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Hello, I would like to change the format of the date in the creation of an event. I understand that just change the date format of the blog to change the format on display, but at creation, the format does not change. It remains on the format m / d / Y, while I wish to put it in the normal format d / m / Y. Where can you tell me where the format is initialized or where to change it? thank you in advance

With Buntington v2 version of the theme date format should follow up the date format of the blog. I’m not sure whether the subject of your inquiry is the theme itself or one of the theme’s required plugins.
In case your question relates to Buntington v1, I’m not sure what to say because majority of theme files have been “deprecated”.

I think its V2, i’ve download it recently and i’ve all features (SiteOrigin page builder, woocommerce, ...) My problem is that, datepicker (on event create plugin) is on US format (m/d/y) and record information in database with this format … i’ve found how to change it on display (by uncomment ”// ‘date_format’ => ‘d/m/Y’,” on “class-doubled-events.php”).

When i do this, date is save on EU format on database, but my date picker stay on US format, and date isnt translated :

25 november 2019 for exemple, is write 25/11/2019 in European format, save on EU format on database, but when i come back to update my event, the input is empty.

If i try with the 12 november, i’ve 12/11/2019 writing on the input, 12/11/2019 saving in database, but when i came back to update this input, i’ve 12/11/2019 wrinting on but when i click to change, i’m not on the 12 november but i’m on the 11 december …

English isn’t my language, I hope to be understandable

I think I’ve got the point. The problem is that the datepicker’s date format on the back-end is the default one (non EU). However, it gets properly displayed on the front-end, alongside the blog date format.
The datepicker is the part of the CBM2 library. If you are about to modify “class-doublef-events.php” and metaboxes definition, you have to know that the ‘date_format’ field parameter is the php date format, not JS date format. PHP to JS translation work is done automatically ( see https://github.com/CMB2/CMB2/blob/trunk/includes/CMB2_Utils.php#L440-L488 ).
I hope it makes sense!

Hello. We would need help implementing the theme into our website. Turns out the file is too large to be uploaded through the themes section and it results into a php.ini problem. We couldn’t increase the upload size limit, but managed to upload the theme through a “File Manager” plugin. However, this solution isn’t allowing the theme to work properly and results into errors of editing/uploading images and sometimes even saving changes.

Please try with the following plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/upload-max-file-size/ I was using it multiple times already and it worked like a charm. Lemme know!

Hi! Can you add an anchor notation in the super_button? I tried it but it adds ”/” and goes to the top of the page and not to the anchored place of the page. My notation looks likes this: [super_button icon=”fa-users” label=”My Label” tagline=”My Tagline” color=”#5b7cc4” link=”/about/DL#3Options/” link_opens=”_self”] Thanks.

Even though I can’t find any records about your username here and the purchase, it looks like the link is wrong. It has to be a full path that includes http(s) and the anchor at the end, or just the anchor – if dealing with the section ID on the same page.

How can I change font? Times new Roman is not coming in list.

Playfair, PT Serif, Lora, Crimson Text, Amiri, Cormorant Garamond, EB Garamond, Noto Serif, Prata, etc, etc. All of these can be used as a decent Times New Roman Alternative.


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I’ve installed the Buntington 2 theme and I’m having issues with the Cinema header. The featured image settings necessary for the cinema header don’t appear below the feature image when editing a page and the cinema header has height 0 which means that it is hidden. I’m using Wordpress 5.4.1 and the latest versions of all the plugins. I didn’t install the woocommerce plugins and the Instagram Feed plugin and I installed two additional plugins: HTTP Auth and Add menu separators to navigation.

Help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Please provide admin credentials and your website URL so I can take a look. Use PM to send these, DO NOT just post it here, this is the public board. Thanks!


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Hello, what is the last version?

Buntington 2 is the latest version.

Hi there! Hope all is well. Two quick questions before purchasing: 1) Is this theme still under active development? Here on ThemeForest, it reads the last update as: Last Update 27 April 18 Surely there have been patch releases since then if so? 2) How compatible (or not) is migrating from original Buntington theme (Version: 1.3 by Dameer DJ)? Thanks in advance!

This theme is still active but the compliance with the previous version is not that great. Why? Because Buntington 2 does not include custom post types (events, courses, galleries) with the theme but rather as external plugins. It means that the custom post types from the previous version won’t be ported to the new theme. Everything else should be OK.


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Hi Feeleep, I have trouble with the html editor, it doesn´t work, I can´t select this option from my pages. I have deactivated all the plugins but still don´t know what is the problem. I have to update de theme to versión 2, now my site is running with version 1.3. Do you think this could be the problem? Do you know why is this happengin now? Thank yo.

How exactly it doesn’t work? Which HTML editor; page/post HTML editor or else? You can’t just update from v1 to v2 – unless you don’t use Events, Galleries and Courses – PLEASE READ THE CHANGELOG on the item details page!

Is it possible to add a lightbox plugin to the images in this gallery? https://imgur.com/iEoYJs4

If not, how could I manage the galleries using lightbox?

What I want is simple. I wish that the gallery (Doublef Gallery) has the lightbox effect in the photos, don’t you know a plugin that does this?

I need the lightbox to work in the galleries, I’m not getting it to work in the gallery (Doublef Gallery) Do you have a solution?


I don’t have other solution but to install one of the lightbox-like plugins that provides support for the custom post type.

I bought this theme before for one of my site but now i want to buy its another license for another site of mine which you can see at the end of my message, but i want to know if you will be up for its paid customizations too? Such as i need a search bar under the main menu that will help find the users the listings that we already have on our site. We are using another theme here on this site but we are not happy with its speed. Site: https://ascholarship.com/

Hi, I’ afraid that I can’t take the customization challenge and deliver within the reasonable time frame. It’s simply because I’m currently involved into a couple of time consuming projects that doesn’t allow me to take more side-work. My apologies on any inconvenience!!!

Hi, I noticed some bug after updeting wordpress to versione 5.5.1: 1 – Buntington Options menu doesn’t work anymore (I can’t change pages) 2 – In article and pages editor I cant’t switch from visual to Text editor mode I tried to deactivate plugins without any success. When I activate Twenty Twenty theme the editor text mode has worked again.

I’m using Buntington version 1.3. Should I install Buntington2 to fix this bug?

Thanks for your help

I can’t find the Changelog. Is there a tutorial for the theme update? Thank you

It’s in the bottom of the Item Details (tab) page: https://imgur.com/a/j9qRklL

Found it! Thanks again for the support

Hi Feelep, Is it posible to pay you for migrate our site from versión 1 to versión 2? How much could it cost?

Unfortunately I’m not available for hire anymore. Please try at Envato Studio.

lutfen temayı aktifleştiremiyorum yardımcı olun temayı aldım ama sitemde tema çalışmıyor

How exactly the theme is not working? What’s wrong? Are there any on-screen errors? Please provide more info otherwise I won’t be able to help. Thanks!


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Hi feelep, wich plugin do you recommend to translate buttington 2?

Here’s a really nice article on that subject: https://dessign.net/best-free-translation-plugins-for-wordpress/
Essentially, most of them are OK but you should look for the one that can translate Custom Fields as well.


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we used Buntington and tried to migrate to another provider. Now we get this error codes:

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /www/htdocs/w017572a/WordPress_02/wp-content/themes/Buntington/inc/shortcodes_engine.php on line 482

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /www/htdocs/w017572a/WordPress_02/wp-content/themes/Buntington/vafpress/includes/wpalchemy/MetaBox.php on line 2657

What did we do wrong?

It looks like you’re trying to migrate an old/outdated version of this theme. Vafpress is no longer a valid framework, especially not for PHP version 7 and above. Buntington 2 is active for over 2.5 years and the support for an outdated version has been expired.
Please install and use Buntington 2 but be careful; there are certain differences between the two versions ad which has been described in the Changelog: https://imgur.com/a/kTvEMI7