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Just purchased “Business Essentials Premium Wordpress Theme” and downloaded “main Files” and it wont extract the zip file to open??

Thanks in advance…

Hi and thanks for the purchase, could you please go to and post a private ticket so we can get some sensitive information from you to help finish getting you set up?



1. Had to download “express zip program” WinZip didn’t work?? 2. The “images:” file is corrupt and wouldn’t allow the unzipping of all files, had to do them individually and change that files name. 3. gives blank page?????

Hope this helps you and others…

It’s actually sorry looks like auto correct changed something ( for future ref the link is on my profile page and also the item page ) – not entirely sure why your zip wasn’t working as no one else has had an issue did you follow the guidelines from Envato on the downloads page as that seems to work for people.

Anyway, it sounds like you got things working now which is great news.

Hi. Is it possible to create two totally separate Career Index pages? It looks like you can designate a Department, but the jobs are all on the same index page. Thanks!

Yes, we currently have all the careers coming into the careers index with 1 single loop. But as you stated you could navigate to appearance/menus and add the. ‘Departments’ to the menu. If you don’t see them on the menu page, click screen options and make sure ‘departments’ is selected. if you use the forum – i could attach a screen shot for you.

Hi, I like your theme… had a couple of questions before I make the purchase…

- Can we make the Blog post section Auto Slide on the homepage? It would be great to have the post slide at a fixed interval.

- I didnt see a Shortcode section… do you have built in support for tabs, boxes and other UI elements?


hi.. we uploaded a custom css file.. but the reference to original style.css file is removed… does it mean we have to copy the original file and make changes to that?... custom upload resulted in broken images in buttons and also the icons are missing.

Also, how do I get the breadcrumbs to work?

The breadcrumbs are based on the NavXT plugin included in your download, there is a complete section with screen shots in the documentation that details how to set it up. And yes, the special style sheet will replace the original style.css.


Congrats, very cool and clean theme.. I have a couple of questions before I decide to purchase.

1) is it possible on the theme to change or customize the header of each case study entry? I would like to give each case study entry’s header a different background color, make it taller and put a transparent PNG in there just like you guys did with the alternate home page.

2) In the case study page.. is that the only configuration available for the thumbnails? can I put more than 4 without the pagination?

Hi – the case study’s # is pulled in from what you have the blog reading settings set at, so if you don’t want pagination for case study it will affect the blog, but you could easily change that by editing the php file.

As for the changing the case study header, the theme doesn’t currently support that, but if you are comfortable with making your own php and css changes, then yes, it’s absolutely possible.


Hi Jonathan,

I bought your Gutenberg theme not so long ago and things turned out very well. So much so that I’m likely going to purchase this one as well. What font is being used here?

Hi and thanks so much for your continued interest :)

The font used is a beautiful open source font from Google Web Fonts called ‘Open Sans’.


Hi Great theme. Just want to know where to edit and or remove the Case Study and Latest blog sections on the home page when using the Home page with slider. The home page in admin only seems to allow up to View Example Reports button to be edited. Thanks

Hi and thanks for the purchase, you would need to edit template-homepage.php and remove the code from there.


For some reason the option to click on “Licence Certificate” in the Themeforest downloads sections is gone? I was trying to access it so I can register a support ticket with you.

I’m having the issue where my server ( isn’t serving up the SVG CreativSocial icons.

From a reply to a comment Gutenberg theme, you indicated there’s a htaccess solution to this?

Thank you.

Hi – go to your downloads page – click the download button and in the drop down you have the license.

However, with regard to your issue, yes you will need to contact your host and ask them to turn on svg support – it’s over 10 year technology and becoming more and more important and they should have this turned on by default.

They can add something to your htaccess file in the root of your server like this:

AddType image/svg+xml svg
AddType image/svg+xml svgz

Hope that helps!


hi thinking of buying this theme .. can i remove the blue color from the homepage and make it white instead ?

jonathan ! creative just mailed saying they cant do anything. so what am i supposed to do now ? i need ur help man.. else the theme is a waste fro me.. please

hey someone please tell me where to get the exact downloads ??? it’s very difficult. ihave already downloaded from here multiple times but they just wont open in winzip . the folders of plugins images etc. what to do about them ? i need ur support

I do not understand what you are asking or saying sorry.

You submitted a ticket saying you couldn’t find something in your download and you were replied to telling you to download the full main file(s) from the download dropdown – we never said we can’t do anything – please don’t lie.

Issues with the files you download should be directed to Envato support – you should try using some of the advise they provide on your download page, try a different browser etc. Envato are the seller and sole distributor of all files, authors cannot help therefore you must contact them or try the suggestions they show on the download page as no other buyers have reported issues with downloading.

Also please ensure you use the ticket only for support this is a comment area only.


Hey Jonathan,

How can I make a linebreak when formatting in html?


<br /> or <p>   </p>

Should achieve this. Unfortunately the comment area doesn’t allow code to be inserted but if you google non breaking space it will help you as my code above with not allow what is between the opening and closing p tags. If you want to open a ticket at our support center we can probably help a little better :)

Hi Jonathan. doesn’t work (without the blank spaces ofc.) I want a linebreak within a paragraph, not an entire new paragraph

HTML works by defining paragraphs with opening and closing p tags – as I said I cannot post code here the comment system does not allow for it – please just use and opening and closing p tag.

If you require further assistance, as mentioned previously, please open a ticket at the support center –



Hey, any chance you might be able to produce a few more demo pages/ examples of content layouts? The home and alt home are good examples as they get the creative juices flowing

Hi, they just use standard formatting and the short codes we supply – all you need to do is use your imagination :) That’s the beauty of WordPress and the tools provided. I would use places such as Dribbble or some of the CSS gallery sites for page layout inspirations – google and apple websites also have some stunning layouts which you could use for inspiration.


Hello Jonathan,

I bought your cool theme.

Is it possible to create different staff pages, with different content?

Thanks, Victor

Hi Victor, if you mean different staff pages (grouped with a different set of people) then currently no, you would have to customize the template. There is currently 1 custom post type called staff and you can categorize/break down that post by ‘department’ and then add unlimited employees to each as we show in the live preview.


I think you mean 1 custom post type “Career” with department categories. I should try to copy the function from career to the staff sites…

Sorry – I got the 2 custom post types confused. But ultimately if you want to categorize the staff page like the career page is, yes, you would copy the custom taxonomy from functions.php that we use for ‘departments’, but obviously you would have to change the code a bit to make sure it’s a different name and is using the staff custom post type.


Hi i just purchased the theme, it all looks great so far but i cant seem to get the slider to display on the homepage? Ive installed the plugins etc

Many Thanks!

Hi and thanks for the purchase, have you created slider images as detailed in your documentation on page 57? You would need to set a featured image to get the slider to appear?


Hi there, is it possible to make the slider images auto rotate? If so, can you please tell me how to implement this.

Cheers, Luke

No worries, which part would I edit within the flexslider js file?

Just open jquery.flexslider-min.js (located in the /js directory of the theme) and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Change the false to true on the slideshow:
slideshow: false, //Boolean: Animate slider automatically


Legend, thanks mate

Hi Jonathan

How would one change the text in the mobile version where it says “Menu Selection”. I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find where that text is to change it to just say “Menu”. Thanks!

That would be in the footer where all the scripts are, look for this

// Create default option "Go to..." jQuery("<option />", { "selected": "selected", "value" : "", "text" : "Menu Selection" }).appendTo(".topmenu select");

Where it says “text” :

Hope that helps.


Perfect. Thanks! Absolutely loving the theme. :-)

Thanks for the support! ;)

Hi Jonathan,

I’ve just purchased the WP version, after I gave the client a list of templates that I felt would work for their sector (and he choose yours). I’m finding it easy to work my way around!

It goes live on Tuesday, and I do have a number of questions, but I will start with an easy one:

1. Is there a shortcode to call the slider into a full width or post page?

Hi and thanks for the purchase, no it’s a built in slider – if you want a shortcode I suggest using soliloquy slider – free and awesome and supplies shortcodes.

Also for support please use:

Thank you.

Thanks for the quick response. The reason why I asked is that when I leave certain information blank in the theme options, it doesn’t seem to remove the area dedicated to e.g. message. So my thought was to use the alternative home page (which removes the ‘clients’ and ‘latest blog’ 1/2 page inserts) css out the message area and then add in the slider.

I will have a look at soliloquy slider, or I might hack the php file for the custom home page.

Thanks for the quick response, I will be back with more and use the link instead.

Hi Jonathan,

It’s me again, sorry. I have noticed that on my htc that the ‘menu selection’ drop disappears for just the home page.

I have conducted like for like comparisons with my test site and the Live version you have on Themeforest and it happens on there too.

I can provide a screenshot if you wish or open a ticket on

Client’s loving the look and well of the theme.



I think I’ve find out what the issue is. If you set the page template to ‘homepageDyanmicWithSlider’ the menu selection ‘section’ doesn’t appear on the mobile version (on a HTC anyway). If I set the home page to ‘Page-fullWidth’ is works, but I lose the slider. I will check other page templates and see if I can get it to work.

We actually remove the slider by design, we feel that when you get to a certain screen size the sliders become cumbersome for viewing. If you want to change this, you just need to open style.css and find this:
@media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .slider_wrapper { display:none; }
and just remove the :
.slider_wrapper { display:none; }

But that wouldn’t cause your select menu to disappear.

Also please use the dedicated support center here as this is not for support but is just a comment area:

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sirs,

Great theme, but I notice that when clicked the slider “left/right” or “the 4 bubble control nav”, the slides do not moved at all. in both chrome and firefox, even for your demo site.

can you please check and see


thanks for the reply. 1. I am using firefox 20.0.1 and chrome 26.0.1410.64m , and it works fine in IE 10.0.9200.16384. I am using sony s15 with windows 8 pro. do you mean by in ur browse, the slider on my website: is working fine?

also, I have another problems and questions too: 2. the accordion is not working fine.. can you please have a look?

3. in the home page with slider, is it possible that I do not display the blog at the right bottom of the page and display a accordion or some custom content?

thanks a lot!

Hi – no issues here at all sorry I cannot replicate your issue and no other users and buyers have reported this issue either.

I went to your page link and you do not have an accordion on that page – you will need to offer a link directly to a page in question but again there are no reported issues and the accordion script we use has been built in to all our themes and never an issue so it’s probably just a user error but until I can see it I cannot help.

As for the removal of sections – you will need to edit the php page template and remove those sections – we comment our code very well so finding and removing is simple for you.

Also please note this is a comment area only and not for support – support is offered via our dedicated support center here:



I just noticed the code in the home page for the accordion – looks like maybe you forgot to activate the tabs slides plugin which is needed and is in the instructions under plugins – please continue the conversation by opening a ticket at the support center where we can always assist better if you continue to have an issue.


Hey Jon,

How do I remove the top menu?

I’ve tried leaving the Top Menu Option blank in the Menus Segment but it starts to all every page in my site as the top menu.

Cheers, Deniece

Hi and thanks for the purchase, you would need to open header.php and delete all of the following:
<!-- Start of top wrapper --> <div id="top_wrapper"> <!-- Start of content wrapper --> <div class="content_wrapper"> <!-- Start of topsubmenu --> <div class="topsubmenu"> <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'topsub', ) ); ?> </div><!-- End of topsubmenu --> <!-- Start of searchbox --> <div id="searchbox"> <!-- Start of search box --> <?php get_search_form(); ?> <!-- End of searchbox --> </div><!-- End of searchbox --> </div><!-- End of content wrapper --> <!-- Clear Fix --><div class="clear" /> </div><!-- End of top wrapper -->
But please remember doing this will also delete the search box from the header as well.


alright, i can always put the search bar in the sidebars right?

As it’s a standard WordPress widget and you have widget areas yes you can have in any registered widget area.


i need to add a custome template beside fullwidth page, case study , etc …

how can i manually add another template? couldnt find any docu or tipps on the internet …


Hi – the WordPress codex site would be what you are possibly looking for:

Would this theme compatible with woocommerce? Any plan of adding eCommerce functionality to your theme?

I love your design chops..looked at your other themes and they all look delicious. Would love to have “events” index on this theme as you do with many of your themes. Any plan of this? Thanks.

Hi again – we really wanted to make this purely for white collar types of business based on a lot of years working with clients and didn’t want to over complicate the theme with things like events especially when there are a host of available plugins for something like this also – but we’ll keep your comment in mind for sure as we keep updating the theme over time.

Thanks again


Thanks for the reply. Keep up the awesome work!