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great theme and nicely done. but missing a photo gallery. any chance of adding it. also can it work as multi language?

We will add in gallery to item detail and release an update. Theme is compatible with WPML plugin, you can use it in any language. Thanks.

Hi, I love to upgrade our Directory Theme to this latest Directory Listing theme with the improvements you are listing. I have one question; many of our members would like a ” Classified ” section. Is it possible you include a built plugiin in your next update ? Or can you recommend a Classified plugin for this theme ?

thank you very much.


Thanks for the message. What should classified section do? Feel free to send me a private message via our profile page.

I already have a theme template directory Is the new format transition work properly or required has been set content again?

You can switch to Business Finder no problem, you won’t loose your items/categories/locations :)


Great looking theme.

I am trying to login on your demo site to have a play with the submissions and user accounts functionality but it says that I dont have permission.

Is the Live Demo site not set-up in a way that lets me create a demo account?

Thanks for your message. Login to our demo is disabled, but you can have a look at the following gallery to see how admin panel looks for registered users:

Admin has the following options available:


As Directory Theme buyer, I have to say this is a great new design. I prefer this one, but there is one thing annoying me in both of them. When you use the theme in mobile version, when you go to Category or Location selection on mobile, the scroll on page don’t let you select the bottom ones of the scroll. It would be better to use the smartphone selector, because it will be easy to select the option you preffer. If you correct this, the theme searching would be perfect. Now it is not.

Thanks and good luck.


Hi Alex, we’ll play around with it in the phone and try to fix it. Thanks.

pre-sale request: the menu for the mobile version is not looking very nice! please fix it!

any update on this issue? i see the menu terrible from my iphone, ipad and even in the desktop browser windows when have an small size

also, what about the facebook comments? is there a way to monitor them and allow or disallow a comment?


We’ve released an update with some modifications to responsive css.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


Another great theme by Ait Thmes. I love using Directory and Ait Themes’ Ivan’s wonderful support. I also have pre-sale requests. It would be wonderful it can display discount deals by simply like It would be even better if it adds functions of groupbuying, but that can be too much of a request. My second request is adding a slider on the product page as restaurants and other venues featured on the website usually have multiple pictures to display. I marked the thumbnail area which I want to be improved.

Thanks for your message. We’ve implemented special offers for items. All item owners can add in one special item that is then displayed on the homepage and item detail page. You can also extend item fields if you like and implement your own unique features, please check the following url for more details: :)


Looks good.

A question though, the icons being used on the map. Is there any for health/message? Are there any list of what categories/icons which is inlcluded? I want to cover ALL kind of business of course.

Cheers, G

We’ve designed all these icons, PSD file is included that means you can create any icon you want :) Thanks.

Yes of course, Im not a good designer. Is there any icon for health/message created? Any list of all the current icons?


All icons are listed on our demo site. You can get a designer to design icons for you, no problem. Thanks.

Hi a pre-question sale! can the icons be unique ex using restaurant logo istead of a generic icon!

Locations can be set per category, by default you cannot set them per item. Thanks.

Hi there, I’d like to know how to integrate the Google map in homepage, do I have to buy a plugin? Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the message. You don’t need to purchase any plugin for that. It’s all integrated within our theme.

when is the front end support coming to the directory theme then? why make a new theme with loads more features and a nicer ‘place’ layout and no update the original theme :(

We will be releasing a big update to Directory theme soon, keep tuned :)

Hi there,

I got the directory theme and love that theme.

Just a question, if I change to this theme from directory will it also transport the users and their listings to the new theme with no problem including their passwords etc.?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your message. Yes you can switch to Business Finder theme no problem. All users, items, categories and locations will be kept.

Hello, just have some quick questions before I buy.

a) Could I change the size of the map on the homepage? b) Could I switch the map off and just have the search box? c) Could I swap the map for a London tube map? d) Could I change the colour of the map? e) Could I change the font of the website? f) Could I change the order that the listings appear? E.g. paid restaurant listings come up first when searched for


Hi, Thanks for your message. Please see my answers below:

a. Yes, no problem.

b. Yes, you can configure header per page.

c. You can use a static image or revolution slider instead.

d. Yes.

e. Not use admin panel, but using Custom CSS.

f. Yes that feature is implemented.


Most helpful! Thanks for your quick response. Can you just elaborate slightly further with c) Could I swap the map for a London tube map?

You answered: c. You can use a static image or revolution slider instead.

Could a tube map that worked like your current map e.g. clickable with icons highlighting where venues be possible?

Map won’t be clickable, you’ll need to custom build that feature. Thanks.

Hi, great template. We need multiple languages at frontend, it’s poosibe? e.g.

Thanks for your message. Theme is 100% compatible with WPML package, you can translate it to any language. PO file is also included.

Hello, great theme Presale question: is this theme only for restaurants or food or i can use for every shop (car, shop, industry…) whit icon adapted ? And is it compatible with wpml ?

Thank you

Icons are custom made for this website, but you can upload any icons you like via admin panel no problem. Thanks.

ok so i’m not interseted, i want to have a theme with icon in this, it’s always simple and beautifull and all whith good integration. Or can you sell me a beautyfull good pack of icon for business who i can integrated with no problem ? i wan’t to do a business and shop directory.

All icons we have are included in the theme. PSD file is also included you can extend that pack if you want. Thanks.

can you add CAPTCHA to forms for reviews, comments and contact us to prevent spam?

Thanks for your message. Comments are standard wordpress comments, I’m sure that there’s a 3rd party plugin for that. Regarding review, captcha is not implemented by default. Thanks.

Is there any discount for existing customers who recently bought the Directory theme but prefer this? I’ve had so many complaints with the frontend of Directory that this new theme seems to resolve. It would be nice to offer us an upgrade to this.

Thanks for the message. Sorry there’s no discount for existing customers.

Hello AIT I’m a big fan of your work , and I love this new theme and I would like to purchase it , but I have just a question . Is it possible to customize the search in the front page to make it like the one in Directory or at least change it’s position? because in my previous use of your theme I had to change the map in the front page with my own iframe and the position of the search was just perfect so is it possible to easily change the position ? Regards

I had a quick chat with developer, we’ll add in a checkbox for that in the admin panel :)

Awesome , Thank you so much. You’re the best

You’re welcome ;)

With the “big update” coming to directory theme, what would be the difference between both?

And can you search by zipcode?

Sorry this feature is not implemented. Thanks.

I just purchased this theme but I can’t upload the file to wordpress. It takes a long time to load, and then all it says is, “upload failed”

Please help me out Thanks


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

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