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I downloaded the modified theme and installed it. What I’m trying to acchieve is the following:

- slider with newest posts (so say article 100-94) - 4 pictures with older posts (article 94-90) - then a number of older posts in 1 box. (90-80)

In the new version of the theme I can only assign categories. I cannot find the option to view older posts as well.

Can I acchieve this somehow?



can the color of the menu be changed? instructions?

you can change from admin panel

I’m unable to get your the RSS feed icon in the “Social Badges” widget to show. FB & Twitter are fine. Thoughts?


I would just like to say thanks for the theme. I will be implementing it to my domain later.

I will leave you a rating once I have had a chance to do some testing.

Many thanks, Nathan

Is there a way to edit the CSS using the wordpress editor? All I can see a css file that includes the style sheet header with your theme forest details but the rest of the style sheet is blank.

How did you get post category drop down effect on the menu? For example you have the Menu header “Sport” and it has drop down options of “Entertainment” and “Attraction”. Would you please let me know how you achieved this?

Much appreciated!

can i put the nav where the web banner is located to the right of the logo instead of below the logo?

no, u can’t


Adding a image in the widget using Text/HTML makes the whole site get a big scroll bar at the bottom. Just add a image source in the default text/html widget to see the issue.

can this please be fixed. I really need to upload my site

ok, i will please wait for 2 days

In a post/page, you cannot align a image to the right. It stays left.

what you need tell me, i did according to my design

don’t understand the answer. Do I send a prive message? so you can check into this?

Hello any feedback? How can images be aligned? The default align in a post/page does not work with this theme.


Images in posts cannot be aligned. When will this be fixed?

Hello??? It’s 9 days now. Any feedback?? I need my site up and running

please let me know via mail what you need

mail send through contact page

Did you managed to fix the issue?

Why am I getting this error from the twitter social badge?... “Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request in /home/efeed/public_html/wp-content/themes/business/theme-addons/widgets/social-badges.php on line 74”

Help is much appreciated!

i think u not install theme proper so please install theme again

We need just the list view instead of the grid/list changing option in blog layout. is it possible to disable the grid-view in blog layout? See

thanks in advance.

mobile navigation doesnt work (testet on iphone): ... how we can fix that?

it’s working I’ve also check it

Hello. I got no reply on my latest question. Can you please help me with it?

“Hi , you can only assign categories for each section of the page E.G slider , and you can choose posts order from theme options > blog settings > posts order , it’s set to date by default , Also you have to select a different category for each page section . Thanks”

That really is to bad cause then I cannot use the theme at all. I write articles all in the same category (technical articles). Is there a way aroud this that I can still use the theme?


I have been using your theme for 2 months now, the mobile responsive design does not work on iPhones.

When you click “Open Menu” nothing happens, you cannot select a menu.

Could you please fix this as im sure It will increase your clients satisfaction levels. And greatly improve their users experience.

Thanks, Nathan

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I checked it but it’s working fine on my phone

O thanks, I realised it was my iPhone that needed updating, was still running iOS 5

Thanks for your help


I’ve just purchased and configured this beautiful theme with slkin3 style, but have some trouble in sidebar. Widgets vertical margin is blown

please look:

what can I do? thanks, Giordano

are you talk about the documentation/html included in the zip file ? I followed that, every step.

Please also configure also widget proper from your widget area.

Let me know if you have any query


Ok I found the problem. Search widget don’t work properly if you don’t write the title. Putting the title everything works perfect.

bye Giordano

Please, you will update the social-badges.php with the new Twitter 1.1 API? actual one gives error.


youngcracks said:
Please, you will update the social-badges.php with the new Twitter 1.1 API? actual one gives error.

I have the same problem, can you fix it please?

I will update it please wait for some time i will inform you via mail for updated


Hello, is there an update on the Social badges twitter API update? Thanks!

Any help yet on Twitter API update?

Sorry for delay i wll update it & inform you