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great theme thanks. Have a problem setting it up it gives me:

“Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Site: 1st page created as test:

Looking at your url again are you attempting to run the theme on a multi site setup? If you are there may be necessary things you will need to do. Again please open a ticket and my developer will be able to assist when she gets back from a family emergency.

Your patience is requested in this instance please.

Thank you


Hi Jonathan,

thanks for quick response.

I will “unmess it” and move it later today to something like ... then I will be able to tell if the .htaccess makes problems or not.

Ok, no worries. Just let us know. If you have any further issues, please remember to open a ticket a


Nice theme! Does this work on multi-site setup?

Hi – we haven’t actually tested it on multi-site, but there should be no reason why it shouldn’t.

Thanks for the quick response! Are the updates automatic or to I need to manually update them?

The update notifications are sent out via Themeforest and then you would have to manually update the theme.

Last question! Can the menu be put inline with the logo, so that it is aligned on the right hand side? Or will the break the layout?

Hi – you can customize the theme however you’d like, I would recommend using the child theme included to do this, however, customizations are not part of support so they would be your responsibility to do. Yes you can move the menu, you will need to change some CSS and maybe even add some new classes depending on the look you are going for, but it is possible. We also offer quotes for customization (once purchased) through the support center.

Hi Jason,

Just purchased the theme and it seems to be working fine on multi-site. I noticed there was not page template for a blog… how can I set up a main blog page?

Greetings and thanks for the purchase – please note as of the support tab, your help documentation, the item description, and my profile page support is offered via the support center.

However, as per the documentation, create a page, no need to set a template (WordPress uses index.php by default) – then go to Settings > Reading and set Blog (or whatever you called it) to be your blog page.


Hey Jason,

I’ve got to say – Your support time is great!

Is there a way to add new sidebar/widgets? Instead of having the same side bar on every page?

Hi it’s actual Jonathan :)

Also support is via the support center please. As for extra you might want to try a free plugin for creating separate sidebars I believe there is one at the site.



Hey Jonathan,

Compliments on the site again!

For the life of me I cannot figure the slider out. I have looked through all the help material and can’t find the plugin you designed the slider for. I created a “slider post” but nothing happens.

Please advise. Thanks!


Please open a ticket for support as outlined in your documentation, the item support tab, the item description and also my profile page – here is a link also for you:

Hello Jonathan! This is a lovely theme you have created. Now it has reached all the way to Sweden :)

Just one question. Do you have a suggestion of “chat widget” that will work together with this theme? I am trying with WP Live Chat and I can´t get it to function.

Thanks again! BR Goran.

Hi and thanks for the kind comments. If you can go to to open a ticket we can provide better support. There is no reason why any correctly coded plugin shouldn’t work with our theme, more the case is probably the plugins that are being used are conflicting with each other. If you can open a ticket and provide a link to your site and detailed description of what exactly isn’t working (and what page) so we can try and help you debug the issue.

Absolutely! I´ll do that.

I recently was contacted about an image that is included in the dummy content for the wordpress version of this site, claiming that i now need to pay for having it on my site. The worst thing it was on a page that I don’t even use and was only showing due to a recent site restore that made all the old links live again. Is this something you are aware of? You still have it featured HERE: – it’s the image at the top.

You shouldn’t be using the image as it’s demo content. You should be replacing with your own content. I recommend removing it as it came from a free wallpaper website – you are not distributing the image in any way so it’s just a matter of removing the image.

Well since i still have to answer to the company claiming to own the license to this image, I need all the details of where it came from and whatever license info you had in the first place that allows you to tell me that it is a free image for general use. I never used the page your image was even on but as it came budled in the demo content it was still found when installed on my server where the site is hosted.

There is no license, it came from a free wallpaper website, they don’t provide licenses. No money was gained from using the image, it was not primary focus used in a design therefore there is no answering to the company tbh. In your case it was not even a live page on your website so you were not using it. Not really sure there is anything else to say about it unfortunately. The only thing they can do is search in google for the image, find out where it is currently being shown, then send DMCA take down notices – that is there legal right but the only one.


some presale question, is there any option for ad space? like on the header next to the logo?

or on sidebar in the blog post?

looking forward to your reply.

regards, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, we have several widget areas throughout the site for pages, posts and footer, if that helps?

Hi there – I have a new client who is using this theme. But we’re getting a 404 on: wp-content/themes/business-essentials-wp/js/jquery.validate.pack.js?ver=1.0

Can you send me that file? Or point me to where you pulled it from? Maybe here?

(I’m still trying to determine if the client bought the theme, or the previous developer did.)

Thanks, Chris

Greetings Chris

Could you please open a ticket at the support center using the license number for the purchase. All files are within the package which you can re download using the account that purchased here on Envato from the downloads page. If you have a file missing it sounds like it was removed by whoever setup the theme, or missed uploading all files, or has access to your clients server and removed it.


Got it sorted out – the client still had the original installer file.

Good to hear :)

Hi Jonathan, how can I install the updates without messing up my website? secondly, how can I move the menu up, so it is right next to the logo and not under the logo? Thank you!!!

Hi – can you open a ticket at the support center please and provide a link to your site.

Hi there, we want to get rid of the: - Highlighted CLIENTS - Highlighted BLOGS on th ehomepage.

We tried to delete if form index.php but that does not work.

Please cna you solution how to get rid of it?

Hi – can you please use the support link in your documentation so we can provide better support (code snippets, screen shots etc)


Great theme. One question normally when I install a theme it asks me to install the required plugins, this one does not. Which plugins must I install? Website isn’t shown as your sample:

Thanks, Mischa

Sorry already see it in the help file

:) no worries happy you got it sorted!


Cannot figure out why on this page: the right column as in your samplepage isn’t shown?

Regards, Mischa

Ticksy did work but I’ve got no response yet?

I did but didn’t get an mail for it, thanks!

Hi Mischa, I’ve responded already and I can see you responded to me earlier today, so I’m guessing this is just a cross over :)


jamessl Purchased

Help! Just installed the theme but I have now got a website that looks like a two year old has been set loose on it. Just a bunch of blocks everywhere and text randomly sprayed across the page. Is there not a manual or anything for this template?


jamessl Purchased

ah, ok. Got the manual off

:) answered above


jamessl Purchased

Help! Just installed the theme but I have now got a website that looks like a two year old has been set loose on it. Just a bunch of blocks everywhere and text randomly sprayed across the page. Is there not a manual or anything for this template?

Hi :) Is this a new install? If you want to open up a support ticket I’d be happy to login and have a look for you. If you want to open up a support ticket (link can be found in your documentation) and let me know what you’ve changed I could have a look for you. Please make sure you are not viewing a cached version :)


jamessl Purchased

Hi, I got this sorted, I just couldn’t delete the comment. It just seems that any changes I make take several hours to come into effect, which is annoying

Oh yeah I can imagine! You server must have caching (if you aren’t running a caching plugin) and that can really get on your nerves! You could ask the host to disable caching for logged in users so you could see your changes instantly :)