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Can the colours be changed easily. can this template be used for hotels.

Yes you can change colors, images, backgrounds, and so on using admin panel. No problem. Thanks.

Thank you I will get it today.

Hi! Great theme. Is it possible to turn-on turn-off the ability for the user to write descriptions for his business, and to adjust how many pictures he can upload to illustrate his property?

Will there be support to show TripAdvisor ratings for a business selected? Maybe it is planned?

Are the user comments captcha-protected?

Thank you.

Thanks for your message. Yes you can turn off this feature.

Sorry we don’t do any custom design please contact a local web design with this trip advisor enquiry.

You can use a 3rd party plugin for captcha on comments. Thanks.

I love this new theme. I have used Directory for a client in the past and they are very happy. Are the fields customizable to make this into a “professional directory” for people vs. just businesses? I have a very large club that wants to make a member directory and they want a very visual style like yours provides.

Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

I actually did not need to customize the information on Directory – I just came across this. am I understanding correctly that I can customize all fields using the above link as a guide?

Yes exactly, no problems to extend the theme if you need to.

Amazing – thank you

There is a problem with responsive, no ?

Samsung galaxy S3 android

We’ll try to get somebody with Samsung galaxy s3 for testing. Thanks.

Hi, I´m from Argentina. Can I set Google Maps in Argentina on this theme?. Can I sell position to my client and position them on top of categories? Thanks Kind Regards

Hi, Thanks for your message. You can use this theme in any country Google Maps are available in. You can sell premium packages to your clients. Packages can be configured in the admin panel.

can you include the other color styles in the demo? I like the idea of this script/theme but the current style makes my eyes hurt

You can change all colors in the admin panel using colorpickers. Thanks.

hello, nice theme! for the search feature, can you search by zip code?

Sorry you cannot search by zip code, but you can put zip codes instead of locations and people will be able to search by zip code using the autocomplete dropdown. Thanks.

support on the forum is nonexistent, nobody responds

Sorry for that, I’ve forwarded your questions to our support staff, they’ll have a look at them asap. Thanks.

You please guy reply to the forum? We need support. Its good to reply here (to make people feel you are always active) but the forum is abandon. We should warn people before they buy! After sales support = average.

Sorry for that, I’ve forwarded your questions to our support staff, they’ll have a look at them asap. Thanks.

Can users add their own business or events listings?

Installation takes only few minutes, demo content is also included.

I purchased the theme but there is no documentation on how to install the theme? where can I find this?


You can find the documentation online on or offline in DOC folder in the main zip file.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


hi can i add more pictures (gallery) if will be needed by company like you build on touroperator site on single company view and can i make one picture instead map or street view also on single page about some company , thank you

Yes galleries are implemented, you can add more images no problem. Thanks.

i don’t see that in your picture in item admin panel in this theme but i see that in touroperator theme you have 10 images to add

You can upload 20 images to Business Finder item.

What’s the difference between Directory Portal WordPress Theme and Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme? Thanks.

Business finder theme includes the following additional featues:

  • Easy Login via menu button
  • Ability to change map color :)
  • Top rated items section
  • Newest items section
  • Special offers
  • Reviews section
  • Social icons on item detail page
  • Gallery on item detail page

Does this template have the subscriptions as well? Thank you

just show it in the demo, sorry i missed it :)

is there a way i can specifically target items on the home page with css? for example, footer display none, only home, or content only on the home page? Thanks.


Sorry this feature is not implemented.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


Hi I am currently looking into a few themes and have a few questions for this particular theme:

- for the geolocation, is there a way to set it as default to detect a user’s location (with their permission of course)

- for the geolocation search, the compass like icon at the start of the slider, which is to request for the user’s location, is there any other way to do it because the icon might not be intuitive

- for the ‘pins’ within Google Maps, it can get quite cluttered if there are too many listings within a small location. Is there a way to have something like what geotheme does whereby they are grouped into a pin, but expandable into individual pins when clicked upon?


Thanks for your message, please see my comments below:

- Geolocation support is implemented

- There’s no other icon by default, but you can change it if you like

- Item cluster is implemented, please try to zoom out on the map.

How the theme works with monthly payments? I say, for example, if I want to charge them monthly to keep their items at the website but I don`t want to remove their users, I want them to see that the item is not published at the website because is in need of a signature renew? And, how does the registration works? The user enters in the website, selects the plan and the registration is done after payment? Automatically? Thanks.

Theme supports WooCommerce, but payments for packages are not going through it.

Humm. OK. And I could make it go through a brazillian payment gateway easily, you think?

I suggest you to hire a local web developer for that job if you’re not good in PHP.

Issues people should be aware of before buying this theme:

1: Most importantly support is terrible, if you ask about anything that is not specifically a feature and would require knowledge of the themes code they will tell you it is not supported, if they even respond.

2: It is not at all user friendly. Anybody using the site to search will be overwhelmed at the amount of categories that flood the screen because the devs do not add a cascading hoverover effect to parent categories.

3: This theme is not compatible with BuddyPress or ANY other social addon, making it just another cookie cutter directory site.

4: This theme is entirely based on Kilometers, so is only good in Europe. Any attempts to convert it to miles results in the maps failing to work entirely. Support on this is also non-existent.

5: Users who end up on the home page will not see any markers on the map until they begin searching, as if there are no businesses listed in the radius set. This really defeats the purpose of enabling auto geolocation globally. There is no option to show all items on the map unless filtered by user search.

6: categories must be scrolled through when adding an item, there is no user friendly way to add multiple categories. Items will default to parent category map marker and icon, there is no support for subcategory markers and icons. There is also no ability to have nested subcategories without severely complicating user experience.

Overall, although this theme is amazing for its LAYOUT, its design is its only viable feature. Avoid this theme if you want a serious profitable directory. Until these issues are resolved it is only practical to a small niche directories in Europe who do not wish to offer lead generation as a reason to buy a listing.

Hello, you have great theme. congrats for nice work. I just have problem with this light background color you have selected for demo. It is too sharp and bothering me. I have the following questions and appreciate to receive your prompt reply as soon as possible: 1. Is it possible to change the colors in every parts of your theme? including background, edges, icons, keys, etc….

2. If I purchase your theme with regular license, then can i hide name of your company or editor from theme before launching on line? Because for security of my business model I prefer competitors will not learn about details. In this regard, I could not find any information from your terms.

3. By purchasing of this theme either with regular license or with full license for how long this purchase is valid and theme will belong to me? Or, simply do you sell your them just for one year contract? Or, when I purchase it then it is forever for me as single user?

4. Buy purchasing regular or full license, am I permitted to customize, add features and or delete some features of your theme according to my business plan by asking someone programmer to do it for me?

5. is it possible to create A-to-Z directory by which I can list companies and or products?

6. What is difference between this theme and directory theme? Which one is more advance?

I appreciate your time and respectfully looking forward to read your valuable answers. Thanks, Cheers

Please check our facebook page, there’s a showcase gallery. You can find some Directory or Business finder examples there.

I tried your facebook, but can’t find show cases and links to practical websites using your business finder and directory themes. I just see some photos or snapshots from the themes without giving links to customers sites. i appreciate if you can send me links. thanks.

Don’t have a list to be honest, but have a look at for example, that’s the most recent one we were discussing on our support forum and it’s finished.

Just want to check before we buy, can the home page be set up any way we want? In other words, without categories or business listings, or just categories, or just welcome text, etc.

Thanks so much.

You can full control over homepage, you can make it static and then display categories on internal page. Thanks.

Hello! Before buying I want to make an inquiry:

You can put it in the mail see the hotel an inquiry form, people see the hotel (photos, features, services, etc.) and visitors can submit a query through a form of mail addressed to the hotel? You can put the template in Spanish?

I hope news Atte. Mauricio

Hi, you can extend contact owner form with more fields in order to do that. Please also check our Tour Operator theme, it might be more suitable for you. All our themes support WPML plugin, you can translate them to any language. Thanks.