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Really nice, great work! :)

Thanks :)

Previous theme

We have the directory portal theme & import plugin. Is front end posting & deals planned for that theme? if not can whats in this theme be intergrated?

This theme

Is it possible to make this theme boxed layout as previous with background? Wanting previous colour schemes. is this possible?

I can see there are 2 search field a) on the home page (the boxed form b) the search bar on individual pages.

Can option (b) be used as search on all pages & home.

Can the menu not have round buttons? Thankyou

Thanks for your message. Business finder theme has wide layout only. You can change colors no problem, you can do all changes via admin panel. You can use (b) on all pages, we can help you with that on our support forum. Regarding square buttons, that’s possible to turn off in Custom CSS. Thanks.

Hi I love the work at AIT. I’ve been keeping an eye on your developments in the Directory channel themes as I have a great idea for its implementation. I like what you are doing with this new one but like with Directory I found the search fields too small (mobile wise) when shrunk down responsively. This real estate one for example is much more solid in that respect: Even more so been waiting for a ‘send directions’ to gmaps button that grabs GPS from the viewers browser first like this one: You might like to know that viewing Business Finder on my iPhone 4s safari I get a right column of wide space (around 20% of width) to so the responsive layout needs looking at, at least on that device. No disrespect at all to you guys! Like I said, fantastic work, I’m just really holding back for the directory style theme with solid responsiveness and a GPS directions button on listings I’ve been looking for and was hoping this new release would be it. I asked on the comments of Directory a while back if anyone would be open to private hire for development to my needs but was told no. The offer still stands if anyone at AIT is interested :) thanks and keep up the good work! Dan

You can send me PM via form on our profile page. Thanks. this page? If so the email box doesn’t allow attachments

Just send me a message and I’ll get in touch with you. Thanks.

A shame that you use your complex framework… And your support doesn’t answer our issues. But the theme is cool, shame shame…

We work Monday to Friday only usually during office hours. We’re based on Europe, CET time applies. We’re going through all support questions that accumulated during the weekend. You should get an answer soon. Thanks.


- Is it only possible to create site in another language through the WPML Translation Plugin? I use qTranslate.

- Did Business Finder come with .po/.mo files ready to be translated?

- Is it possible insert shortcodes (Button link) in Business Finder pages (for example: insert a Button link in Restaurant Olive Garden page).


Thanks for your message. Theme fully supports WPML plugin, we haven’t tested it with qTranslate. PO file is included. There are Buttons shortcodes you can use no problem.


Cheers :)

Once Again Beautiful Theme :)
Good Luck Dude.

Thank you :)

Cool Yelp theme.

Thanks ;)

Hi, great work – I can install the template in my directory theme wordpress site and it will work?

So, I will buy :-)

Yes you can upgrade to Business finder and won’t loose any items/categories/locations :) Thanks.

Great work. Wonderful options for user input. Wish you the best with sales :)


Thank you :)

Hi, I purchased the previous theme directory, it seems more elegant, before buying I opened the issue with iphone and does not fit perfettametne the heder and below, also rotating the screen does not happen. Solve? greetings

I’ve forwarded your message to our support staff, they’ll have a look at it. Thanks.

The toggle for the map (for touch-moving on mobile devices) is hidden behind the search widget. Any chance this could get fixed?

You can barely see it sticking out to the right on an iPad which is how we knew to look for it.

Thanks for spotting that, we’ll fix it today and release an update :)

Hi, Great theme! Wish you the best with sales.

Im planning to develop an web and mobile (app) directory. This can save a great amount of work. I have some doubts, 1. Is there an easy way to extract business categories and venue information from the wordpress tables? 2. Are the directory venues saved on wp_posts table or are they saved on another external table?


Thanks for your message. Everything is done “Wordpress way”, items are custom post types, and so on :)

Looks very very very nice.

But it looks so narrow on 1920×1080 … Any chance of getting a wider layout?

Of course, and I like it too.

But emotions aside, on higher resolutions it is narrow and since higher resolutions are gaining market share … since responsive design allows it, it would be nice having the choice ;)

but if it’s just a matter of changing 1 css rule, that’s a good compromise :)

Sorry it’s not a question of one css rule, you’ll need to change few other things as well. Thanks.

The themes has a great visual appeal.

1. Any plans for responsive design? 2. Can users submit listing?


Just to clarify the events will be constantly updated so its not static like contact information. There will be multiple events.

Ok just found the document at your website. So figured out the Alternative content thing. But in the Account Section the screenshot doesn’t show “Special Offers” as an option to be included or not in the payment plan.

So phone number could be a payment plan option, in the same way I think the special offers are much more important factor for payment options.

You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

Item fields can be configured per package, we can help you with that on our support forum. Thanks.

Awesome theme! Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Hi there, nice theme, but as for previous theme, it’s a shame that we can not ad extra fields and specially theme don’t have a real photo gallery for listings.

You must pretty much understand that a business willing to pay for a listing do want to have more than one little tiny photo on their listing.

Still nice work and design, concerning the “Full” translation possible, i think it is a dream to any wordpress based plugin, i have used over 50 themes for client projects, and was never able to have them fully translated with .po files without having to search for some strings which stay here and there hard coded on php…

Thanks for your message. You can add more custom fields pretty easily. Please check the following gallery for more details:

Regarding translations, theme supports WPML plugin, PO file is also included. Thanks.

Thanks for reply, but you should really consider including a real photo gallery for listings.

That’s a good idea, we can put that on our todo list. Thanks.

Does this theme have full front end registration for clients without them going into the admin area at all … that was the main flaw of the directory theme which I have … cant see many differences with this one…. certainly not as good as another directory theme here.

Theme includes Easy admin that allows you to administer your listings on frontend-like administration. Please check more details on the following url:

Question, in the front end admin you list all categories… what is to stop a user from spamming the directory by selecting all categories… or can you restrict the number selected in the admin?

How are images uploaded, I can see the feature image link but I don’t know how this works … do they get access to the media folder if not does it just allow them to upload one image and not see or interfere with any others?

Users can select all categories, there’s no restriction. Media section is limited, users can see only their own images they uploaded. Thanks.

This is just awesome. Makes me think of starting a side project :)

Thanks ;)