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Quick pre purchase question – is it possible to add video within the slider on the main page?

Is the main page modular? So we can add/remove and rearrange sections on it easily?


Hi, they are specific coded loops to bring in your content on each via the settings in the admin panel (see screenshots) – testimonials and tweets should be using a plugin so you can place them anywhere in sidebars, page content etc. many free ones available for this however :)


So basically those two have to be for blog and case study then, we cant change them to a different section? Thanks

Yes, exactly – just as I said above they are coded loops- if you are used to editing WordPress themes then changing the loop to something else shouldn’t prove an issue either.

Many thanks


Any chance of WooCommerce integration? Fabulous, beautiful work.

I know that after Swiss (and thanks for the kind comments btw – yes currently coding / tweaking and testing) we are looking to create another business theme and I think we will possibly look at woocommerce integration maybe for that one – I don’t think Swiss is really the right kind of theme for commerce, but then again if enough people request, then I’ll certain look in to it :) Swiss is really an agency / creative / portfolio and blog theme rather than something like a standard biz or ecommerce site – but all interesting things to consider.


Not to overload you with suggestions, but I’d love to see what you would do with a newspaper/magazine, also. On Swiss, I think you’re right. It’s just such a beautiful aesthetic, and I think it would be interesting to see a robust WooCommerce theme built on this flat, minimalist style. I’ll keep watching out for your work. Thanks for replying

Another theme idea I’ve thought about tackling also – stay tuned.

I am only using 3-4 items in the navigation. I would like to move the nav buttons all the way to the right (instead of them being on the left) so you just have the nav then immediate the phone number area – is this possible?

Sent you a reply to direct message – please check soon as you get a chance. Thanks!

Yup, received it and will be sending a reply to you today :)

Great, thank you.


Is this theme shopping-cart compatible? For example Woo Commerce?


You can certainly add woocommerce but it’s not styled for the theme just the default style they provide you with the plugin.

I see. Thanks a lot!


Is this theme shopping-cart compatible? For example Woo Commerce?


Duplicate post see below.

Thank you!

Can the slider support a self hosted video? I have it working now with Vimeo/Youtube but was wondering if this is an option if so how it can be done.


I don’t see a reason why not – it simply calls the_content but I haven’t personally tried it.

How can I completely remove the case studies and latest blog blocks that are at the bottom of the page?


Hi – you would edited the template php and remove the blocks of code (we comment all our code) for those dynamic areas – either that or use a different template when creating your page so you can use and lay it out how you wish.


Got it – thanks!

Hi there,

Firstly, great theme! Loving the clean, flat colour design!

I seem to be having an issue with the toggles shortcode – which used to work perfectly but then all of sudden stop displaying correctly. It now shows all the text with the shortcodes on the front end of the site. Here is the link of the page where I have used them, if you can help me out in identifying best course of action:

Thanks in advance! :)


Have you updated the theme? We’ve removed that styling (based on a plugin) and are now using the cr3ativ shortcodes plugin for these things?

For some reason whenever I go into appearance – theme options the setup on the right repopulates info I have removed previously.

For example, I remove the phone number area to leave it blank and save. But I if I go back to the theme options to change something else and save, the number is back.


Hi – are you possibly trying to not enter a value – i.e. blank it out? We have a default value setup for a base for users so you just have to replace the default value with your own. If that’s the case and you wish to have it blank, then you’ll need to open a ticket at the support center please.

many thanks


wondeful theme

missing woocommerce

Where do i find the pricing tables ?

Hi – thanks for the comment.

As per the item description, and category, it’s really a white-collar business based theme, not e-commerce.

However saying that there may be an update coming out that has support for woo commerce ;)

Pricing tables are supplied by the pricing tables plugin – see your documentation for plugin links – styling is already in the theme :)

The blog post on the home page is showing the full post instead of showing a summary and a “read more” link. How do i fox this?

You should use the more tag in WordPress to display an excerpt – this is outlined in the documentation for you page 25.

Please note this is the comments area and not for support, support is offered through our dedicated support center, there’s a link in your documentation, the item description page, the support tab and also on my profile page – here’s a handy link for you:

Thanks again.


HI Jonathan, I have just purchased but the download is missing the PDF help file and importable XML data like you have in the live preview. Is there somewhere else I should go to retrieve this? Thanks

I have the images, .DS Store and WP file

OK it looks like a different technical problem caused this. I have the whole package now. Thanks for your response.

no worries :)

Hello! Nice theme!

How do scripts attached to the web-site? Don’t you know which of them are using ‘click’ listeners and returns false? Because we are trying to make our yoube video change on image on click event, and listener doesn’t work in templates , but works perfectly on clean web-page

I’m sorry – I’m not following? If you need assistance you need to follow the instructions in your documentation – we provide a link to our Support Center ( What you are doing is customizing the theme, that is not covered by support. We code our themes to Themeforest and WordPress standards.

Where in standard theme scripts are connected to the templates?

Inside the theme directory is a directory called Functions, inside there is theme-scripts. This is where all the scripts are called. Specific script settings are called from footer.php

Hello, just wondering if I can get the link to the social icons to open in a new window?

You could but if you are using the shortcodes plugin that we recommend for the social icons, you would have to customize the pluginin order to do this. Customizations are not part of support I’m afraid.

Everytime I try to upload the theme zip file, it get’s to 100% then gives a failure notice that says, “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” With no options other than clicking “Please try again” which takes you back to the upload page.

Greetings and thanks for the purchase – It sounds like you are not unzipping your download and following the instructions – your main download contains many many items including photoshop files, help files and PDF and then also the actual theme.

Also – please note this is not the support area – that is listed in your help docs, the item page, the support tab and my profile page – here also is a link for you:

Many thanks


I got it worked out. Thanks!

Excellent news – if you need any assistance or clarifications please don’t hesitate to open a ticket at the support center.



Couldn’t find the purchase code to login to support, its not on the invoice?

I am trying to set up the menus on this theme and am having difficulty.

I have tried to set up one menu and then set it to the primary menu and save and then nothing appears. I do this through the appearance/customize and the appearance/menu section in the dashboard.

Any tips?


Hi – following the documentation menus section should get you up and running without issues. We detail each step for you.

The license number is available in your downloads page – click the drop down and you will download a license text document that contains your license number.

The front page of the support center has a link explaining how to obtain your license number also – here’s a link to the support center:

Direct link to the license question from that page:

Here’s a link to the documentation menu section also:

Just make sure you are naming your menus as per the instructions.

If you have further questions please feel free to open a ticket.


Yes ive seen documentation menus thats what i was doing, the menu setup just isnt saving or being applied.

Hi J, please open up a ticket and provide your WP login details so we can have a look.

Hi, thanks for this great theme. I have a question about the case-study page. I managed to show every case on one page (without pagination) and now I want the big picture to dissapear. I want all the case studies to be the same size. If I remove the php-line for the big image, the whole case dissapears instead of showing up in the overview.

Is this possible?

Hi, yes it’s possible, could you please open a ticket at so we can attach screen shots etc to show you how to achieve this?

Will do!

Pre-Purchase Question: I see in the demo version of the site there is a “Client Login” link. What can that be used for? Can clients/members have their own profile on the site?

That is there as a style element for those wishing to use one of the many free or paid user management plugins so you can hide content from regular non-logged in users. You can use it for whatever you wish however.


Hi, Does this theme support RTL layout?

No sorry.


Can you please tell me why all shortcodes don’t seem to work since recently updating to latest Theme and WP version? Thanks

Hi – we explain this in the documentation. New TF requirements (at the time) that shortcodes need to be in a plugin

OK got it thanks for quick reply

no worries