Discussion on Buntington - Education HTML Template

Discussion on Buntington - Education HTML Template

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How can i edit the main menu in front page? where in the dashboard is it located?


I have taken over the web design for a local community centre and the previous designer had built the site using this theme.

I have recently updated my local dev setup and I’m now running the latest version of PHP.

Looking at their site locally I’m seeing a number of deprecation messages – e.g Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; WPAlchemy_MetaBox has a deprecated constructor in /Users/thomaswilson/dev/bridge/wp-content/themes/Buntington/vafpress/includes/wpalchemy/MetaBox.php on line 61

This got wondering how old the theme is, and I can see the last update was 2014!

With this in mind how stable do you think this will be moving forward?

Would you recommend moving to a new theme?

Thanks Tom

Even though you posted this question under Buntington HTML template version, I figured out it actually relates to WordPress theme.
My advice is to download Buntington 2.0 (the latest version of the WP theme), install in a separate folder but still use existing database. That’s how you’ll be able to see what works fine and what’s not and then make a decision regarding migration from old version of the theme to the new one.
Basically, everything WordPress related (menus, categories, posts, pages, tags, medial files) should be OK. Events and courses (custom post types and custom taxonomies) were part of the old theme and as such will not be available to the new version of the theme.
New version of the theme uses plugins to register these custom post types and taxonomies.
Essentially, you’ll have to decide what works for you best.

when I try to upload the template to wordpress it says I can’t because there may be extra information in the zip file. Any ideas?

Don’t upload entire theme package! Unzip to a local drive first then upload theme installation file (Buntington2.zip) only.

Hi again, I have a question about navigation. When i click a button like “News” “event” etc… navigation menu. When I click It That moment looks shrinking the button. Can i fix it? thanks

Uhmm… what did you change in the main stylesheet file? I mean there must be some modification preceding the problem because it all looks good on the template demo.
The link to your website is appreciated!

Continue to enjoy this theme. One issue recently though on the home page, http://newamericancolleges.org, under the Feature Stories section, the stories were showing up side by side, two stories wide. Now they’re stacked on top of each other, just one story wide. Any ideas about how to fix that? Thanks!!

I understand what you’re saying. But we’re looking for the solution. What file in your theme would we edit to remove those lines of code? Thanks!

Figured it out. Our member list had some separator coding that wasn’t necessary. We updated the membership recently so it must have been accidentally introduced at that point. Somehow that was affecting the Features section below.

Great! That’s why I asked you about the strange code, I thought it must be having something with the layout.

Hello feeleep , I’m megumi. I have a question about responsive design for html template. How can i switch the width for smaller dvices. I mean I want to do looks like desktop view for tablet.

for desktop,tablet are same desktop view. for mobile adjust responsive design adjust


Sorry but you are doing mistake. Place your template files either in the root of your/customer’s domain, subdomain or a folder. Period. No cross domain files sharing or whatsoever, it just doesn’t make any sense. Even the server tells you it’s wrong.

thanks i got it . the files should place in the root. no cross domain.correct?


I’ve recently purchased the Buntington theme – the design is great. I just would like to ask for a recommendation as I’d like to upgrade the course element … What plugin do you think would work best with the theme if I wanted to have students sign up for free and paid after school activities? This plugin could be free or paid. There is no course content as such, I just want the students to select the activity or several activities that take place after school hours or at weekends and submit these choices. It’d be great to have the ability to limit the number of submissions to each activity and to inlcude a description of the activity, contact information, time, venue, etc. Any help greatly appreciated.

Also, can you recommend a plugin for the Buntington theme that would boost the calendar functionality, for example, being able to see events in a monthly view (not just list) and to maybe click links to say you’ll attend and maybe even pay for certain events.

Help and advice would be greatly appreciated as I’ve tested some plugins and some work well with the theme others not so… and there are so many.

Best wishes Richard

Hi Thanks, I understand. My company’s purchasing department purchased the theme … and this was the user name and login details they sent me. Are you able to check using the invoice details…Invoice No: IVIP20298188, Order No: 66687414 on Envato Market. We also purchased the ‘School’ theme so I’ll try logging in using those details but the Bisspuximarketing was the one used for this theme.

Hi … I also found the purchasing code … d990b768-6415-462a-b1bd-4095b526d5e2 ... hope this is OK. Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

Yes, I have found the record with regards to Invoice IVIP20298188, it’s addressed to The British International School Shanghai. OK, my apologies for initial support rejection! Please understand that there are many people who download themes from pirated sites and then just come to TF to ask for assistance.

1) If I were you, I’d definitely look for some “class registration” or “class enrollment” plugin. Google might help with the search, of course but I can’t say which one would work best for you. I guess you’ll have to make a little research.
2) When speaking of events plugin, simply enter “wordpress plugin events” into Google and you’ll get top three – the most frequently used by WP community. Likewise, I can’t point my finger to any of these since you are the one who knows which one would fit best to your needs.

Hope it helps!

I m looking forward the live demo but the link is not available

It should be okay now, please have a look.

Yes, okay and great theme, I put it in my favorites. Thank you very much

Great, thanks for the feedback!

Live demo still not working.

Damnit, it was all right couple of days ago. Gotta check it out, sorry for any inconvenience!

Hi author! Today I received an email about update information. Anything updates in the current version?

I did not push any update with regards to this template. If you take a look at the previous post, user @stratawebmaster reported DNS server error causing the live preview not working.
That’s kinda strange, will have to take a closer look. No matter what, sorry about any inconvenience!

Interested in this template, but the “Live Demo” link is populating a DNS server error. Do you have another link available to preview the template?

Ouch, thanks for letting me know it, gotta figure out what’s goin on. No another link, sorry. Will try to handle it today.

Hey can you please let me know how to keep the top nav menu (i.e. News, Events, Courses etc) at right when i go to small screen (not mobile view) top nav menu comes down underneath site logo and create too much space on right side of logo which look weird style vise. Just to clarify i only have 3 top nav menu options and remove rest like About us, Contact us and these 3 dont take much space horizontally which techincally souldnt force the rest top nav to come down underneath site logo. i dont have much knowledge about bootstrap therefore i bought this template at first place.

Secondly search bar doesnt say search theres just a tiny search icon there which could be a hard deal for an aged person.

rest your template is fantastic and im pleased with it.

Would it be hard for you to create a temp admin account and let me handle these two little issues? It’s far easier than typing a bunch of text on which file to open, what and where exactly to edit, etc. You just sit back, relax and a little red dwarf will do the job. If you agree, click my avatar (next to this message) and use contact form placed in the sidebar of my profile page to send Private Message with login credentials. Please copy-paste your above post as a reminder on what I am supposed to do along with login credentials.
If you, however, disagree then I’ll give my best to type out that mini user guide :)

thanks just did it


Greate theme ! I was wondering is the Photos is free to use or should i buy them? If i need to buy them, where can i find them?


Image copyrights can be found on the bottom of theme manuals, all of them are downloaded from Flickr. As I recall, photos are Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licensed.

Great Template!!!

One question, what is the relationship between UPCOMING EVENTS on the home page and the EVENTS page? In other words, will I need to manually post the events on both pages?


Upcoming Events is just what it says – the upcoming events. All of expired events are removed (not deleted but rather not shown). Events page is supposed to list events from all event categories.
On a side note, there’s an option to show archived events – including expired ones – if ever needed, that’s why there’s a separate template for that purpose “archive-event.php”.
I’m not sure what exactly your question is relating to, that’s why I mentioned both.
Lemme know if you have any further doubts!

Thanks for your answer!

My original question was, are the events on the home page put there by the user manually or are they inserted by a script which pulls them from the events page or ???

Also, how are events entered? Is there a backend form?

This theme uses SiteOrigin page builder and all the home page content has been inserted “manually” – if I can name it that way. With page builder, content is added via user friendly interface. Hope it makes sense….

Hello …. I just bought this wonderful template, also saw the version of WP, it is possible to get the version 2 of the index, Index02.html


Sólo tengo que hacer sitio web en HTML

Thanks a lot …

There’s a difference between static files and WP version. WP version includes pages builder and that’s how home page layouts can be composed. HTML version is just the way it is, you’ll have to manually build it with code editor.

Hi friend! I’m trying the theme installation but I’ve some problems. The system refuse me and tell me that the styles.css is left. Only I need to install to customize the theme. If you could help me please?

You can’t install theme package! Unzip to a local drive first, find theme manuals in unzipped folder then proceed by following instructions find in manuals. Hope it helps!

I would like to have carousel captions shown BELOW the images, but only on mobile devices. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Maybe you could try with CSS conditionals, just google for it. Beside, there’s already a section in theme’s style.css that includes conditional statements (near the file bottom) so you can see how it was done.

Hi, i buy this a while ago and now i realized that your gallery theme doesn’t work in iphone.. all turns gray and i cant see the photo anywhere :(

It does work on theme’s demo site, just got it checked. You didn’t provide your website URL so I can’t be sure what’s goin on with your own gallery. I can provide screen capture as an evidence – if you want me to.

Hi, i have the same problem, when i see the web on my iphone and i click on the gallery the photo doesn’t appears.

You should check your iPhone software (iOS). I just tested all out on both iPhone and iPad: http://sendvid.com/rso6iwig . Do you experience the same issue when browsing theme’s demo site?

Dear develloper,

How can I make the three column layout if I don’t use the Home Page Builder? Do I have to install a plug-in?

Thank you

I think it’s always good idea to import theme’s demo site and see how things are done, it saves time.
On a side note, you are posting Buntington WordPress theme questions under “Buntington – Education HTML Template” and that’s why I wasn’t able to find your username on the list of buyers. Take my apologies for misunderstanding!
Please, if you have any further questions in regards to Buntington WP theme go here. Thanks!

I see, Sorry for posting in the wrong section and thank youfor swift answer. I am getting the touch on the template for now.

Great, thanks!


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