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Pre sale question… What is the main difference betweeen this theme and Directory theme? Is this one just a v2 (newer) of ‘Directory theme’, with new features.. or does it have really different features..

Business finder theme is based on Directory theme. It has a bit more features, you can see the full list on item description page here on themeforest. Thanks.

The theme design is very nice, but you can’t change anything in it, no shortcodes, you can’t create your own directory page, you can’t create special offers page, you can’t remove search box from the map, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t,.... I want to create a page to show all special offers, the support team responded “I am sorry, you can’t..” I want to create a page to list the categories of businesses, the support team responded “I am sorry, you can’t..”

really, what can I do other than changing the colors, changing the home page layout and the logo ??!!


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

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I would like to get a refund. I have tried to change the permalinks to something sensible like /city/category/business-name but it seems it’s not possible.

i’ve just gone trough the forums and am really disappointed that this doesn’t work.

Thanks for that, it might be useful to others as well.

How do I get support? I posted something in the forum but I would need to give over private details for you to login and look.

You can post everything to our support forum, our support staff will see all your hidden info you post there.

Thats not a support question, that was just an info for the people who wants to buy the theme so they are aware of


1. on your directory theme you have “REGISTER TO SUBMIT YOUR ITEMS” Where is this link/box on this theme? Shouldn’t it be on the home page or am I not looking in the right place?

2. Also, I think having a social/community feature would be great. If you cannot implement Buddypress do you have any future plans to implement the sharing/liking/following/friending feature that web440 mentioned above? I would like a feature where you can find out more about the user where they have their own page with photo, info, social media links and where you can do a user search.

3. Can you just upload a photo with no text/info?

4. Where did you get the icons or how did you create them? Can we get the vectors for this? How can we get/create our own ones that are not food/restaurant based?

5. Do you have themes/skins/colour palettes?

6. Is this a bug? When I click ‘view more’ on any of the listings nothing happens or it goes to the page for 1 sec and goes back to the summary pin view. (Mac 10.7.5/Firefox AND Chrome).

Thanks for your message. Please see my comments below:

1. Registration form is a widget, you can have it on the homepage no problem.

2. Sorry we don’t plan to implement such a features.

3. You can upload photo without description, you can also extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

4. Icons are custom made PSD file is included in the package.

5. You can configure everything easily using admin panel, there’s a set of colorpickers you can use to change theme look&feel.

6. Just tested it on mac and I can get to item detail no problem. Works find in safari, ff and also chrome.

Thanks for your reply. Answer to 7?

6. OK I figured out the problem. It does load but I did not see it as you need to scroll down. On mine it loads below and then jumps back up to the top (where the map and the pin is). Is it supposed to do this?

6. You can disable the map on item detail page if you don’t need it.

7. Many thanks for your message, unfortunately we don’t do any custom design or development work. Please contact a local web developer with this enquiry.

hi, we’re looking at this theme or the directory theme, both by you. My clients want users to have to register to be able to rate businesses, is this possible? On the directory demo there is a page to submit listing which walks people through paying to be able to add their listing. Does the business finder theme have that set up as well? the demo doesn’t show it.

Thanks for your message. Sorry this feature is not implemented that way. Anybody can rate businesses and then business/admin can approve ratings in the backend. Sorry we are already working on fix, something had to go wrong with changes we had to do during theme approval process.

Do you have same theme for Joomla ?

Sorry we only have Wordpress theme. Thanks.

This is a comment for all those who are asking about modifying the slug (url rewrite) for “items” (also known as businesses). This isn’t an option within the WordPress administrator, but you can manually adjust the slug using your favorite PHP editor; simply edit line #45 in dir-item.php. If you need customization help, reach out to me at here anytime.

Hi, how do I go about getting a refund for this?

I am completely dissatisfied with this theme.

I ran into issues that hours of googling couldn’t fix. I landed on your “support” forum and none of the suggestions worked. Don’t ask me what the problem was, I’d just like a complete refund and to no longer waste my time trying to figure this nonsense out.

Sorry to hear that. Please post your questions to our support forum, our developers will do their best to help you. Thanks.

I already found the same question someone posted on your support forum. I tried all suggestions and neither one of them worked.

I already put in a refund request with envato.

My host even tried to help out, but this is by far a theme issue.

Sorry this is definitely a hosting issue as content in this theme is imported using standard Wordpress import/export plugin. Please post more details to our support forum including login&password to your site. Our developers will help you.

Hi! I’m considering on purchasing this theme. I would like to know if it’s possible to remove the big map on top from the category pages, and if it’s possible to list all categories in one page.

Hi, Thanks for your message. You can remove the map. You have full control over categories and locations, you can configure them in the admin panel.


Is-it possible to have these URL Structure ? even with hardcoded solution or manualy fill the permalink field ?








I don’t ask by default,..

I ask if you or someone vho buy this theme succeed to do this in one way or another ?

is-it just possible for a developper by changing php files or something else to do this ?

No responses ?!

You can hire a web developer to change it of course. Thanks.

I posted this question on the support forum but no answer yet, so here is it again: the sender of the registration mail is my username in my hosting: , which has nothing to do with my directory website, so how can I change the name of the sender so that it matches with the name of my directory website? So that I get sth like that :


It’s not very encouraging what you are doing in the forum, how much time do I have to wait to get an answer??

Thanks for your message, I’ve forwarded it to our support staff. They’ll have a look at your question asap.


Great theme! I have my own map and was wondering if I can upload it and use markers on it? Do you have an example of how it would look if I used another map that isn’t Google Maps?

Thank you!

Sorry this is not possible by default, theme works only with Google Maps.

Hi!!! Can I reduce the size of the map or the static image on the homepage? Tks…

Sure, that’s no problem.

Hello. I have some questions / Statements.

1. I claimed an account and logged in to see how it looks like but there is no log out button, so now I can not login as admin again. Can you add a logout button?

2. Cant downgrade claimed accounts status… With the accout I created while I “Claimed” an Item I upgraded it. but there is no way to choose to downgrade if I want that. How do I cancel it? if they need to contact admin, can we add a note that says that atleast?

3. What is “alternative content” and what can a client use it for??

4. What is excerpt and what can a client use it for?

5. Can I make Featured item to be a part of a specific account as standard? or how can I sell the option to have A featured item that shows before others in search?

6. What is “homepage alternative content” and what am I supposed to use it for?

7. can I add that you must create an account to be able to put ratings`?

8. Can I change the order the different blocks shows on the item pages? for example, I would like their images, and content to come before map.

9. Can I add directions when browsed in mobile device?

Only admin can make items featured, items will be highlighted on the top of the list.

I dotn get any answer in your forum! Iv waited for a couple of hours now…

Our developers are going one by one through all questions. You’ll get an answer soon. Thanks.

Is it possible to have more than one location for one listing?

Yes you can assign more locations and more categories to one listing item. Thanks.

I would also like a refund. there are so many things wrong with this theme and I’ve wasted a whole week trying to get it to work.

Sorry to hear that, but there is no reported issue. Everything is usually hosting related. If you don’t want to post to our support forum our developers cannot help you.

This isn’t hosted related – that’s just your excuse!

1. Image resize doesn’t work correctly. You’ve asked me to change system files which will be over written when you update to a new version.

2. Clean permalinks don’t worth either. Nobody will want to run a website with /? in them.

3. Your support forum is full of un-answered questions.

This isn’t a hosting issue. I and others have problems with the software which doesn’t work the way it should.


BTW I have posted in your support forum and you haven’t resolved the issues!

Hello ait support,

great theme again. I only have 1 issue when i shrink the screen width to simulate Mobile view:

The menu section is getting reduced, what is fine and 2 buttons remain: - Login - Main Menu

Now the button Main Menu is not clickable, can you please provide me a code snippet which can solve the problem and make the responsive “Main Menu Button” work properly?

Thanks in advance and 4.8 start for the theme :) KR ipseo


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

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Hi, I would like to take off the search box title “Map search”

I already took some,

Thanks, Antoine


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

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AMAZING file ! So clean and sophisticated.

Out of interest how does the search function operate? For example if we only wanted to list service providers within the UK – the advanced search allows for country, region and address – therefore could it recognize or be configured to list results based on a users post code? Thanks

Thanks for your message. You have full control over locations and categories, you can create your own list manually or upload it using CSV to WP import script.

Brilliant thank you