Discussion on Buntington - Education WP Theme

Discussion on Buntington - Education WP Theme

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is wordpress compatible ??

Untested with WP 5.2 and above!

I have installed this wp theme at https://softepo.com/microsoft-office-2021-professional-plus-free-download/ and the theme is amazing.

First of all I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful theme! Very functional and beautiful too.

I have used it 5 years ago and back then I already noticed that some changes do not show immediately, but a day or two later. How to make sure to see the changes right away?

In customizer 1) I added logo, but it still does not show. 2) In the courses options I changed the terms: “Instructors” (for professors), “Restrictions” (N per class), “Credits” (Hours per week) but the site still shows them as default names.

Thanks in advance!


Hi! Just like I already wrote, this theme has been proven to work with WordPress version up to 5.0 ( https://imgur.com/a/tr6wmtm ). Maybe it’s not about the latest version of WordPress, maybe it’s about the last one this theme is being compatible with.

Thank you for your reply. Does it mean that i have to install wp 5 or I can’t use the theme? If yes, could you guide me with the manual installation of WP 5, please.

I believe that this might help https://increasily.com/how-to-downgrade-wordpress/
Many things have changed with WordPress in the meantime and downgrading WP on behalf of an outdated theme is not a good choice. Did you consider some other, more recent WP theme?

Hi, could you guide me how to import demo version for the theme. Thanks a lot!

Hi, all you need to know about the demo content import has been explained in details in the theme Docs.
Where to find the theme Docs?
Unzip the theme package that you downloaded from your Themeforest “Downloads” section to the local drive. If you open the archive, you’ll find the folder named __MANUALS__. Open the folder then double click on the “index.html”.

thank you!

Dear Feeleep,

How do I disable the author name of posts on the site? https://imgur.com/bizbFb8

You’ll have to go to WP Admin, Appearance > Customize and disable what you don’t need with respect to the post meta, like this: https://imgur.com/a/M5j9eEP

hi, i can not edit Buntington Options, no error, only it does not let to save.

You’ll have to take a look at the server’s error log file to maybe figure out what’s wrong. Likewise, please be sure that there are no JavaScript errors in the Console… you can check that out with your Browser developer tools.

Hello, my wordpress is installed in French. So posts are not posts but articles. Could that be an explanation why cinema header does not seem to work on new posts ? If I change the featured image on one of your demo posts, it works fine. But as soon as I create a new article, I only get a very thin image and a small title.

Did you try to switch to English in WP Admin? ...just to be sure that the language version is not causing the problems. https://hostpapasupport.com/change-wordpress-language/

Yes, I have changed to English, but the problem remains.

Could you please let me know your website URL? And possibly the temp admin access so I can take a closer look? You can send the details via the PM! How exactly? Just click on my avatar and use the contact form in the sidebar of my profile page. Thanks!

Hi, Really like your templates. Having some minor issues with some of the Buntington2 image plugins. I cannot seem to be able to choose any pictures for it.

I can see Image file, REMOVE, Choose Media, Image Search. But Choose and Search links arent doing anything. I can only remove old pictures.

It looks like your Buntington2 template set might need minor updates.

I am using latest Wordpress 5.8.1.

How could we fix this?

Br, jp

Did you check for errors in the browser console? You can use Developer tools of any Browser. If true please copy-paste the error code or message. Thanks!

I found the reason. SiteOrigin plugin is using ../INC/.. folder in their path. Let’s Encrypt/Certbot configurator that makes automatic Apache SSL configuration adds line <LocationMatch ”/(data|conf|bin|inc)/”> in sites-enabled configs and this line prohibits http queries from ../inc/.. folders so browser did not get .js and few .css files. So that’s all ok now.

I noticed small outdated error on wc-status: “Buntington2/woocommerce/archive-product.php version 3.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,”. There are few more, maybe you can check those your template files?

OK, thanks for the feedback! The outdated WooC templates will be replaced eventually.

I have Buntington 1.3 is V2 an upgrade or a different theme entirely?

It’s more like a different theme. I’m not sure about your current website but you should definitely not just swap these two without taking a preview of what’s there and what’s missing. In general, Custom Post Types are not built into the theme any more, so all the events, courses and custom galleries are now in the form of the plugin. Hope it makes sense!

Thanks for the development team who made such an amazing theme. I used this theme on https://pakjobesupdate.com/ and having a great look. Thanks team

All right, thanks for the feedback!

This is the best theme ever used for educational websites. I used this theme on https://brightscholarship.com and having a great look. Thanks team

OK, thanks for the feedback!!!

Hi! I have the Buntington version 1.2 and it has a problem with jQuery. How can I update it?

I can’t find your Themeforest username on the list of theme buyers, do you have another/different account?

It was bought before I started work with this website. How can I prove that this template was bought?

You can send the purchase ID code via PM (just click on my avatar and use the contact form in the sidebar of my profile page).

Well it was amazing theme, we used and find it is one of the best educational theme for almost all types. We use at https://scholarships365.info/ it was, amazing experience, we have plan to use it again :)

OK, thanks a lot for the feedback!


we used Buntington and tried to migrate to another provider. Now we get this error codes:

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /www/htdocs/w017572a/WordPress_02/wp-content/themes/Buntington/inc/shortcodes_engine.php on line 482

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /www/htdocs/w017572a/WordPress_02/wp-content/themes/Buntington/vafpress/includes/wpalchemy/MetaBox.php on line 2657

What did we do wrong?

It looks like you’re trying to migrate an old/outdated version of this theme. Vafpress is no longer a valid framework, especially not for PHP version 7 and above. Buntington 2 is active for over 2.5 years and the support for an outdated version has been expired.
Please install and use Buntington 2 but be careful; there are certain differences between the two versions ad which has been described in the Changelog: https://imgur.com/a/kTvEMI7

Hi feelep, wich plugin do you recommend to translate buttington 2?

Here’s a really nice article on that subject: https://dessign.net/best-free-translation-plugins-for-wordpress/
Essentially, most of them are OK but you should look for the one that can translate Custom Fields as well.

lutfen temayı aktifleştiremiyorum yardımcı olun temayı aldım ama sitemde tema çalışmıyor

How exactly the theme is not working? What’s wrong? Are there any on-screen errors? Please provide more info otherwise I won’t be able to help. Thanks!

Hi Feelep, Is it posible to pay you for migrate our site from versión 1 to versión 2? How much could it cost?

Unfortunately I’m not available for hire anymore. Please try at Envato Studio.

Hi, I noticed some bug after updeting wordpress to versione 5.5.1: 1 – Buntington Options menu doesn’t work anymore (I can’t change pages) 2 – In article and pages editor I cant’t switch from visual to Text editor mode I tried to deactivate plugins without any success. When I activate Twenty Twenty theme the editor text mode has worked again.

I’m using Buntington version 1.3. Should I install Buntington2 to fix this bug?

Thanks for your help

I can’t find the Changelog. Is there a tutorial for the theme update? Thank you

It’s in the bottom of the Item Details (tab) page: https://imgur.com/a/j9qRklL

Found it! Thanks again for the support

I bought this theme before for one of my site but now i want to buy its another license for another site of mine which you can see at the end of my message, but i want to know if you will be up for its paid customizations too? Such as i need a search bar under the main menu that will help find the users the listings that we already have on our site. We are using another theme here on this site but we are not happy with its speed. Site: https://ascholarship.com/

Hi, I’ afraid that I can’t take the customization challenge and deliver within the reasonable time frame. It’s simply because I’m currently involved into a couple of time consuming projects that doesn’t allow me to take more side-work. My apologies on any inconvenience!!!

Is it possible to add a lightbox plugin to the images in this gallery? https://imgur.com/iEoYJs4

If not, how could I manage the galleries using lightbox?

What I want is simple. I wish that the gallery (Doublef Gallery) has the lightbox effect in the photos, don’t you know a plugin that does this?

I need the lightbox to work in the galleries, I’m not getting it to work in the gallery (Doublef Gallery) Do you have a solution?


I don’t have other solution but to install one of the lightbox-like plugins that provides support for the custom post type.


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