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pre-purchase question: Would like to change not only the looks, but extend functionality with a child theme. Basically i would need more input boxes for different categories in the search form. Can one customise even the framework in the childtheme’s folder? I can do the coding myself but what if you update the theme later on? Will i loose my customized functionality?

Yes definitely, we highly recommend using child theme for any complex modification. You can find more information regarding child theme creation in our documentation and FAQ section on our website.


I noticed in several comments that Wordpress SEO from Yoast is compatible with this theme. How about the breadcrumbs? Is it possible to replace the default BC’s with the function from the SEO plugin?

We didn’t test that to be honest.

But is it possible to “unhook” the themes breadcrumbs? Or better if I use a childtheme, it should be possible to replace your function with BC function from Yoast

Pre-purchase question:

I need “Advance Search” functionality using custom fields and taxonomies as filters.

Ex: Searching for price, color, size, etc (defined as custom fields)

Is it possible to do it with your theme? Any other plugin I can integrate with yours to add this functionality

Thanks for your message. You cannot set it up via admin panel, but you can extend our theme to have this functionality. Lot of nice and handy features are already included. You can take our theme as a good base and build on top of that to create your own unique portal.

Is it possible to add a image tad inside a listing and add images of that business ? For eg for Ristorante Arte all the information is in one page. Is it possible to separate it as images, etc

You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:


How to update the categories and sub categories of the products? While searching from homepage we have search input box then, we have select category or sub category then we have location; and On Search results page the search box is changes from 3 column(left to right) to 3 row (top to bottom). will it be possible on Search results page the ‘search box’ should be as on homepage? My location preference regions will be India only so how should I change the location only with in India?

If you have map on the page, search is visible inside the map. If you have image on the page, search is visible on the top. You can however change this functionality if you want. Theme will work on any country, it zooms in automatically based on items placed on the map. Thanks.

Does this theme support and Googles rich snippets?

Sorry this is not supported. Thanks.

Hi, could you send me a working website with this theme?

You can find few websites on the following url: Alternatively on our support forum:

finally i have bought this theme. thanks for your support

Thank you for your purchase. If you’ll have any questions feel free to post to our support forum at

Pre purchase questions;

-What is the difference between Business finder theme and Directory theme? - Is it possible in the Business finder theme to not have the big square search box and instead show the search bar as in the directory theme? - are both themes adaptive or is one responsive? - is there sample listings/information to get started ? - are the icons included in the price of the theme?



Hi, Business Finder theme is based on Directory theme. It includes all features from Directory theme and additional new features. You can find a list on Business Finder description page here on themeforest. You can also have search shown above image. Themes are styled for desktop, tablet and mobile phones. Demo content is included in both themes. Icons are included including PSD file. Thanks.

When I try to add a question on support forum it asks me to select an item from the list even after selecting wordpress -> Business finder from dropdown list. Why is it still not allowing me to add a question.

Please scroll down to see possible answers to your question. If you won’t find any you can add a new question. Thanks.

Added a ticket to support last week regarding the bulk importer CSV which is not adding new locations when importing ITEMS.

It is adding all items, however it is not listing NEW locations for the items, only items which had previous locations already named are showing WITH locations, the others have NO LOCATIONS….


Thanks for your message. I’ve forwarded your message to our support staff, they’ll have a look at it asap.

All fixed, I did not see the ‘locations’ importer - Thanks for the quick help on the support forum!!

Can I disable search field for Category? If I just need “Search Keywords” and “Location”.

basically I consider between business finder and business directory. cant tell much different in functions beside its look. Can you tell me whats are unique parts for each? except looks.

Business Finder theme is based on Directory theme. It includes all features from Directory theme and additional new features. You can find a list on Business Finder description page here on themeforest.

ok cool thanks

Amazing work! This theme looks like it has a ton of features and great support. I am considering purchasing it and would like to know if it is possible to only show some categories as map markers and not others. For instance, if I have a directory category that has no location but should be included as a listing can I choose to make it not show?

Thanks for your message. If you don’t insert gps coordinates to the item, it won’t show on the map.


I have plans to build a website with your theme and beside the listings I like to post events using the blog. Does the theme offers different styles for the post formats? Or do you offer only one for the default post format?

I guess it’s possible to add tags to each listing. Is there an archive page for these tags available?

Is it possible to access some admin demo (a temp. login to a demo site is okay too)

I see the locations are not really taxonomies, but they are used to calculate/select listings based on the location. Is it possible to enable tags for the listings post type (using a child theme?)

or as an alternative is it possible to create archive pages for the locations?

You can make your modifications using child theme, that’s no problem.

Pre-purchase questions:

1. I want add a store with products for each listing… its possible? for example add woocommerce o what plugin? 2. The mobile version (touch screen) in homepage with map not is easy. i can modify map size, add a map active/desactive button? 3. I need add a PayU gateway payment, i can add? 4. i can add advertising ?


Hi, Thanks for your message. Please see my comments below:

1. You can install WooCommerce in this theme. You can also extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

2. Yes you can do your modifications in child theme.

3. Theme by default only supports Paypal payments, you can however extend the funcitonality.

4. Advertising spaces are already built in.

Pre-sale question: can you quote and make custom development if asked ?



Many thanks for your message, unfortunately we don’t do any custom design or development work. Please contact a local web developer with this enquiry.


The last new feature was added 6 months ago, and since that time all updates are just fixes. Is it obvious that this theme is not going to updated with new features soon? What would happen if buyers want to request new features?

Thanks for your message. All most requested features were already implemented. There’s always a feature that is important for one customer but not so much for another. Lot of nice and handy features are already included. You can take our theme as a good base and build on top of that to create your own unique portal.

is the theme support RTL languages

Sorry we don’t have experience with RTL. Thanks.

Amazing work! but will there be further theme development in the future ?

Thanks for your message. There are currently no features planned in the near future. What would you like to include in the future updates?

I would like you to include more Payment gateways like (moneybookers, 2checkout and bank payments..) and google adsense ad boxes

You can use advertising spaces for google adsense, that’s already implemented. We’ll try to think of something regarding more payment gateways, however I’m not sure how difficult it might be as we only have experience with Paypal.


Just bought the theme and I would like to know how to have the following URL structure for an entry: I need it for SEO purposes.

Can I work with subdomains as well please?

Thank you!


Sorry this is not possible by default.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

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