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Hi Mozami,

Any issues you can think of for using with K2?

Hi Zahir,

In Which template can I modify category links ?

I am trying to make the following category items styled differently,

All I could find is that they are list items in basic_typography.css with no class or id associated to them to differenciate them from any other ul li

I would like to add a class name to these ul li in order to style them.

Also is there any way to add a “short description” from the category’s description there so that users can see a preview of the category?

Just like articles are shown in a category:




I will buy this template if the drop down menu, shown in the preview, is part of the package

Yes, the dropdown menu is part of the package (you will need to make your own menu links in joomla as described in the documentation) and then choose from the 2 different dropdown menu options.

First i want to thank you for really cool looking and well working theme. I was just wondering how Im able to swap places with Search bar and header image? So the big image with newsflash would be top of the page and Business 2.0 with search between headerimage and dropdownmenu?

Thanks FS

Hi FS,

If you still need assistance with this send me a mail through the contact page and I will talk you through this.

Thanks for answer. I already solved the problem. Took some time thoug coz im not so familiar with php.

How do you adjust the width of the main menu items, the menu that is located below the breadcrumbs, running horizontal.

I’ve tried all sorts of ways but with no joy.

Hi deanr1976,

Just saw your question now – TF does not send us notifications on comments. If you still need assistance with this send me a mail through the contact page and I will talk you through this.

Very useful template. I just purchased it, due to its simplicity and the same time clean layout. Zahir is also repsonding to the customers at lightspeed. He helped me out with a SWF issue, he solved in a minute !

Tahnx !!

Fabry from Italy

fabrymac – thanks for the awesome feedback!

Hi, does this template work with joomla 1.6? Recently installed a template for joomla v1.5.5 and site got hacked. I don’t want the same issue with this template. thanks.

Hi ddhuney,

This template is 1.5 only – but there is an upgrade in the pipeline for a 1.6 version.

Hello is this template stilll in use? Will i have any help if i buy it? Please answer me.

Is there anyone here?

I can at this site make such a design?