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Hey there. Still loving this theme. 2 questions: 1. Is there a way to make the ancestor in the main menu stay the active color? In case I’m not making sense, here’s another way of saying it: http://rosalbacouture.com/2013/09/03/bird-girl-blouse/ You get to this page by going through “One of a Kind” on the Main Menu, and then Clicking on the “Bird Girl Blouse” post. But I’d like “One of a Kind” in the Main Menu to stay the active Salmon color so the viewer remembers which main category they are in. Possible? 2. I’d like the 2-column format of this page with the feature image sitting in the first column to be the default layout for the image type of post. Is it possible to alter that template so this layout becomes the default? Many thanks for your time and cool theme!!

Hello. Many thanks for the custom CSS help above. I’m still a little stuck, it may or may not be related to when block quotes get added into the mix. When I added this code to a custom CSS plugin, the image does indeed take up only half of the page, but the layout of the following type, block quotes, and images isn’t consistent.

Sometimes the text after runs full-width below it, like here: http://rosalbacouture.com/2013/10/02/knotted-silk-tank/ and sometimes it fills up the space to the right of it before running underneath it, like here: http://rosalbacouture.com/2013/10/02/mandala-dress/ and here: http://rosalbacouture.com/2013/10/02/twilight-cocktail-dress/

I want the text to fill up the right side before running below the post image. I’ve tried playing with the clear and display properties, but am going in circles. In order to make the left hand vertical rule appear with the block quotes when next to the post image, I needed to make the block quote display as inline-block, otherwise the rule disappeared, but not sure if that’s what’s causing the issue (Although on the “Mandala Dress” example the block quote is staying on the right side as I would like.)

Is there a “duh” obviously stupidly something I am missing? I’m happy to give login access if helpful. Any and all suggestions are most appreciated!

Many thanks, Katie

I had an “AHA” moment, and am good on this :)

Awesome ;)

Thanks for letting me know!

I was wondering with the next update could you increase the tag cloud size. It appears to be still limited to 45. Wordpress recently changed the maximum number of tags for the tag cloud widget to 75 tags.


Hi there,

This theme doesn’t have any functions that modify the WordPress tags.

If you do want to change it though you could try adding a function such as this to your site:

function my_widget_tag_cloud_args( $args ) {
    $args['number'] = 75;
    return $args;

Appreciate that and have now added the code to my Child Theme.


I want to add video from vimeo to my website (burhanatici.com) But oembed field is not vorking. I add video like this -> http://vimeo.com/75202516


<iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/75202516” width=”500” height=”281” frameborder=”0” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> But still doesn’t work. How can I add video?

Hi there,

You mean the meta field for the post to create a video post? Have you selected the video post format?

If you want to PM us with the link/login to the page in question we can also take a look for you!

Hi, I sent details to your e-mail adress.

Hi! I have a question about using feature images. This is perfect as the thumbnail, but when you click on the photo to open the post page, it has a weird blank space connected, and unless I delete the photos in the actual post (1 only have one for each) it shows up twice. Is there a way I can either get the feature photo to come up as just the photo with no awkward space or get the feature photo to only post for thumbnails? Thanks, Alexa

temp site:

Hi there,

The empty space is because the image isn’t large enough to fit in the whole post area.

You can disable featured images on posts by editing single.php and deleting/commenting out line 28:

<?php get_template_part( ‘content’, get_post_format() ); ?>

I can add an option to disable featured images on posts to the admin panel so you don’t have to edit your theme – just send me a private message for the update.

I have edited default.po, but I’m not sure, what to do next. I have created a child theme (currently only containing a stylesheet).

Hi again,

After a little while I got it to work. I put the files in wpex-bulletin/lang, and it works with a child theme too. But a few sentences is not translated, and I am not sure if it is part of WP or the theme. It is “Logged in as xx. Log out?” and “xx comments” right over the comments.

The xx comments should be localized I double checked comments.php, however certain strings like “Logged in” are core WordPress strings and must be translated in other ways – http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language

Thank you. That solved the problem. Sorry for the trouble, since it was not a theme issue. I just thourght it was because some of the words was in the language file too.


Is there a blog option for this theme, or any way to fake a blog with any of the existing page templates – like adding posts that only can be seen on the blog and not visible on let’s same the homepage?


*let’s say

All you would need to do is create a category for any posts you want separate. Then use a plugin to exclude that category from the homepage.

This plugin seems like it has good ratings – http://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-category-excluder/

Hi Guys, thanks for the tweet back.. my website has been working perfectly for months, however just recently I have tried to add or edit some posts and all the text fields in the CMS are un-clickable, none of the content is showing nor can I edit any of it? The front end is working fine. In trouble shooting it yesterday I swapped themes and then everything works fine so it is something with the Bulletin theme I just don’t know what?

Hopefully I am making sense, basically when you go and edit a post or page, the big text box where you can put all your text/images etc is completely un-clickable and does not show anything in that space. Changing theme resolves this? I can grant you CMS access if you wish? All the plugins and themes are up to date and I tried deactivating all the installed themes one by one to see if any of them caused the problem but they did not, changing the theme to twenty twelve or thirty was the only way of getting it to work normally.

Hoping you can help?


Just wanted to verify this theme is Wordpress 3.8 compatible? Wanted to make sure before i upgraded. Thank you!

I have updated my wordpress to 3.8 version.

Do you have a compatible theme? Where can I download this? The write post don’t work!

There shouldn’t be any issues in version 3.8. If you are having issues with the editor, the fix was added almost a year ago!

Please have a look at the FAQ and update the symple shortcodes plugin – http://themeforest.net/item/bulletin-responsive-tumblog-wordpress-theme/3726653/faqs/17561

You can also find it on Github (newer version) – https://github.com/wpexplorer/symple-shortcodes


If I install recommended plugin ‘options framework’ I get:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare optionsframework_init() (previously declared in ../public_html/wp-content/themes/wpex-bulletin/admin/options-framework.php:60) in ../public_html/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php on line 54

How to fix?

Best regards, Tim

Hi Tim,

Sorry if the documentations are outdated. You don’t have to install that plugin, it’s already built-into the theme!

Hence the “Cannot redeclare” part of the error.

Hi. I get this message on back end. Notice: wp_register_style was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or login_enqueue_scripts hooks. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.3.) in /var/www/web131/web/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3049

I am using the newest wordpress (3.8). – just re-updated to be sure the core files were not the problem.

I searched my theme and plugin folder for “wp_register_style” and found it in wpex-bulletin/admin/options-framework.php line 187. My guess is that the options framework that you have implemented is not ready for WP 3.8??

Are you sure it’s not a plugin causing the issue? I’ve double checked and the latest version of Bulletin shouldn’t have any debug errors.

The file you point to is coded correctly if you look at line 177 you can see that the scripts are loaded correctly:

add_action( 'admin_print_styles-' . $of_page, 'optionsframework_load_styles' );

Please try disabling any 3rd party plugins you may have active and if you still have issues please contact me via my profile page with the logins and I’ll be glad to have a look and fix up any issue you may have.

I am so sorry – and a little embarrased. I double checked – deactivated the plugins. And my error disappeared. I encourage you to delete my post. Thank you for your time.

No worries! Glad its working now, that’s what matters 8-)

Have a great weekend!

Hi. I would like to put a breadcrumb right above the the <header> og as first thing inside it. Whatever is easiest with the theme. I found the file hooks.php and it looks like a tool for your buyers to make this kind of extension, but I don’t know how to use them.

How are you adding the breadcrumbs? Pretty sure most plugins add them automatically to the theme above the post.

If you want to manually add it, there isn’t actually any hook for before or after the <header> so you would have to insert your code manually in single.php or page.php.

Hello again. I hope these questions don’t fall into the incredibly stupid category, but I’ve tried my best to find solutions and am coming up empty. I’ve done my best to explain clearly. The site I’m working on is www.rosalbacouture.com If you need login access, please let me know

1A. Is there a way to have a gallery within a gallery, corresponding to the hierarchy of categories? My client is a fashion designer. On the MAIN MENU is “Accessories.” When you click on “Accessories” I would like a Gallery display of the next hierarchy of Categories: “Hats’” “Gloves’” Jewelry” etc. And then when you click on any of these, say “Hats” you go to a gallery display of each individual Hat for sale (Each Hat is a post with the category “Hats” clicked).

Where I get lost is trying to get the gallery of 2nd level categories “Hats, Gloves, Jewelry” to display when you click on the “Accessories.” Instead, all the individual Hat, Glove,etc posts are being included, and I’ve lost the hierarchy of these groups within “Accessories.”

Even if I put Hats, Gloves, and Jewelry as submenu items under Accessories (which I don’t want to do for visual reasons) when I click on the parent category “Accessories” I see all the individual posts, instead of just the 2nd level category headings.

Since these 2nd level categories are just groupings, but do not have their own top level post, do I need to create a Custom Gallery with a feature pic for each 2nd level category, and then somehow link the Main Menu Accessories to this Custom Gallery and then within the Custom Gallery, link each image to the Gallery of individual posts (like all the Hats for sale)? Something seems counter-intuitive to me about this solution (if I can even get it to work) b/c I’m working within the natural hierarchy of parent categories, just can’t get the linked galleries to display this hierarchy.

1B. And…in terms of getting the Galleries to reflect the Parent Category hierarchy, I’m going down another rabbit hole. If the MAIN MENU reflects my top-level categories (“Accessories,” Bridal,” etc) I would think that when I click on “Accessories” I could link to a Gallery of all posts with the Category “accessories” chosen. But, if I use “Accessories” as the parent category for “Hats”“Gloves” and “Jewelry,” and on all my individual Hat posts click the Hat category, and its parent the “Accessories” category, then all my individual Hat posts show up when you click on the MAIN MENU tab “Accessories” and I’ve lost the hierarchy.

Again, it seems counter-intuitive that I shouldn’t use the parent category relationships, or only click “Hat” category (and not also its parent “Accessories”) for each individual Hat post, but I can’t seem to get using a Category as a Menu link to honor the parent relationships of the Category. What am I missing?

2When I’m looking at an individual post, and I click on the NEXT or PREV button, it sends me to the next or previous post according to the order of my posts in the dashboard area. This doesn’t make any sense to me b/c those aren’t in any meaningful order. Am I missing something obvious, I’d like when you click on the NEXT or PREV button, you see the next or previous post ONLY WITHIN THE SAME CATEGORY? So I would only click through all the Hats, but not also see random Bridal postings too?

3A long while ago, I asked you guys if I could have a slideshow on a post, like on the home page, and you said that Bulletin didn’t provide for that, so I should use a plug-in, but that you’d be interested in seeing the results. The posts on this page show some examples: http://rosalbacouture.com/category/custom-bridal/

Many, many thanks for your help, Katie

hello! :) Quick question…I can’t figure out where I can remove the option to have the date show in Recent Posts column on the Home page. Can you point me in the direction of this? I just want the Post titles but no dates listed on Home (dates on the individual post pages are fine).


There is no option to disable this, but you can hide it with some CSS:

.wpex-widget-recent-posts li .date { display: none; }

You can add this piece of code to your child theme style.css if using a child theme or using a custom css plugin such as this – wordpress.org/plugins/my-custom-css/

oh, thank you so much! I thought I’d seen it somewhere and spent forever thinking I was looking back. I guess I would have been looking for a long time then. :) thanks again.


Are all of the images for this theme retina as of the latest update? Or is it just the featured images?


Just featured images (but technically anything really). If you want retina images in your posts, it just means you need to insert images that are 2x as big. Or if you create an image with the same name but with @2x at the end then it will load it.


image.png image@2x.png

The theme uses retina.js for the retina support if you want to read up on it.

Awesome! thanks!

Hi. Is it possible to loop through a custom post type on the front page instead of the “post” post type? I am using a child theme.

Never mind. Nailed it with

    $paged = get_query_var( 'paged' ) ? get_query_var( 'paged' ) : 1;
    $args = array(
        'post_type' => 'my_custom_posttype',
        'paged' => $paged,
        'posts_per_page' => 6
    $wp_query = new WP_Query( $args );

Yep, that would work ;)

The best way is probably using $query->set and the pre_get_posts filter though. Here is an ok write-up for next time! http://www.remicorson.com/modifying-the-current-query-with-pre_get_posts/

Hi, the menu is no longer opening/closing when viewed on mobile devices. Any ideas whats gone wrong?


I’ve tried deactivating all plugins expect core. URL is bit.ly/1kDXw6g

I see some jQuery errors on the site, by any chance did you make edits to any of the javascript files? The error is actually coming from a js file in the theme, but its only happening on your site.

Please send us a direct message via our profile page and I’ll send you an updated theme (I’m going to optimize the scripts anyway for this theme) and see if it works better for you!

I just finished the update, so if you email me I can zip it right over ;)

vertical navigation sidebar:

can i use the vert nav as a fixed position menue. the navigation-”sidebar” needs a scrollbar, like the other new vert themes have it… are u planing to implemenmt that?? i ll buy..!!!

Sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean, do you have an example?

Is it possible to have a subfolder in my Wordpress install with the ability to host other non-Wordpress sites? For example, a folder where I can install other basic html index pages?

Something like INSTALLEDWORDPRESSBLOG.com/projects/index.html ?


You just have to create the folder via FTP and add your files in there.

But you need to make sure that the slug for the folder isn’t taken by WordPress. For example if you have a page at site.com/projects/ created in WordPress, you can’t have a directly in the same location.