some custom css at the end of the stylesheet as this theme doesn’t seem to have a custom.css. Sorry for the trouble.



If you don’t mind just one more quick thing. I have successfully implemented the child theme so can now change the post title colors so thank you for that. I was also hoping this color would be carried across to the post titles on the front page but unfortunately this hasn’t happened..would you mind have a quick look? Thanks againhttp://ridgelineimages.com/

It wouldn’t its completely separate…

Example edit:

.post-entry h3 a { color: YOUR CUStOM COLOR; }

If you are going to be making design edits I highly suggest you look into web developer tools for the browser. Firebug is really nice and so is the built-in Google chrome tools. It helps you see where the CSS is coming from.

Thanks AJ great advice will do that..cheers

Hi. I was wondering if there was anyway to add an animated gif to the Symple Slider? I understand that WP only allows a gif if it is loaded at ‘full size’ – but I built mine at 2x to support retina and it only displays the first frame. Is there a way to trick it by hosting it elsewhere and just letting the slider plugin resize it? Thanks…

I think the main issue is that the slider crops the images. If you look at functions/default-image-sizes.php you can try returning your sliders at full width:


if( $args == 'slide_width' ) return '980';

Change to:

if( $args == 'slide_width' ) return '9999';

note: If using a child theme you can copy the whole function and paste into your child theme to make edits to the image cropping sizes.

Actually now that I look that value should really be 728, so I’ll update the theme! I might even remove all slider cropping by default as you suggest.

Worked – thanks!

Hey there, beautiful theme. Pre-buy question: my blog is more text based than image. I really liked the sidebar and the way you handle the menu on mobile, but I’m not sure if a grid layout would work on the home screen.

Do you think I can show only one column (one article per row) at the home screen? I’m trying to imagine how this theme would work without all the images I see at the demo.

Thanks in advance.

Here it is, on all its glory :) Thanks for the theme http://bruno.tavares.me/

Came out great, thanks for sharing! 8-)

Oh good idea to use your photo as the logo. I might have to steal that and update the demo ;)

Is there a class available to style the home page content (right below the slider) separately from the rest of the home page? Specifically, I’d like to hide the content as part of responsiveness, but cannot figure out the class to put this in.

You’ll want to target the homepage-content ID…

#homepage-content { display:none; }

You should have a look at the built-in Chrome web developer tools or the Firebug extension (for firefox or chrome). They are great and both will help you find the div id/class names and the CSS that is applied to any element on the page. Just a little suggestion ;) I use the Chrome developer tools every day!

Great. Still learning CSS so I guess I missed the difference between a div ID and class. Everything is working as expected now.


Hello. Is it possible to display the thumbnails in a slideshow? I don’t see options for it, and when I clicked on the “Visit Plug-in Site” link on the plug-ins page it took me to a parked domain page on GoDaddy. I’d like to be able to have a post with a slideshow instead of image, and allow the user to click through the thumbnails. (And, if it is possible, can I choose where to display the thumbs and how many of them, etc?) Many thanks!

Not sure what “Visit Plugin Site” you are referring to, sorry ;(

The posts do not have an option for a slider, built-in. As you can see from the demo. This would be a fairly big feature and would have showcased it.

My suggestion is to find an external plugin for this. There are a lot of slider plugins out there, both free on WP.org and premium on CodeCanyon. Would love to see what you come up with if you are willing to share the url once done ;)

Hi! I should probably get a developer to help with this but since you’re so nice I thought I’d try you first! Things are looking great and although you’ve mentioned not changing the background this is for a client who wants a total reskin. We’ve come up with a fun look but I’m having trouble getting the content area pushed out a little on the left and right. I’ve tried various options such as changing the #wrap width, the #main-content width, adding a border to left & right, adding padding, margin but any of those changes make the site not look good when shrunk down (narrower screen/mobile) and some force the two columns to squeeze together or the #post to get pushed down. IS there an easy solution? Something I can change in the theme files or should I get a developer? Thanks so much in advance! Abby ps Sorry here’s the site: http://shawentertainment.com/blog/

Sounds like when you alter the main width you are overriding the responsiveness. You’ll need to tweak the widths for each media query. have a look at style.css starting at line 584 (near the bottom). You’ll find all the media queries used for this theme. You’ll need to copy the media queries and edit the widths for each.

note: I’m assuming you are making your edit not directly in style.css

Super – thanks! I’m using a child theme. Will play around with the media queries.


I have a problem with the theme. The recent post on the homepage don’t do it. How can i fix this problem? The url is: http://www.fatihkilicdesign.nl/dickramp

I have contact you. Thank you so much.

Alright, I’ll have a look as soon as its your turn in the queue. There are a lot of tickets at the moment, thank you for your patience!

Thanks, i hope that you can fix it quickly, the website go tomorrow online. Thats the deadline with my customer. Thank you so much. You are a great:)

Do you have a email adress for me? You can email me, I can email you back with te login. My email is info@fatihkilic.nl

Careful, do not post your email online…SPAM bots will see it. If you visit my profile page there is a secure contact form there – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

Sorry for the many questions, how can i exclude a catogorie from the homepage? And it is possible to convert this in order?

- if you don’t know the code to exclude a category, use a plugin. There are many free ones that can do this.

- Does this help for the order – http://www.wpexplorer.org/knowledgebase/changing-post-order-portfolio-services-highlights-staff-etc/


Can the home page slider contain videos via Vimeo instead of photos?


Yes, you can enter a video url for a slide.


Hi, Youtube and Vimeo embed code doesnt work on my web site. When i add youtube or vimeo link to oEmbed URL (video) line, only white line dlisplayed top of the page. Here is the screenshot: http://d.pr/i/fP50

Sounds like maybe a javascript issue. I can assist you if you want to share your URL with me. But please note that support is for buyers only. You will have to comment using the account used to purchase the theme.

I just solved the problem.After installed Core Control Plugin and disable cURL, problem solved.

Hi! is possible to create a post template without the featuref image header?. I created a new one template but i can’t see in the single.php the way to avoid the featured image header

Your standard post content is controlled by content.php so this is where the thumbnail is displaying.

There is a global option in the theme panel to disable featured images on posts, but there isn’t one on a per/post basis, so you’ll probably want to use a custom field and then tweak content.php accordingly.

Hey AJ! I don’t have any questions. Just want to say that this theme of yours is amazing! Support and documentation are superb! :) Bought this theme for my wife’s music studio portfolio & services site. She picked it (with my guidance) and she’s happy. Thank you!

They are hidden because they are smaller then the posts below so it looks a bit strange. But yes it is possible.

Try adding the custom CSS to the bottom of your style.css file or better to a child theme or custom CSS plugin:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
body #home-slider { display: block !important; }

Ah great! Thank you! I put big vertical images on that slider and they look great on mobile :) Appreciate the code!

Hi! Love the theme. I’m customizing it a bit and when I updated WP 3.6 I lost all functionality of the page/post editor for new and existing pages/posts. The dev I’m working with said that symple codes is causing the issue? Any fixes for this? He uploaded version 1.4. I want to keep symple codes, but can’t create or edit anything right now in WP. Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the troubles. It is an easy fix, can you please see the FAQ here: http://themeforest.net/item/bulletin-responsive-tumblog-wordpress-theme/3726653/faqs/17561

Hi, I love the grid system you use to display posts, but I can’t find a way to list those posts on a page. So I create the page http://beta.stevenspiel.com/film/ and I’ve made a few posts that contain featured images, like http://beta.stevenspiel.com/davinicis-demon/ and http://beta.stevenspiel.com/columbia-annual-report/, but I don’t see how to attach those posts in a grid-like system to my page.

Secondly, is there some kind of way to make the videos pop up in a lightbox, like the images do? Thanks for your help!

You need to echo your meta option:

href="<?php echo wp_oembed_get ...

If the thumbnail disappears then there is most likely an error in the code. You can post the full code on pastebin if you want me to have a look – http://pastebin.com/

Awesome. Here is the php for my new template

http://beta.stevenspiel.com/film/ (working demo)

And the two issues are

1. Video is still not opening (too many quotations marks?)
2. For posts that I did not enter in the o_embed url, the thumbnail disappears once the lightbox opens.

1. You are echoing the oembed, which takes the URL and turns it into the video. So essentially you have an iframe for the href. It should look just like this:

href="<?php echo get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), "wpex_post_video", true ); ?>" 

You only need the URL.

2. You should add an if statement so if there isn’t any video then it links to the post if not then it opens the video…

if ( get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), "wpex_post_video", true ) ) {
// there is a video do something
} else {
// no video do something else

If you need help with the code I recommend you check out microlancer – http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

Hey, First of all, awesome theme. 5 stars. Have used lots of themes and your code stands out as some of the cleanest I’ve worked with. The lightbox script you are using is straight up awesome too (loads fast!). That said, I’ve got one question for ya:

My posts have excerpts of different lengths, since some have less text than the max word limit I set for excerpts. However, the second row of posts is aligned vertically with the length of that excerpt + margin. Is it an easy change to align them by the margin instead, so that the vertical distance between all posts is the same as the margin, regardless of post length? This would cause a staggered look as the rows were offset by different length posts. Not sure if this would end up looking better or worse.. but I’d like to try it and see. My site is www.maxkudischphotography.com, and any other general suggestions about the site are welcome as well, would like to know what you think of it.

Cheers, Max

Thanks, glad you like it!

First of, wow, nice changes! Barely recognized my theme ;)

You could set all the entries to have the same height (via CSS using min-height or a fixed height). You’ll need to make sure to reset though for mobile devices.

I think the best solution might be to use jQuery Masonry – http://masonry.desandro.com/ – It shouldn’t be too hard to add, you just need to make sure if you are using the AJAX loading that you invoke the JS in that function as well.

I wouldn’t mind adding this sort of thing for a future update, but I can’t give you an ETA since I am super busy at the moment. But if you want to message me via my profile page as a reminder that could be great! And maybe I’ll squeeze it in soon ;)

Thanks! Don’t worry about it too much – I’m quite happy either way. jQuery Masonry looks like it would yield what I had in mind with a bit of added animation flair. I just wonder whether or not implementing it would slow down the site. Since what you’ve got right now is a simpler solution, I’d say if you did add it, it would be best implemented as an option (if it would impact performance). If you do it, I’ll check it out. If not, no worries :D

I was looking for a “Pinterest” type theme. I Searched for it and yours came up. I was quite disappointed that the items do not “fill in” the empty space as they do in pinterest. Example: http://www.otleylogic.com/screenshots/Screen%20Shot%202013-09-16%20at%208.33.01%20AM-wr4lkAnb8v.png

Other than that… great theme. Good backend options.

ah but good news. Isotope fixed my problem! http://www.otleylogic.com/screenshots/Screen%20Shot%202013-09-16%20at%208.54.49%20AM-sgnPQJMnkb.png

Get isotope here: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/

the fix was quick: jQuery(function() { jQuery(’#post-entries’).isotope({ itemSelector : ‘article.post’, layoutMode : ‘masonry’ }); });

Dev.. maybe you’d like to add that as an option to your theme


I left the isotope out as a design choice. But I don’t see any reason as to why not add it in as “optional” ;)

I’ll put it down on my list for future updates.

Hi, I was wondering if you had any plans for a full width option? Short of that, It seems like the main content container is 740px wide. I was wondering if it might be possible to increase the width, and if so, what you might recommend. I have a photo blog and would like to display my images a bit larger. Thank you!

I don’t have any intension of making a full-width option.

Increasing the width is a bit tricky. This theme uses a pixel based grid so you would have to highly modify the grid via CSS. Unfortunately it’s not something I could easily walk you through. But basically you would have to edit widths for the following elements…

wrap, #footer – main containers

post – content container

sidebar – left widgetized area

.post-entry – post listings

Those are the main ones. But also once you increase your widths (and be careful not to mess up the responsiveness) you’ll want to also increase your image cropping to match your layout – see functions/default-image-sizes.php

Best of luck!