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Had I only waited until you released this WP version. After a week and a half of adding content and customisation to the HTML one! LOL

:) Thanks and sorry! Good luck with the site!

Just a few pre-sales questions:

Are top bar (with the search field) and the area just below the slider on the homepage (with the “No credit card required” button) widgetized?

How are the different sections on the homepage built? Different pages or all one page?

Other than the footer, are there other widgetized sections on the homepage?

That’s all for now. Really great theme!

Hi the top bar has a registered menu area (top left) and prebuilt-in search – not a widget.

Not sure I understand what you mean sorry about the home pages – we supply 2 different dedicated home pages, you have a slider, or an image, and then the rest is content apart from the credit card button section is simply set in the admin panel – if you don’t enter any text or button link etc nothing appears – the sections for blog and clients at the bottom are also set via the admin panel by entering information in to the admin panel.

No need for widgetized sections to make the home page – as it’s content as it should be in WordPress.

Many thanks and I hope I answered your questions well enough.


Thanks for the reply Jonathan. You answered my questions. Regards!


I absolutely love the theme! Before i purchase I have a few questions,

- Is the slider image behind the slider image? - Is it possible to add an image behind the header area on the blog and full width pages?

Hi – not sure I understand what you mean by is the slider image behind the slider image? Slides are images or html – can be anything – the wrapper for the slider is transparent and looks through to the blue – with css edits you could have an image in the background yes – but that would mean you will need to do some customization work to get what you specifically want.

WordPress uses index.php (blog front page) and single.php for single blog entries – then full width is a separate template – so again you could make these changes, but it depends on your skill levels – anything is possible :)




I absolutely love the theme! Before i purchase I have a few questions,

- Is the slider image behind the slider image? - Is it possible to add an image behind the header area on the blog and full width pages?

double post. See same question below.

Great looking theme. Will there be an HTML5 version available?

:) Thanks for the kind comment! There is an HTML 5 version out already.

Incredible template. Congrats!

How can I edit the default SINGLE POST TEMPLATES to full width? I have a lot of posts with default style but it’s right sidebar page.

Hi and thanks for the purchase and the nice comment!

You can choose which template to use per post – simply select from the meta box as per the help documentation – if you don’t see the option then just click Screen Options at the top of the page and select to display.

If however you mean WordPress index template – then you would need to edit the php file, remove the sidebar div section completely and then change the wrapper to that used in a full width page template by just opening it in your editor to grab the same class.

If you require further assistance please use the support center here as this is just for item comments and not really suited for support.

Thanks again!


OK I’ll try. Thanks.

Fantastic theme guys and just about to purchase.

One question…Can the search in the top right be changed to social icons?

I’m sure this theme will be very popular ; )

:) Thanks for the purchase and the kind comments and yes, we will consider it for any future updates.

After yesterdays delight at downloading this theme, we have come across a problem. We’re going to need a lot more sidebars for this project and there doesn’t seem to be any straightforward way of adding more. Could you give me a idea on how I can do this?

Hi – the theme comes with unlimited sidebars for pages for left sidebar, pages for right sidebar, posts for left sidebar, posts for right sidebar, careers, and 4 areas for footer (unlimited for each). I just wanted you to understand that just because there is 1 labeled widget area for each of these, doesn’t mean you are limited to 1 widget per section. However, if you still want to add more – you will need to contact us via the support forum we now use for answering support questions. Visit this link



Great theme, before i buy…

1) How easy is it to change the colour scheme from blue to something like say green?

2) can i make it so all of the blog posts on the website grt posted onto my facebook group automatically?

Best Regards Ben

Hi – the color scheme is simply CSS, you would only need to edit the style.css for the changes. As for posting posts to your Facebook account, there are many plugins out there that should be able to handle this for you, but we do not offer this as an automatic option to the theme.


Hello, Thanks for this, can you please recommend a plugin and i will buy it now.

Best Regards Ben

Sorry – I can’t recommend a plugin because I’ve never actually used one to do this but if you do a Google search “wordpress posts to facebook” you can start going through the plugins. I would check the ratings and comments etc.


Quick pre-sales question: I didn’t see anything about theme colors. Is this theme only available in 1 color? (Of course I know I can manually change the CSS myself, but I’m wondering if there are color scheme choosers?)


Yes we went in a different direction with this theme – we allow the upload of an entire new style sheet to replace the theme one so people can edit to their own requirements by duplicating the style.css and editing then upload to completely change.

There are only a few colors throughout the theme so swapping them out is very easy :)

I did it this way so I can add new style sheets to themes to completely change them moving forward – I’m working on something secret at the moment for distribution of these additional style sheets for buyers.

Many thanks


Hello, What is the difference between html and wordpress version. Is there benefits in buying the wordpress version? if yes – witch? Can you log in, and you can have a profile as job seeker?

That would be a preference of yours to determine I’m afraid. Although, personally I find that Wordpress is much easier as once your menus etc are in place, adding pages doesn’t mean editing every single html file, just adding it to the menu in WP once. :)

Absolutely simple and clean. Great use of flat design.

A couple of questions before I purchase.

1. Can I make the phone number on mobile clickable? – Meaning if I’m my iPhone I can just tap then number and it asks if I’d like to call.

2. The footer where it says “Company, Resources, Get in Touch and Legal”. Is that widget based? Can I replace one of them with lets say an Image?

3. Can I remove the social icons from the footer? Can I replace it with text?

4. The top header with the search bar where is that widget based as well? Can I remove the text “Work With Us, Development Cycle, Affiliates, Client Login”? Can I replace is with other text?

5. Can I add a map on the contact page? If so any recommendations?

And if any of this requires support form questions, can you give me the information so I can get started as soon as I purchase.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and thanks for the questions:

1- the phone number is clickable by iOS by default – it scans content to see a number that is a valid number and makes it clickable.

2- yes the whole footer are widgets – place what you want.

3 – you can certainly edit the theme to remove whatever you wish. It’s another widget area that just uses a shortcode from our social icons plugin.

4 – That section is a registered menu – you make the menu whatever you wish or just don’t make one and nothing will appear – therefore it can be a dynamic menu, or just links to whatever you wish on whatever website.

5 – Sure, you could use one of the many free plugins to insert a map, or grab the embed code from google maps and drop in the content at the top etc – however you wish.

Support is limited ONLY to installation issues and defined functions of the theme, customizations, or basic knowledge questions are not part of support – the theme comes with a super PDF help file and importable XML data to set you up just like the live preview.

We have a dedicated support center for questions.

You may want to look at the screenshots from the item page also as we show admin screenshots etc.

Many thanks


Hi! The theme has the testimonials shotcode?

No – there are many free plugins you can use to achieve this.



Can you uploade some backend printscreen about the settings more detaild and page builder. How does that look like?

Hi and thanks for your interest. There isn’t really anything I could show you other, then several custom fields for uploads on staff (head shot, full width image, up to 7 social icon images, links and alt text) a pdf upload for careers with custom field for ‘Print this page’ and ‘Download PDF’, standard WP page and posts (with post formats) and the standard things you expect to see in theme options such as logo and favicon upload, custom css, upload your own stylesheet, tracking code etc and several unlimited widget areas.


I am just wondering if it’s simular to goodlayer backend? See some printscreen here:

Please look at the screenshots – we have images of the admin there :)

Awesome template! Quick Pre-sales query – a) Does the site structure/integrity/alignment change when seen via HTTPS Protocol ? Reason I ask is – ever since I had SSL installed on my webserver my present template structure completely changed and sadly the author is no more active. Thanks!

Awesome template! Quick Pre-sales query – a) Does the site structure/integrity/alignment change when seen via HTTPS Protocol ? Reason I ask is – ever since I had SSL installed on my webserver my present template structure completely changed and sadly the author is no more active. Thanks!

FYI – Sorry I put in 2 comments! Not sure how to quite delete this comment.

There’s no reason why any theme shouldn’t work on https – it just puts it on a secure server. As long as your server has the latest specs to run wordpress you should be fine as we code our themes according to good practice from wordpress codex.


Thanks for the info Jonathan.

When you buy this theme, does it come with a .XML file with sample content?

It certainly does – I guess I forgot to add this fact and that it also comes translation ready with mo/po files. I’ll update this info thanks!


I love the theme. About to purchase it.

One question: when a person applies for a job, since i can not see the next step on the demo, does the contact page allows uploading of resume and tell me what job they apply for

The application process is up to you – obviously we can’t create a application form for companies to use as there are laws governing each state and country and each individual company will want to collect their own sets of information. Hence you would link to a page with a form which you can create easily with the included contact form 7 form plugin, or to a service for collective job applications (many companies use services such as this to centralize things) or to another job board etc

If you wish to host your own form with a resume upload, yes absolutely you can do this with the included contact form 7.

Hope that answers everything!


Great theme! Loving it so far.

One quick question, is there a way to edit the right column content on the “Careers” page. More specifically, where it says “Join our team” and “Events?” I cant find anywhere in the settings or documentation where this might be managed…


Hi and thanks for the purchase! Yes that is a registered sidebar so just go to your WordPress widgets section – they are simply text widgets with info we inserted as an example – you can place whatever you wish.


Before I purchase this incredible theme, I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to change the color of the top of the page and keep the menu colour background? (blue, in this case)

2. Is there any theme administration panel to change the content of the homepage “boxes”: in this case “We work with leading tech companies.” and all that comes below.


Greetings! Yes you can very easily change that particular color by editing the style.css or adding custom CSS to the box provided in the admin panel – if you decide to buy and are not sure i can help you with that via our support center.

The boxes you mention are all just the home page content made up using our simple shortcodes which you are able to import and setup just like the live preview as we supply an import file and then edit or create your own from scratch.

Hope that answers everything for you