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Clean, elegant style.
Wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,

Clean & Beautiful Work Bro .. Good Luck :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Excellent theme buddy!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!!! ;)

Thank you @Bedros, @themenum, @drupalet, @ThemeRox, @juanmita.

Glad you liked it :)

Hi There,

very nice Theme. For a project we would need compatibility to WPML. Will this be added in an feature version?

Thanks, T.

Hello, to be frank I’ve not looked into WPML before. Will surely check it, as I’ve received this feature request earlier too. For now, I’m unable to provide sure yes, or exact time frame for this. Still will let you know if updated theme for this in coming days. Thanks.

Submitted theme with WPML. Not sure how long it takes for their reply. Thanks.

Hi, The layout is interesting and beautiful. Nice theme by the way.

Good luck.

Thanks :)


how to increase the logo size.


I’m getting no changes in your page. Have you done these on localhost?

Where should I send, can you provide me your mail id? Actually I’m receiving mails sent through my profile page, try dropping just hello message, this way I will get your mail id.

Regarding portfolio items, it will just need to remove target from portfolio page. Will mention it with logo help.

Mail sent.

Is it possible to get the search field in the header-2 together with larger logo?

Yes, possible but with some changes.

Drop me mail through my profile page, will send you modified files. Check if that suits your needs. Place comment here once you send me mail, as sometimes I’m not receiving mail through my profile page. Thanks.

mail sent :)

Wow! Great theme and support. You really do a good job an the theme and great response on support. What else can you as for! :)

Thanks :)

Hi ,like your Theme but got a question: How can i manage to open portfolio pictures in a lightbox—They all open in seperate site //same with all the pictures on site.. Best regards Stephan

Hello Stephan,

Go to : Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio

Select zoom on hover. This will open portfolio pictures in a lightbox. Drop me mail through my profile page if any further query. Thanks.

On the homepage slider, can you seamlessly (meaning, keep the design, e.g) install a contact form within the slider to request about 5-6 lines of information right away? If so, do you have any clients that have already completed this? Thank you!

Hi, Please go through :

It seems that “Responsive Through All Levels” option not working properly in latest slider version, and left form non click able. When Mobile Touch Disabled, it works fine.

Created a demo link here :

Still the issue which remains is responsiveness of form on small devices. It do not get resized. (Even if it get resized, fields will be too smaller to attract reader :) ). Hide Under Width may wok here to disable it for mobile devices if you do not need.

Will drop a ticket with rev author regarding ‘Responsive Through All Levels’ option and if any quick solution for form responsiveness. Will let you know. Drop me mail through my profile page if any further query. Thanks.

Does this theme work with the latest WordPress?

Yes, it does. Thanks.

Hello i need theme , like yours :) small/compact landing with pricing table only. with 10 or 12 tables. So i see you have possibilities to add pricing table. How does it work? Is it possible to integrate with WooCommerce?

/i realy enjoy how you did your theme

1.service introduction (OUR SERVICES block) 2.pricing table (integration with woocommerce) it will be a site offering different services 3.blog (would be in future) 4.about and contact page

that’s what i need

Hello, pricing tables are inserted using visual composer.

WoCommerce :) , you will need to do it yourself, if familiar with. Currently not integrated and to be frank, haven’t tried yet. Thanks.

footer social media icons?

There is a widget named as ‘Custom – Social Networks’ (Appearance > Widgets ). Drag it to any footer column you need. Drop me a mail through my profile page if any further query. Thanks.

Thumb nails not showing up on portfolio pages. I have your demo data uploaded. Portfolio item pages working fine. Text only -no images on portfolio template pages. Am I missing some setting step?

Have you tried setting your own image for portfolio item? Try it, should work fine then. Also, click ‘Save all Changes’ button on options panel.

If any further query, drop me mail through contact form on my profile page along with your link. Thanks.

Hi – just came across this theme after I saw Quezal.

How flexible are the layouts – can I build upon the existing templates pretty easily?

For example, on the homepage, the ‘Edit freely without coding’ section – can I replace that with another image (like ‘know bulwark’) instead?

Also, do you have multiple header options?



Regarding layout flexibility, homepage image and header options, I’ve uploaded some screenshots here : item details page.

Those three images are single items through composer. Please note that it is not a portfolio gallery. Column to the left is simple text element, can be changed easily.

With visual composer it is easy to build pages, XML too provided.

Let me know if I should provide some more info. Uploading screenshots for quezal too, will reply there. Thanks.

Hi, yesterday I bought this theme and installed. But the style.css is missing ? Please help! P. Westland


Are you getting this error while theme install? Please check if you are uploading theme folder only, not the whole downloaded folder.

Please go through step by step guide:


Please drop mail via support link if any further query.
Get Support here


Hello, I tried to reach you a few times through the contact form but never got any reply… so I’m trying here. My licence key: cc4bab94-b0d4-41f0-afa7-5e8bc810b4a8 The Visual Composer plugin doesn’t work with the last version of Wordpress (4.5). I believe it is because I am not using the last update of the plugin, but as it was embed within your theme, I cannot update it. Could you please proceed let me know when I can update it and be able to work on the layout of my pages again? Thanks! Lucile

Hi Lucile,

Sorry but no mail received, even nothing in spam.

Have you sent mail via contact form on support tab here?

Try again if any further query with duplicate post here. Still if no mail received, have to let know envato support.

Anyways, check this FAQ for more info: WP 4.5 update

Later Edit: Check if you are enable to edit your comment here and remove purchase code if possible. Otherwise will flag and remove it later, once you read this comment.


Hello, I just tried again with the contact form on the support tab as requested. Let me know if you get something. I tried editing my comment but it doesn’t work for some reason… I will check the FAQ closely and will get back to you if needed. Thanks!