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Having trouble uploading images to the staff section? Have made all images the correct size 310px X 400px and are small files?

Each time I upload them they upload to the media library but will not insert into post…. Every time you select to insert into post it goes to a blank screen and will not upload the head screenshot in the wordpress staff members section or any other images in this section?

Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hi, we actually have a FAQ created for this on here :

Hi there,

Is there a particular Twitter widget that you recommend if we wish to add a Twitter feed to the footer?

Thanks for a great theme!

Not at the moment as many have broken again as Twitter changed things in their API again the other week and broke many – I would just try and find one that is currently working and read the reviews / feedback and support for the plugin to see what others are saying.


Please be aware that the beginning head tag is missing from this theme which will cause major SEO issues if not added.

Hi – not sure what you mean, we have a closing and opening head tag or your page would be completely broken – title of the page is registered also. For SEO I recommend using one of the very popular SEO plugins for any WordPress site, also ensure you are using pretty URL’s via your permalinks settings provided in the documentation.



when viewing our page built with this theme on a smartphone, the home static image (alternative home) is not showing. Is this right?

If yes, how can we change the colour of the bar between primary menu and rest of the page?

Hi – for color alterations try using firebug in firefox and select the element and it will give you the exact line number in the style.css

Yes we remove the image on smart phones – many thanks!


Thanks for your response. Now I want to have menu item ‘News’ which will open the ‘Blog’ overview like you have in your demo. How do I set up this blog overview page, where it shows all the news items? I can’t get this Menu Item ‘News’ to show overview of blog items.

Hi – please open a ticket at so we can send you a screen shot to help answer your question.

Hello i cannot add slider. The image posted appears like post. I use addslider option. Another questions is about (Creativ Social Settings | Desativar | Editar)social media icons, the icons dont appear at footer just a link. plugin is activated Thanks

Hi – please note this is a comment area and not the support center – support is provided (as per the item description and your documentation) here:

The slider issue sounds like you are not either using the slider custom post type, or the wrong page template for the home page with slider. However we don’t have an ‘add slider option’ not sure what you mean by that.

As for icons not showing, if you have added proper links then it sounds like an issue with either your plugin upload (missing images) or something with your hosting and file permissions. Either that or your host is someone like go daddy or other low cost hosting and they do not provide support for SVG images, in that case you should contact them and ask to place support for SVG as it’s a common setting they should have in place and can be simply added to your htaccess file.

Please respond by using the support center by opening a ticket and then supplying a link to your live website, including specific pages where your issue is present.

Thank you


I am setting up an example for a client – so this is very much in mid-design. One problem I have run across is the ‘sitemap’ template.

When I use this, I get an error:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in ..../wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php on line 185


That’s very strange as we’ve never had this before. Have you altered the sitemap page at all? Can you go to, create a ticket and provide this link and the WP admin login details so we can take a look please?


I opened up class-walker-wp.php and found this on line 174:

function walk( $elements, $max_depth) {

$args = array_slice(func_get_args(), 2);
$output = '';
if ($max_depth < -1) //invalid parameter
    return $output;

I altered the copy thus and now it works:

if ($max_depth < 1) //invalid parameter
    return $output;

Well at least you got it working, still does make any sense why you had to alter anything as we’ve never had this before.

I know its not listed as a feature but I thought it would be worth asking … Is this theme WooCommerce compilable? Thanks

It should work fine – obviously you would need to style things to match as we don’t have that baked in to the theme.

ah, that’s what I though … just hoping! thanks for the quick reply. c

Nice looking theme, love the colors. I’m worried I see lots of comments that have issues with the code though. Worried about what’s under the hood to be honest.

Hi, and thanks for the interest. Not entirely sure what ‘issues’ you are referring to, but if you have specific questions, we would be happy to answer them for you.


Hi, would it be safe to upgrade to Wordpress Version 3.6 while using this theme?

Hi – I don’t have that issue – the number drops below the menu right at the correct breakpoint in the media query inside your style.css – you can alter that viewport pixel size if it’s not quite for your particular device but out of the box it’s fine.


hi.. try to check in screen resolution of below 420px and you will see… I saw the same on your demo website just by resizing my chrome browser window to a smaller size.

As I said it’s already tested by myself and Envato and all the buyers. It looks just fine at 320px here, also you must remember that altering your browser is not the correct way of looking at a responsive site – you should check in the device itself.

We fully test all our themes and as I mentioned you are more than welcome to alter that single line (actually a single number) in the style.css media query to change the value if you find it not to your specific liking – we can help with that if you would like.

I would show you a screen shot but that’s hard here in an item comment but can certainly work with you on the support center.


Hello Jonathan,

I see someone else asked about having 2 or more staff pages. How easy would it be to create another custom post (e.g. Staff 2)

I copied template-staff.php & single-staff.php and changed all reference to staff to staff2 but keeping the css reference the same.

Looking at the functions, I did the same for the staff post type and changed staff to staff2. This is about as far as I can get then I am stuck.

I am sure I am on the right track.

Any tips very welcome

Cheers Richard

Hi and thanks for the purchase, but it sounds like you know what you’re doing, that would be all I would suggest, just copy everything and rename it – don’t forget to rename the actual template at the top of the Staff Template Page or WP will get confused as to which template to display.

Hello! How can I make accordions like in html version? When one accrodion open other is closed.

Can’t find it in documentation. Is it possible?

Hi – that’s the actually the HTML version not the WordPress version – that on the HTML is actually called a toggle – the provided plugin for WordPress does not support toggles but you could certainly look and install one.




And what you think about it? rel=”animal-highlander”

Hi – your link doesn’t work but you can try any plugin free or paid to achieve what you want for sure.


When the main nav collapses on mobile how can I show the page hierarchy (sub pages). Typically the menu would be something like this on an iPhone or Android scrolling menu

Parent Page<br /> - Child Page<br /> - Child Page<br /> -- Grandchild page<br /> - Child page<br /> Parent Page<br /> Parent Page<br />

Using hyphens to delineate the hierarchy… Please advise.

You will need to open a ticket at and we can have someone look into a possible solution for you.

Hi, Great theme.

On the Career Opportunities template/ page a small text box appears on the right hand side of the page. How do I make this go away and try to select a full-width page template?

FYI- I changed the page setting from Default to Full-Wide Page and the box is still appearing.

Thank you.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I found the text widget no problem. I guess I will modify the text for now. Otherwise it looks like I will have to modify the code to get rid of right sidebar text widget on the careers page?

Yes absolutely – you can rip out the sidebar call and use the correct div classes for your content to span 100% width (looking at the full width template would get you what you need) – just simple coding / customization to your specific requirements :)


Perfect, thanks!

Hi again,

I’ve been trying to add Google Webmaster Tools meta to the site and despite trying several SEO plugins I am not able to verify the site.

I know it’s not the plugin as the same plugins have worked fine on other themes, and I am now wondering if it’s an issue with the theme.

Do you have any advice/ recommendations as to how one might successfully verify Webmaster Tools using your theme?

Thank you.

Hi, no it’s nothing to do with the theme. Did you enter the code supplied by google in the space provided in the admin so the tracking cod is automatically injected to each page for you? No need for any plugin at all – we detail it in your documentation also.


Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I believe your theme only allows for Google Analytics tracking code to be entered via the theme options (which has worked fine for me).

I am talking about Google Webmaster tools- the metatag information that must be added just above the head section, just before the first body section of the homepage in order to verify the site with Google.

Is there a place within the theme to add this code? I did not see it anywhere?


No you need to add to the header.php file.

Hi Jonathon,

I seem to have a big problem. The Case Study pages were working fine and then I upgraded to Wordpress 3.6 and now if you click on the case study you get an Error 404 message.

Can you tell me what is going on?


Try re-saving your permalinks by the sounds of it.

You can always open a ticket at the support center also with more details, links and admin login etc.


That seems to have worked. Thanks.

Hi Jonathan

I’m looking to purchase but firstly would like to know what the tables look like in the theme. Not pricing but just standard tables as the site i’m building has lots of them.

Ta Richard

Hey Richard, they would be WordPress standard – we don’t style tables in any way whatsoever, apart from pricing tables that is a plugin as it should be.

Many thanks


Great thanks Jonathan

No problem – thanks for the question.


Hi Jonathan,

Can the home page slider be automated to change images automatically?

Thanks T

Yes, you can edit the flexslider js file located in the /js directory and change the slideShow from false to true, but this will automate all 3 slider areas on the homepage (top, case studies and blog).


Seems the default Blog page is empty? I have tried 3 fresh installs and nothing shows.

Hi and thanks for the purchase.

Did you set your reading settings for your blog as per the instructions? If you have posts they will automatically display on the template as it’s a WordPress core function, not a theme function, but if you don’t set your reading settings to tell WP then it doesn’t know.

If you need specific assistance then please use the support center link in your documentation (here it is for convenience) – however, please supply a link to your live page you are having difficulties with, so we may see what you see ;)


How ca I change colors of the theme? like the blue background? or change the whole bg with another jpeg? Does it have to be via CSS? no color picker on the theme settings? If its CSS tell me where, and which styles thanxs

Hi – yes you alter the style.css – if you use firebug in firefox browser it becomes very simple – you can select an item or div etc on the page and see it’s styling and alter in the browser to test your changes before committing to the style.css. Alternatively open style.css in your editor of choice and simply search and replace the blue color ref for your own – takes 2 seconds :)

We don’t use jpg for backgrounds as it’s a flat design, this doesn’t mean you couldn’t do this by editing the css to change background color to background-image and input your img url as normal.

Please note this is a comment area and not the support center – please direct questions to our support center as per your documentation you received and also on the item description page we offer a link – here it is:

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan,

Hope my comment/message finds you well. Quick questions:

1. How can I add a retina enabled logo graphic (masthead logo)? 2. Is there any way the slider can remain visible when in responsive mode (iPhone for example)?

Here’s my site:

I am glad to read your prompt responses.

Hi :)

to make the slider show on smaller screens you will need to alter the css in the style.css in the media queries and remove the display: none. You may need to tweak the css for your smaller viewports at that point.

As for the retina logo, you can simply upload another version of your logo twice the size and name it exactly the same as your original logo, just place @2x at the end – so for example

Original Image: logo.png

Retina image (twice the size): logo@2x.png

The JS looks for @2x images when on a retina device.

Many thanks



Thanks for your prompt reply. I will probably have a developer take care of the sliders when in responsive mode.

I tried uploading a new image with the ”@2x” and it didn’t seem to work when on a retina device.

Also, is there any way the slides can move automatically?

Yes, you just have to edit the flexslider js file inside the /js directory – scroll all the way to the bottom and where is says slideShow false – just change it to true