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Hi, is there a possibility to insert a button on the home page to permit user to insert company without login? now where’s the button? only login button? Thanks

Hi, Users have to register in order to insert items to the system.

Was wandering if I could edit the business detail boxes to display a discount % or info instead of the address…

Ok and that applies to the Address content for each business when your searching through the directory? Or can I change the Ratings area to be where I display a discount?

Also, I will be doing a discount card business and I wanted users to be able to register/log in to register their card. Is this possible?

Discount cards are not implemented. Regarding design changes you can do it in dedicated html template, no problem. You can also use Custom CSS or Child theme for your modifications. Thanks.


Can you customize this to enable a user select a sub domain eg in the demo the link would be ?

Can you also enable a user to customize eg the sidebar with widgets eg twitter or facebook >?

Hi, This is not supported by default, but you can do your own modifications and extend our theme if you like.

ait thanks, if we do the customization will these adversely affect the theme if you do an update ?

You can do your modifications using Custom CSS field or Child theme: It’ll make theme updating way easier.

Hi, pre sale question.

For custom post types, is it possible to add radio buttons and checkboxes? I see you only use text, and textarea.


You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

Hi, I think your amazing theme! I Want to ask a question. You can add a parallax scrolling that can be displayed when low page. For example in “The Best Places” and “People Saying” and that background is different. I appreciate your work is a great theme. If you want I can send two pictures to see where I mean. Thank you very much!

Hi, Thanks for your message. Parallax scrolling is not supported by default, but you can extend the theme functionality if you like.

1 more question. I read that it’s not possible to have location in the url? This is kinda important for seo purposes.

Is there no way around to have the permalink to be like:

I notice that it now says:

Thanks for your time

Sorry these links are not supported by default. One item can be in multiple locations therefore you’ll be duplicating the content and that’s not very good for seo purposes. The same applies for categories.


Thanks for the quick reply. I do understand what you mean about duplicated content. But in my case there is no item in multiple locations, 1 item can be only in one location.

Do you think there is a way around this with something like rewriting the urls?

You might find a plugin that will help you with url rewrites or maybe develop something yourself. Theme however does not support that by default.

“v1.24: 5th of April 2014 NEW: Ability to hide items from map and show them only in content”. I cant understand, how to do this?


If you don’t enter gps coordinates or set them to 0,0 item won’t show on the map.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

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hello, i want to buy your theme but i have 2 questions.. in Gps value can i have somethink like this: Click here for map so the clients will take direction to location and not gps lat & long !

Furthermore when the map is active(mobile view) is it possible the button view more for every place to be clicked ? thanks in advanced.

Clients can enter their address and gps coordinates will be generated automatically, no problem. Clients can also click on the map to read gps coordinates if they wish. You should be able to click on each item that is placed on the map. Thanks.

Hello, I am looking to purchase a theme like this one but it needs to be more local for a large retail store. The map will be zoomed right to show the store and the markers are going to be placed on that map.

The questions that I have before i buy is: - when the map markers are placed over the map, can they be moved manually if they aren’t in the correct positions? - Do you think that this theme will suit a website like what I want to build and do you know of any of your clients that have used the theme like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Derek

Hi Derek, You can place markers on the map manually, that’s no problem. Thanks.

Hey. One question before purchase. Is it possible to disable a map with the map search at the top of category pages and an actual item page and replace it with an image? and just simply leave the map at the bottom? Thx.

Hi. One more question. Could you share what kind of server the theme is on? Over 4 MB in page size for the home page seems to be a lot, pages do not load very fast either,considering that theme is quite optimised. Is there a way to speed this site up?

Hi Thanks for your message. You can disable the map and display an image, no problem. We use our own dedicated server that is running all our themes we have, it’s pretty overloaded sometimes.

It’s almost exactly what I need, but I ned a couple of relatively simple things. If you can give me details instructions on how to accomplish this, I would really appreciate the help. Otherwise, if you charge for this, please let me know how much it would cost to have you do it.

1. I need the Search Around My Position feature to go away and make the exact GPS location of the user to be on by default.

2. I need to adjust the zoom level to a 5 Mile Radius and Satellite view only, showing the user’s location in the middle of the radius. Key – Mile not KM. Everything we do is only in the continental United States of America.

Everything else is perfect. If you can do this for me, I will pay you. Or, if you do not have time, Please tell me specifically how to do this and I will take care of it myself. I look forward to hearing from you. Great, wonder, awesome theme. Thank You!


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Pre-Sale question, I have been looking at Business finder and Directory themes for a Real Estate project I’m doing soon. My client will have properties in several countries. Is it possible to - 1. Have country > state dependent dropdowns in the search fields ? 2. If I add Estate Agents as normal wordpress users is it possible to link them to each property and show their profiles on each property detail page 3. Can I add custom fields to the Items section that relate to Real Estate, e.g. can I do this with a plugin like “Types” or will it need to be hardcoded to the files..

Love the themes, Thanks John

The location dropdown on the front end search at the moment would be very long if I had 4 countries and many states under each country. What I would like is a dropdown for country which would automatically change the state dropdown below. Do you know if this can be done or if there are any 3rd party plugin to achieve this.


The location dropdown is actually an autocomplete field, you can filter it by typing your location. You can amend the functionality and show results after 1 character for example.

Ah, I see now. Thanks.

Has the problem of displaying this on small screens (i.e. phones) been resolved? At 320 or 360 pixels wide, even your demo site requires scrolling to the right. Can I fix this with css or is this something that will be more involved than that?

I’d also like to know if I can modify the info boxes on the map – such as the size, the information that is displayed.

If you have both of these issues covered – you’ll have a sale!

Hi, You can amend everything in custom css field or alternatively you can create a child theme for your changes.

Thanks! That’s what I needed to know. ?


It looks like a great theme. However, before I buy, I was wondering if there is a possibility of adding a sidebar to the homepage since the demo doesn’t seem to have it.


Yes you can add sidebar to any page. Thanks.

good afternoon I wanted to know if I can make a web like this with this template? I can expand the advertising space and reduce the map? well , sorry my bad english, thanks!!!

Yes you can do these modifications in Custom CSS or child theme.


I’ve tried your support and still no word – My business finder theme I just purchased does not work for me. Among the errors:

- No ability to create “posts”, only an “uncaught exception” error - No ability to moderate “claims” - Plug-ins, like newsletter that create tagged posts like “newsletter/” also trigger the uncaught exception error

I am not a programmer which is why I bought a theme. I’ve been given zero support and I need either a) a refund or b) a download for a business directory theme that I can get so that I can continue operating my website.

I would appreciate a response


Sorry I don’t see you registered on our support forum.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

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Hi In earlier comments I read you saying that it is not possible to post an event. I am not sure I quite understand. What is the problem with adding a venue with its event details instead of restaurant? Thx

That’s no problem to use items for events. You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

What you cannot do easily is to have multiple events for one item/company displayed on the website.

I already made a question for this problem on the support page, and already see someone with the same problem not getting answered. I need to fix this in order to publish my site, anyone?


I’m not able to receive payments. I use a Paypal account to receive payments on Brazil using Brazilian Reais (BRL) I’ve set in the admin panel of the BF, my credentials api and also the currency as BRL. But Paypal tells me it is not possible to receive in USD. Where can I change money?

I have configured currency for BRL in admin area and also described the problem.

It’s not working, somewhere in the theme code it passes the information on to Paypal dollars.

If you are buying in another country will work even. The integration of BF with Paypal does not work in BRAZIL.

I’m waiting his contact, thanks!

He comes to me with a answer nothing related to the problem, with things i already explained

Have you tried contacting paypal regarding this issue? Theme works in all countries and all currencies so far, we have no idea why it does not work for you. Thanks.

Hi good job, it is possibile to deactivate the admin front end function so i can insert new business user on the website?

ok thanks, is it possible to translate the theme without using any plugin?

You can only translate the theme with WPML plugin. Our most recent themes have built in multilingual support, you don’t need to purchase any plugin. These themes are multi-purpose, not directory oriented themes.

ok, i don’t need it if is not possible to translate the front-end via code

Hey. Is it possible to use this theme for this scenario, or at least is it possible to modify it without complicating coding. Website would have 2 functions A- to rate products films events etc. B- to be what it is, directory.

Could I do following ? 1- On pages that do not need locations, a-simply disable map and its function, b-replace map with an image c-let the user rate and comment d-change criteria of rating for each, films, products etc.

2-On pages that need locations a-disable map at the top and enable it at the bottom 3-Let the user upload a new item for rating

I know that the theme might not have this functions, but let me know pls if it would be a good base for doing it. Thx

Thanks for your message. Please see my comments below:

1. Yes you can disable the map and use only category tree for your items. You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

2. That’s possible

3. Yes that’s also possible