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Hi Jonathan!

Awesome theme :) Before I purchase, I’m wondering if it’s possible to:

1) Make the blue navigation menu stick

2) Get the documentations before I purchase to see if I can create what I have in my head?

P/s. Love your Guternberg theme as well. Would purchase that once I get over feeling guilty about purchasing a theme just a month back and replacing it with yours haha.

:) Thanks for the kind comments. You can make the menu sticky just by adding CSS, but unfortunately we don’t provide the documentation prior to purchase.


Hi Jonathan, can you please tell me how to make the home page slider scroll automatically?

You would need to edit the js file. It’s in the /js directory, open flex slider-min.js (I believe that is the full name) and scroll all the way down to the bottom and change slideShow from false to true but it will change the other 2 sliders on that page as well and make them auto slide as well.

Perfect! Thanks for the prompt reply. P.S Best looking theme on here by far!

Thank you for the kind comments! :)

I have some questions before I buy this cool theme.

1, I have wordpress 3.5.1. version.. Is your theme compatible with it? (I don’t know if wordpress 3.5 is enough)??

2, I need a slide show which changes the pictures from itself (circa 4 seconds). Can i do this anyhow? Do you have a kind of settings for this?

3, I would like to make the home site, with a blog right sidebar.. is this possible with keeping the slide show?


Hi and thanks for the questions – here are some answers:

1- yes fully compatible

2- yes we can assist with the settings if you decide to purchase

3- you can use a right sidebar page and set this as your home and use the slider shortcode but then you would not get any dynamic info on the home but rather your content

I hope that answers everything for you


Hi Jonathan – lovely theme! Quick Query whenever I create a call to action button as detailed in the documentation -

it comes out good. after doing a refresh, there appears to be like a line stricking across the word. I have shared the screenshot through this link –

Please advice on how I could get that fixed. FYI – I have not touched/modified CSS or anything else with the theme. PS – I have rechecked on the wordpress page editor if any such marking was prevalent and there was no such thing. This is happening on every page,post that’s created. Thanks.

Hi and many thanks for the purchase and I’m very happy you are enjoying the theme – I will need to see your actual site to be able to assist I’m afraid – however I can confirm this is not part of the theme and so it is no doubt a plugin that is sharing a generic class (which it shouldn’t do) therefore causing all your links to have this – I would try deactivating any extra plugins to find the one in question – if you open a ticket I can probably tell you the exact plugin or issue with a link to your site please:


Hi Jonathan, thanks for your reply. I followed your advice and disabled a certain plugin and everything was working fine again. Thanks for your help with the TS!

No problem, glad everything worked out :)

Thanks for this theme jonathan. ive been looking fr a flat ui design and this is really smart! just a few things tho. how do i remove the top menu in the black bar and can i reposition the search bar on the right next to the logo, second any plans to add rel=prev or rel=next to the pagination so google can follow it correctly without creating canonical urls and finally how about an author profile section to plug into google authorship and other microformats?

keep up the good work

Hi and thanks for your purchase, customizations are not part of support I’m afraid, but if you submit a ticket through so we can provide screen shots on what you need to do to remove the top menu. As for changing the pagination, no, we have no plans to do this.


any idea where it lives in the theme structure… im having problems hunting it down

Hi they are in header.php


Hello. Great theme. The uploader for staff head shots is not functioning. Anyone else had this issue?

Can you link to the mention on the WordPress site? Is there a workaround?

As previously mentioned, you would need to go to and use the account you purchased our files with so we can provide assistance.


Guess I’ll have to wait ‘till tomorrow. Need to get the number from my boss. Thanks anyways for now.


Somehow im not able to use the to display html code in on a page? It just directly formats the code into html on the page view

Hi and thanks for the purchase, please use and open a ticket. Please remember to supply a link to your sir.


Hello, this is a pre-purchase question: -Is there a portfolio as well, or is the portfolio the ‘case study’ section in the demo? -What is the maximum amount of entries that can be placed in the portfolio/case study section? -Is pagination the only option for sorting portfolio entries or is there also an ajax filtering option? -Lastly, is it possible to create separate portfolios/case studies? I am in need to display different portfolios that are completely distinct from each other. I would appreciate your time and answers before I purchase. Thanks, GREAT looking and feeling theme!

Hi and thanks for your interest, the case studies section is the portfolio and it is unlimited. However, there is no sortable feature or categorizing feature. It’s easy enough to add a way to categorize and one you purchase, if you open a ticket at, I’m sure my developer would be more than happy to pass you the code needed for this.


Will I be able to have each section its own color? For example you have Blue in the top section and Rose in the footer. Is it possible to alternate for colors in the middle sections? In the demo, these are all on a white background with a divider line. I would like to use a number of colors throughout the design.


Unfortunately not sorry – not without heavy modification could you swap out different colors for different div containers for different WordPress page templates – from a usability point of view we wouldn’t build something like that I’m afraid.


I have my purchase information (license number) but don’t have documentation. Where can I find it?

Hi, you need to login to Themeforest with the account you purchased my files with. Support is only provided to verified purchases.


Hi how can i create the blog page just like the priview theme? By default the blog page is empty. Thank you

Hi, you would need to need to log into Themeforest with the account you purchased our files with, support is only provided to verified purchases.


It appears you opened a ticket on ticksy with your verification? I’ve answered this question for you there.


Is is easy to make the case study section show only the smaller thumbs? Would like to use this as a clients section, but don’t want the large image.

Otherwise is there no gallery or client functionality planned in the future?

Hi – not entirely sure I understand the question sorry – we show the latest added case study CPT image at the top of the page and the next 3 under it as thumbs – each can be clicked to go through to a single page for that case study (or project or whatever you wish to call it) – you could alter the php to tell it to change the size of the first image and change the count to have an even number of items per page – this is set via WordPress settings > Reading # of blog posts.

As for this question:

“Otherwise is there no gallery or client functionality planned in the future?”

We already have this section – ‘Case studies’ can be used for either of those quite happily.


Thanks Jonothan,

That’s what I was aiming for – instead of a big pic and 3 thumbs, I’d rather have two rows of 3.

Yup all possible by altering the php loops in the template file – thx!


I’ve a question being buying it.

The homepage is customized with shortcode or widgets?

Regards, Mai

Hi, I’m not seeing a purchased tag beside your name, support is only provided to verified purchases.


I’m asking only. Because that is required for me to consider whether buy or not.

Kind regards, Mai

The homepage is 2 different templates, the one template dynamically pulls in the slider images, a message area from the theme options, your content and then another slider loop for case studies and blog. Your content is laid out however you want (with or without shortcodes). The other homepage template uses the featured image of the page, the message area from theme options and your content.

Hope that helps.


is it possible to receive the documentation for the theme, i dont see how your getting the social icons to appear on the bottom or if there are short methods i could use to create the content.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – you should download the Main File(s) from your download – you’ll need everything it contains – many thanks!


Hi Do you know why font Open Sans doesn’t work after change to “subset=latin,latin-ext”? I need Polish characters :/

After change:


Hi, it could be that the Open Sans font using the google URL does not support the subset. You may need to do a search in google to find out for sure and see if anyone has come up with a solution.

Google says that Open Sans is working with this subset :/

You may need to go to google fonts and CHOOSE all the characters you want in the available pack then get the new URL for the font stack from google to place in functions.php but I’m not sure if you will need to change anything else in the header.php to accept latin characters.

Hi Jonathan, I would like to make my slide show auto rotating, and I saw your instructions, but I don’t know where the js directory is. Please help me. Thank you.

Hi, if you can submit your question via – I can send you a screen shot of where it’s located, but the file that you uploaded to WP – there’s a folder in there called js and that’s where the flex slider js file is.


For the static image on the home page – can you set the height to something shorter?

There is no height restriction, so it would just be the height of the image that you upload.

Hi -

In which file does this theme register its sidebars?


theme-options.php inside the includes folder of the theme.



Hi, The Creativ Social plugin that you recommend does not seem to be available on Wordpress. Do you still recommend this plugin or is there another one? Thanks.

UPDATE: Hi again, I found the plugin in the install files. Thx.

No worries, glad you got everything sorted. :)


No problem! :)