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Hi! I have mailed you some queries using the support page. Please respond at the earliest possible. A Hassan

Hi, Will contact you soon. Thank you.

i regretted to buy this theme. its not felxible. and its uncompatible with many plugin. it doesnt work even though working free themes. and he desont reply to my mails.. anyway i couldnt explain to arabic bro

Hi. We have replied to your emails, but didn’t received any responses and details.

Wondering if commenting will work on the html version or do I have to use the Wordpress version? I need to know which to purchase. Thanks.

Hi. The commenting works with WordPress version only.


Thanks for the reply. i was on my yearly vacations….

still i have some questions as below:

1: can i change full theme color combination as per requirement??? 2: can you provide me a user account and i can check admin area myself??? 3: can i use any other style table on page, i don’t want to default table style, so i can use any other table style with colors???

Please provide answers on above points, so i will move to purchase.


Please contact us from the account where you have bought our theme. Thank you for understanding.


I have not purchased your theme… i will purchase after get the answer above questions….

Please clear above questions, so that i will move to purchase phase.

Regards, A Hassan


1) Please check all theme and settings screenshots here http://businessnews.weblionmedia.net/Screenshots.zip

2) Unfortunately can’t give access to the WordPress admin area.

3) Actually is possible, by changing and adding new css style.



I have purchase this theme…

i have issue with import data as per your instructions…

there are missing many images, menu bar, and other many things…

please let me know how i will fix it…

I hope receive reply ASAP.

Regards, A Hassan


We have received your email. Will reply soon with answers, solutions. Thank you for purchasing our theme.

Best regards,

Please help me on the issue’s as below:

1: Followers count not showing proper, can you guide me on this 2: I want to do some changes as below: 23 February, 2016 By: Admin CATEGORY: “CATEGORY NAME” “EYE ICON”54 “Message Icon”0 I want to do this as like below: Updated Database: 23 February, 2016 CATEGORY: “CATEGORY NAME” “EYE ICON”54

3: Also please guide me from where I will edit templates…

please find attached print screen.

Please guide me on all my question’s, I will be very thankful….

I have also sent few email with above questions with detail links and attachments.


I have added some links under main menu but when i am clicking on sub menu the main link tab is highlighted, but when i am clicking on under submenu items main menu highlighted not work, please guide me how it will fix.

1: i want to fix Followers count issue fix, if facebook changed API, please guide me how it will be done, this part is most important for me. also twitter is not work…

2: i want to hidden time clock on main menu bar, plz guide me.

3: i want to use google+ page option under social media how i can do this.


This is my 2nd email regarding point 1 which is not clear in my first email.

When I am clicking on main menu link “Worldwide Email Database” this color will be change blue, please check on clicking by following link:

http://www.webmaxtech.net/wp/gbd/all-middle-east-region-business-email-list/ also u can check screenshort by clicking on following link: http://www.webmaxtech.net/images/1.gif but when I am clicking on region sub link menu blue highlighted color is removed, you can check on following link: http://www.webmaxtech.net/wp/gbd/all-europe-region-business-email-lists/austria-business-email-lists/ also u can check screenshort by clicking on following links: http://www.webmaxtech.net/images/2.gif http://www.webmaxtech.net/images/3.gif

I hope I have clear now, please let me know ASAP, I am already too late.

Hi Support,

I have installed accesspress social share on web, there are some issue…

When I am share the page on social media like facebook or any other, this plugin take wrong URL, this not show current page URL…

For example I am sharing following page on Twiter: http://www.webmaxtech.net/wp/gbd/all-middle-east-region-business-email-list/

there are show following message for sharing: All Middle East Slider http://www.webmaxtech.net/wp/gbd/slider/all-middle-east-slider/

Why this mention slider address and link, I am share the page…

Please guide me…

Thanks in advance.


I checked the tickets and there are answers to your questions. Please do not post in both sections. Thank you.

Best regards, Weblionmedia


We get buy your theme and I have got a error. I did type your support form but you didnt turn us. Btw, this theme buyed via company account. This account is mine. If you want I can send purchase code. Pls check support forum or I can send these. it is emergency situation.

Hi. Please contact us from the account where you have purchased the theme and send a message via our Support section: http://themeforest.net/item/business-news-responsive-magazine-news-blog/3650529/support

hi, how to get news from a category to home page slider?


Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will try to help you with this.

Best regards,


i can’t add shortcode to text area. For example; i click on slider shortcode but It does not seem.

Hi, Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you.

Hello, we are using the latest version of wordpress (4.5.2) and when we activate your theme the site crash, no homepage and no /wp-admin, the only solution is to delete the theme folder and restart apache. Checking apache logs no errors are found.

Any idea on how to solve it?

Other themes and plugins works fine.

Great you solved the issue :)

how can i automate slider with latest posts?

Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!


Nady14 Purchased

my theme options is not showing any options,why?

Hello, we have received your email. Will contact you for more details. Thank you.

Hi, i wanted to know if there is any plugin for automatic social sharing when adding a news. I’ve tried several but only work with posts and pages. Thanks


mandropay Author Team

Hi There

We’re sorry, your question is out of our theme support services because it’s about third party plugin. But, you can try search it on https://wordpress.org/plugins/ or https://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress

Hi There, I’m having a problem with a page that shows all posts from a category. The problem is that there is a “" so the content is editable and when I try to enter to a post I cant because it is not a link, but just text. I've looked for the options of the themes and plugins but I don't find anything. The code from the page is [su_posts posts_per_page="10" post_type="post" taxonomy="category" tax_term="196" tax_operator="IN" order="DESC" orderby="date" post_status="publish"] Do you know if there is something i have to disable? Thanks

Hello, we don’t have this shortcode name in our theme. Please contact us from the account you have purchased the theme for the further support. Thank you.

html version included?

  • html version included? (for non-wordpress sites)

Hello, unfortunately, is not included.