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I have problem after I updated the theme. When select it secondary menu (categories), menu get disappears.

This is the site: http://www.de-sign.bg/

Please check order and orderby options in “Theme Options > Blog”.

I checked order by date. I have posts since 5 days ago, but why theme first shows posts which are since 1 year ago?

You can see on: http://www.de-sign.bg/

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

A question like this slider is placed on the home page, which appears in the photo.




Shortcodes for this slider for News custom post type:

[best_news_slider_byid title="Best Materials" id_array="153,140,131,129,74,88,121" sliderid="best_news_slider1"]

[best_news_slider_bycomments title="Top Stories (comments)" sliderid="best_news_slider4" count="5"]

[best_news_slider_bycat title="Top Stories" count="" catid="" sliderid="best_news_slider1"]

Shortcodes for this slider for Blog posts post type:

[best_posts_slider_bycomments title="Top Stories (comments)" sliderid="best_posts_slider4" count="5"]

[best_posts_slider_byid title="Top Stories" sliderid="best_posts_slider3" id_array="153,140,131,129,74,88,121"]

[best_posts_slider_bycat title="Top Stories" count="" catid="" sliderid="best_posts_slider1"]

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Thank you. ;)

I have a problem, blog pages. I do not get is slider at the end. I leave the picture. Thank you.


Web: www.rinconesverdes.com


Can you give me more details? Which slider? Please show me the slider section from our site http://weblionmedia.com/businessnews , just the page url where it is displayed. Thank you.

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This is a blog page not page with slider. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this! Thank you.

Hallo! I think to buy this item. I have some questions. 1)Is it easy to add new functionality and plugins to this theme? 2)Is it possible to translate client side and admin panel to Russian language?


For both questions, the answer is Yes.

Best regards.

Hi, great theme! I was just wondering what short code was needed for spanning the latest post across two columns as I have the recentnews2 but when I select count=”1” it does not span the whole page.

This shortcode was design to be used in two columns. You can debug and to change the css, if you need other style. The css file is “style.css” from the main theme folder.

Ok does that mean creating a recent_news3?

Yes, I will help you, please send a message to my email via Profile page.

when i use shortcode [recent_news2 title=’’ count=’’ catid=’’ content_length=’‘]

where i can find catid? i already try to fill with catid=’7’ , but i the page still blank

Under the left menu select “News Manager > News Categories”. Click on the category and find in the browser url the value of “tag_ID”.

i try to fill with <slug> [recent_news2 title=’education’ count=’4’ catid=’education’ content_length=’‘] and still got blank page

The parameter for “catid” must to be number not the category name or slug. Please see the previous comment.

The widget of WLM-Follows Count, screen is not displayed as expected. It is the state in which you enter the user name and Twitter Facebook. What should I do now? http://www.plussens.com/error/

Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you.

Hello… Thx for the theme! However, my site is not responsive… The header/Banner are not responding to mobile devices… The banner moves down and effects the nav moving everything down.

What I am doing wrong? Pam http://stockbrokerjournal.com/


Your logo is too long. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

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Hi there, I just purchased the theme and I am kind of startled to see I cannot even make it remotely as the screenshot provided. I do not see a place to even change the theme color schemes of anything nor for a “log in” “Homepage 2” or anything. Am I missing files?

Thank you,


The homepage is fully customizable and you can create any design. Just add shortcodes. All shortcodes info you can find in theme documentation. Also you can import our XML with demo content to see how we have created both homepages. Shortcodes in our demo were made for News custom post type, but in the documentation file, you can find the shortcodes for blog posts. Theme comes with one color, if you want to change into other color, you have to change the color style in the main css file style.css from the main theme folder.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

1)If news categories name has different name from link, page with items from this category will die without error? 2)If News page that assigned to a category has some shortcode, it will show all news categories? Please look that screens) http://yadi.sk/d/VOXYY4NA5pBBA http://yadi.sk/d/WyJtv2EY5pBDC

Hi. I have received your email, will contact you in a few seconds.

Hi, Any chance of you sorting out the Twitter widget so it works using the new Twitter API 1.1? The widget stopped working last week.


I have added this update. Soon will be available to download on ThemeForest.

The twitter widget has stopped working – has there been an API update from Twitter – yours was not the only Twitter issue this week, other twitter plugins have failed

I have added this update. Soon will be available to download on ThemeForest.

The login window text fields are effected by a css outline bug on some HTC mobile devices which make them duplicate. Could you fix this in the next update please?

Can you send a screenshot with this issue? Thank you.

Theme Updates

Fixed the Twitter API 1.1

Could you tell me how width (pixels) the sidebar is? And how width is the main content (where the posts etc. are)?

Content width: 620px

Sidebar width: 300px

How can I disable the custom post and just use the regular WP post?

I need to replace the news custom post by the regular WP post, because I need to maintain the database compatible with any other Theme I can use in the future.

Hi. I don’t understand your question. Please reformulate it. Thank you.

I need that wordpress post appear on the homepage, not the custom post created in “news Manager”. I have a wordpress with over 2000 posts and using custom posts is a handicap for me in a future change of theme. In short, remove News Manager and use only Wordpress Posts.

The homepage is made with shortcodes that are made for news and also for default blog posts, so you can create the page like you need. The shortcodes, you can find in the documentation file.

Hello, thank you for your job, your theme is amazing. I have two questions: 1. How I can fix time on my site? I did it in the settings ( http://joxi.ru/w_jMUdg5CbAoaFHdUYM ), but it still showing me wrong time ( http://joxi.ru/4_jMUdg5CbA2aWF-IhY ). 2. Also, where can I change this part of URL ( http://joxi.ru/e_nMUdg5CbAIaLpZOys ) ?



This is the server time, not the post time. The ‘news-item’ you can change in the file ”/business-news/functions/news-manager.php”.

Hello, we have client who purchased this theme… Could you, please, explain how to set up /home-page-style-2 page?

Thank you!

Hello, homepages are created from shortcodes. Theme archive includes the XML with demo content, that you can use it and to check how the page is created.