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@jonathan01 Awesome theme! My site is working absolutely fine in HTTPS mode. Quick question – While we hover a button the color changes/fades to black – can we change the fading color? If yes how can I change it? Thanks!

Hi – great news about your site! You can alter that by editing the style.css or using the custom css panel in the theme options – you should try use firebug in firefox to select the element and see it’s styling and line number in the style.css.

Many thanks


Great, thanks so much for the quick reply :)

Hi Jonathan,

I’ve purchased the theme and it’s great – I have experienced no issues at all which is very rare for a WP theme. Excellent design, easy to work with and very little custom CSS needed.

I normally don’t leave feedback, however this theme deserves it. Awesome work mate!

Cheers, Isaac

Hi Isaac – thanks for your purchase and for leaving your feedback, it’s very much appreciated!

Good luck with your new site.


hey, good work.

I have bought the wordpress theme, but the language must be in Danish. Do you know how I change the “continue reading” fielt. And if there is an easy way to change the hole theme easyer to Danish?


Hi – I believe you have asked the same questions via email so I am replying there – but we provide mo/po translation files and this is what you use to translate WordPress themes.


Hey. Thank you for this great Theme. At the moment I’m thinking about buying this theme. But before I will purchase I have a question and want to submit some issues:

Question 1: Can I use the homepage slider on mobile phones too?

Issue 1: On my galaxy s plus the blog posts don’t appear. Issue 2: Same thing with the quotes.

But anyway it’s a really great designed flat wordpress theme. :)

Hope you can fix the issues.

Hi and thanks for the questions and kind comment.

You could alter the theme to display the slider but in all honesty mobile and sliders don’t look good and when it comes to landscape view they look terrible and may cause usability issues – therefore we took the opportunity to remove when going down to mobile size – as I said you could alter this function if you wished to customize.

As for blog posts not appearing on your particular device – not entirely sure as it’s just html so not sure why your browser wouldn’t display I’m afraid. I do not have a Galaxy S Plus, but maybe try a different browser? We test on iOS devices such as iPad 1 – latest retina model and iPod / iPhone 4 – 4s and 5. Plus of course all the popular desktop browsers for windows and mac. I also haven’t had any reports from other users with visibility issues on devices – if you are looking at the preview with the top bar try removing the top bar and see if that helps.


Thank you for your fast answer. At the moment i tested in landscape mode and now the text appears. I’m sure it is a browser specific problem. I’ll buy this theme during the next two weeks.

Great theme! Having one issue with the Staff posts type. It will not allow me upload any picks or attach any photos for the Staff posts type. Everything else is great! Thank you so much.

Hi – when you click to add and choose or upload your image, make sure the link box is empty – that’s all :)

If you require further help please open a ticket here at our support center – we have faq’s also and the answer to this question is already there for you.

Thank you!


Hi – great theme and clear documentation but I have two questions:

I noticed that your images act responsively when viewed on phone, tablet or web whereas the new ones i am uploading don’t seem to be. Can you explain the flow we should follow for this?

The documentation explains that for retina you need to duplicate the image and add @2x – that part I understand. The question is do we just upload the retina versions directly to the wp-content/uploads folder to the directory the normal version is in or can we use Add Media to do it?

Many thanks

Hi and thanks for your purchase and the kind comments! :). For the retina question, yes you can upload the image to WP as long as its the same month (so WP will place it in the same directory). or you you can upload to that month directory via FTP.

For the images, I would need to see an a link for your site to Ty and determine why they are not responsive? Did you hangs any of the CSS? Please use our support forum at and supply a link to your site.


I bought the HTML version a few weeks ago and of course I needed to get the Wordpress version too. Great job Jonathan!

I have a question that probably reaches beyond of your service, but it might be so simple for someone like you, that you would be able to answer it anyways.

I am using a plugin called “Simple Page Sidebars” to display different sidebars on each page. This works fine with the right sidebar, but I can’t get it to work on your left sidebar pages. Would you have any idea why not?

Thanks so much for your continued purchases! Unfortunately no sorry that would have to be a question for the plugin author.


I figured it out with a different plugin, theme is great :)

Question – how can I align the buttons in center of a page? I tried:

[button_green]Upgrade to premium[/button_green]

But no luck :S?

Buttons will automatically align left – you would probably be able to place a div around your button short code and add an inline style in the div – not tried it but it may work.

Otherwise you will need to alter the style.css but then not sure how your buttons will look as you can’t put a width on them otherwise your text would be limited – hence the way they are created now.


Hi, I am interested in purchasing the theme but really need a background image for the header on the ‘alternative home’ to be go wider than the navigation bar left and right? and for it to be centred? Is this possible?

Currently, the ‘Clean responsive and built for business’ image on the header only goes as wide as the navigation bar above.

Many thanks,


Hi and thanks for the interest, the theme by design is 980px however you certainly could customize to your own requirements depending on your skill level of editing html and css quite easily I am sure.


is there any documentation available for this great theme?

Greetings, Joerg

Yes of course it’s very well documented with a full PDF file and other files to assist all inside your download zip you received :)

Many thanks for the purchase!


Hi – we would need to validate your purchase so you will need to login to ThemeForest with the account you purchased our files with and we can provide support at that time.


Hello! I bought the theme of you, but i having some problems in “staff”.

When I try to put the thumbnail of any professional, it gives error and continues open lightbox and the image is not inserted in the page.

How to solve?

No have fix? D:

I try again and worked! thanks!

Awesome – glad it’s all working for you!

Great theme – been looking for a theme for a while now. One question – the theme is responsive, yet when I shrink down to 300px the menu disappears. Same in Firefox/IE. Other themes will make the menu vertical or create a dropdown box. Thanks for any response input -

Hi and thanks for the purchase – 300px is not a media query size – please note your sizes in the style.css labelled media queries and you will see the sizes of the viewport settings – smallest viewport is 320px which is original iphone / iPod in vertical mode.

Many thanks


Hi Jonathon

I’ve purchased your theme and love it.

Trying to find in the CSS where to change the background blue on home behind sliders to white. Any clues?

Thanks Dan

That gets pulled from the class name #header_wrapper it has the background-color: #4BAAD3;.


hi, I purchased the theme. First of all good work!! how can I change the font?

The font’s are Google fonts and being called into the functions.php. You would just need to either rip that out (if using fontface or something) or just change the URL if you are using another Google font and then update the style.css.


Everything is looking great, thanks Jon!

Question – my menu is not loading in mobile/Android phone view. Can you advise on this? thank you

Sounds like you chopped out necessary code somewhere unfortunately – it fires based on the viewport in the header and the style.css – maybe if you altered the css you missed a closing bracket somewhere and the rest can’t load… You’ll have to just start looking and comparing with the original files unfortunately.

Hello and nice theme! I would like to ask you if you have plans for e-commerce platform integration like WooCommerce…


Hi and thanks for the question – not really as this is purely designed as a business (corporate) theme rather than an e-commerce solution, however WooCommerce is simply a plugin so you could certainly install and use it and no doubt style quite easily to match the theme.

If we had more people asking we may look at certainly doing this as an update so all the styling was there, but right now I believe your the only one so far :)

Many thanks



I second the request for WooCommerce integration. The ability to have a shop page on a business website is a massive bonus. I would certainly purchase if you were to add this in an update.

Great theme and its certainly on my shortlist.


Hi and thanks for the interest! :). We’ll discuss this possible update and post back here if we decide to go ahead with it.

Am I able to post a video in the blog?

Thank you very much. It is now acquired.

By the way, your developments are as beautiful and functional as heaven and hell. Since BRUAN I’m becoming a hobbyist of buying your themes.

:) Thanks very much for the kind comments! They mean a lot to us!

Hi there! Amazing theme, very happy with my purchase.

Quick question: is there a way to remove the gray top menu? I don’t really have use for the search bar and another menu up there and I’d like it hidden if possible.

Hi and thanks for your purchase. Please in the future use the support forum for support questions, we are trying to migrate to that form as you can actually post screen shots etc in the comment. :)

Yes, you can remove this, just open up header.php and delete from <!- Start of top wrapper -> down to <!- End of top wrapper ->

Hope this helps! Good luck with the site!


Also wanted to ask: how come the breadcrumb trail for the case studies say that the case study is under “Blog” not the actual case study page?

Hi – sounds like your settings for your breadcrumbs just aren’t quite right yet. We provide screen shots in the documentation on how we have our bread crumb set up for the live preview, you may want to review the documentation to make sure your settings match what we have.