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Was wondering when the WP version would be out. Quick! Looks great man, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks AJ – yeah been working hard, you know how it is :)

Ha ya, you and your wife both. Anyway, beautiful work as usual.

Yup we do make a good hardworking team :)

so clean and beautiful.. good job! and good luck!

Thanks man! Appreciate it!

Hello. I just purchased the Essentials theme. I made a huge mistake, I thought it was the Wordpress one and then I realized I downloaded the wrong one. Is there anyway I can pay the difference or do something to get the wordpress one?

Please let me know.

Hi you would need to contact support here at themeforest I am sure they can assist you in some way hopefully – authors do not have the ability to do anything unfortunately as we aren’t the seller as such.


Awesome design! I just wish there was a 1170px wide version

Thanks for the kind comment. It’s easy enough to change with CSS but we will keep it in mind.

A top seller, congrats Jonathan.

Thanks man!! :)

Hi guys An ammmmmazing theme, great colors, typography and layout. A few questions please. 1- What is the home slider width? if we need to change pictures will we get a wide feature? 2- We are a social media agency, do you think this would serve us good? Can we add portfolio to the theme as to show our clients and areas which we have worked on for them ? 3- Finally can we change header layout, font, and background color?

Hi and thanks for the kind comment. The theme is based on 980 but is easy enough to change with CSS. The images you upload to the slider custom post type content area is what will display there. So if you change the wrapper to say 1200px you would just insert your image into the content area that is 1200px wide. I can’t speak if this theme would serve you good other than I stand behind our work and our support service, I think it’s a great theme for a business which is what we had in mind when I designed it and we coded with simplicity in mind. :) The ‘case study’ is a custom post type and we are currently utilizing that as the ‘portfolio’ for a business theme. You can change whatever you wish with CSS. There is a place in the theme options to upload your own stylsheet and more news about that will be coming in the future. :)

Great example of flat design style. Very well played Jonathan! All the best with sales!

Thanks man! Appreciate the kind comment! :)

Does this theme have any portfolio functionality?

Any plans to introduce some process design like – ?

The case studies is a custom post type and is what we felt this business theme needed as far as portfolios. Thanks

Amazing :) Good Luck

Thanks man!

as always beautiful work :)

thanks! appreciate it man! :)

Awesome! Couple of questions:

  1. Does this one also come with a boxed version?
  2. Can you display on a page which shortcodes are included? (button, pricing table, etc.)
  3. There’s something awesome on the homepage of the HTML version. There’s a background pic behind the latest post slider. Can this be added to the WP version as well (maybe by fetching the featured image)?

And thanks for including my idea for pricing tables!

Hi – the shortcodes are displayed on the ‘Columns’ and ‘Styles’ page, the pricing tables page is also built using shortcodes, but that’s from the plugin, not from the theme. As for the background-image behind the latest post, yes, this can be done, but would need some CSS tweaking and php calls to accomplish. The boxed version can be easily added, just placing an opening div in the header, a closing div in the footer and the CSS to accommodate this. If you plan to buy, once you have purchased, please just contact me via the form on my profile page and I would be happy to assist you with any of this and get you a quote for the latest blog customization.


Which framework is this theme using?

Hi – we write our own, but use option tree as the starting base for the admin panel.



Man Jonathan, I am loving your designs! Just when I thought I was sold on Elite I see this theme. Now I am struggling to make a decision.

Couple of Pre-purchase questions for you:

Is the home page slider height adjustable in this theme?

It states in the features description:

“Dedicated different sidebar widget areas for templates (10 in total)”

Does Elite have this same functionality?

Thanks, Erik

Hi – thanks for your kind comments :)

1 – Yes the slider can take any height 2 – No Elite does not have this feature (it does have a bunch of different widget areas however)

Hope that helps with your decision

Thanks again


another quick one, the home page slider(and alternate without slider) is this only a slot for images or can the same be produced simply with actual text?

The homepage slider template utilizes ‘the_comtnet’ so you don’t have to place images tere. The alternative homepage calls for the featured image.



Does this theme come with xml demo content for quick install?


Hi – yes, as per the item description it certainly does :)

Many thanks!


Thank you for your great theme. I have problem with posts. When I write text the line breaks doesn’t work. For Example I write:

AddressLine1(line break) AddressLine2(line break)

In your theme the text will show in one line. Do you have an idea what the problem could be? Thanks for your help.

Hi and thanks for your purchase. We are now using a support forum for our free support. Please follow this link Don’t forget to add a link to your site so we can try and help you better.


Could you please verify my account for the support Forum. I always get the message ‘An Envato Purchase code is required when submitting a ticket.’ I wrote the code in the ‘Your Question/Problem:’ box. Thanks.

Hi – yes, that’s part of the verification process. Here is a link to the FAQ on how to get the purchase code

YES. YES. YES. This WP version came out just in time! :D

is it possible to remove the top header with the search bar?

also would it be easy to add revolution slider to this?

it would be a perfect theme if it had a better slider :)

Hi – just continue completing the form

Looks like a setting was altered – you should see it now many thanks


Beautiful theme. The Careers and Case Studies are great. I just have a few questions.
I’d like to use toggles or an accordion for an FAQ page and I’ll like to use tabs to list our services. What’s the best way to accomplish this with your theme? Is there a plugin you can recommend?
Also, I want to use smaller featured images for the blog, that float to the left of the text. How hard would it be to customize this?

To use accordions you would just use the shortcodes as we demonstrate on the styles page. For tabs you could download a plugin for this but you would have to change the styling to match in. As for changing the images, we have the video displaying on video post format, the audio showing for audio post format, a slider for the gallery post format – so all that would need to be changed and then you would change the standard post format to call in a smaller image. Now I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, of course it could. We would be happy to supply you a quote for this if you contact me via the form on my profile page.


Thanks for the fast response! I’m going to go have a look at the styles page. I’ll let you know if I need the custom work.

Super theme. Great, clean design. Would love to see a portfolio feature, where videos and images can be viewed in a lightbox from another page, without having to go to a dedicated case study site.

Well done!

:) Thanks for the kind comments. We will keep it in mind for future updates.