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I purchased this theme yesterday. How can I add “About Us” and “Services” pages? Moreover, please let me know how can I fix the page title on the left side where it always slides in the center.

take a look: http://www.edgelogics.com/


I used the same account for the purchase, i.e; edgelogix

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile, I will check there. Thank you.

I’ve sent you information via contact form. Please also review site on different browsers. thanks

Hello, I cant use the shortcode tab1 two times in the same page.. why?


Open the file /busines-news/functions/shortcodes.php and find in this file this functin function theme_tabs($atts, $content = null) and replace the entire function with this one:

function theme_tabs($atts, $content = null) {
        "titles" => "",
        "type" => "1", //1, 2
        "tabs_name" => "" 
    ), $atts));

    $title_chunks = explode("|", $titles);

    $tab_id = uniqid();

    $tabs_output = '
        <div class="block_tabs_type_'.$type.'" id="'.$tab_id.'">
            <div class="tabs">

    $titles_output = '';
    for ($i=0;$i<count($title_chunks);$i++) {

        if ($i == 0) {
            $class_current =' class="current"';
        } else { $class_current = ''; }

        $titles_output .= '
                    <li><a href="#'.($i+1).'">'.$title_chunks[$i].'</a></li><!-- tab link -->';

    $tabs_output .= $titles_output.'
            <script type="text/javascript">
                jQuery(\'#'.$tab_id.' .tabs\').tabs(\'#'.$tab_id.' .tab_content\', {
                    initialIndex : 0
        <!-- /tab block -->
    return $tabs_output;

In this function was added one new line with code and 2 others were modified.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

Theme Updates

Version 1.2.2 (Released 18 April, 2013)
1. Added option to set GMT time
2. Added option to add more tabs on the same page
3. Added 3 default list types for [lsit] shortcodes: circle, square and upper-roman
4. Was fixed the search widget
5. Were fixed the Tags links for “news” custom post type
6. Was fixed pagination for homepage as blog

Best regards,

Hi Dear,

How to update with new realease. My current version is 1.2.1

Please advice.

TX Ashaf


You can upload all files from the archive “business-news.zip” to your server into the folder ”/wp-content/themes/business-news/”

Or you can upload only modified files, which are listed in the file “Changelog.txt”, from the theme.

Best regards


uvg Purchased

Hi, great theme and it becoming more likeable with every update !

I’m glad, that you like it and it works for you :)

I am thinking of purchasing this theme, I am not a web developer. Is the “featured slider” at the top able to display videos? Also, I was curious as to how easy it would be to add a “Sign up” widget that directs the customer to a new page where they can sign up to be a customer of ours. I would want it at the top right of the screen next to the featured slider.



In the slider it is possible to add only images. In the top right menu, you can see Registration, if you click, then is loaded sign up page template, that it is included in our theme. This is user registration page.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

1 – these news under the slider, I can select a specific category? 2 – I set the category best materials or the news shows more accessible? 3 – it can set the posts popular for views?


Yes, you can set and use the option, you have described. Please find all shortcodes with parameters in our documentation file.

HI, I just sent a PM, please help with sidebar went down.


Hi. Sidebar or menu?

Also, images from slider invade bottom, where to you add max-height for slider?

I can’t see this problem. I will reply to your email, I need screenshots. Thank you.

Also, images are duplicate, small and big, many bugs please help; www. greggfous .com

Need more info, what widget, shortcode are using there. Send all info to my email.

Any help here?

Need more info, what widget, shortcode are using there. Send all info to my email.

WebLionMedia helping always, you have to wait. I also waiting for response.

Thank you for patience. Please check your email.

no answer in 4 days!

Need more info, what widget, shortcode are using there. Send all info to my email.

I waiting also

Thank you for patience. Please check your email.

I have problem after I updated the theme. When select it secondary menu (categories), menu get disappears.

This is the site: http://www.de-sign.bg/

Please check order and orderby options in “Theme Options > Blog”.

I checked order by date. I have posts since 5 days ago, but why theme first shows posts which are since 1 year ago?

You can see on: http://www.de-sign.bg/

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

A question like this slider is placed on the home page, which appears in the photo.




Shortcodes for this slider for News custom post type:

[best_news_slider_byid title="Best Materials" id_array="153,140,131,129,74,88,121" sliderid="best_news_slider1"]

[best_news_slider_bycomments title="Top Stories (comments)" sliderid="best_news_slider4" count="5"]

[best_news_slider_bycat title="Top Stories" count="" catid="" sliderid="best_news_slider1"]

Shortcodes for this slider for Blog posts post type:

[best_posts_slider_bycomments title="Top Stories (comments)" sliderid="best_posts_slider4" count="5"]

[best_posts_slider_byid title="Top Stories" sliderid="best_posts_slider3" id_array="153,140,131,129,74,88,121"]

[best_posts_slider_bycat title="Top Stories" count="" catid="" sliderid="best_posts_slider1"]

Best regards, WebLionMedia

Thank you. ;)

I have a problem, blog pages. I do not get is slider at the end. I leave the picture. Thank you.


Web: www.rinconesverdes.com


Can you give me more details? Which slider? Please show me the slider section from our site http://weblionmedia.com/businessnews , just the page url where it is displayed. Thank you.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

This is a blog page not page with slider. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this! Thank you.

Hallo! I think to buy this item. I have some questions. 1)Is it easy to add new functionality and plugins to this theme? 2)Is it possible to translate client side and admin panel to Russian language?


For both questions, the answer is Yes.

Best regards.

Hi, great theme! I was just wondering what short code was needed for spanning the latest post across two columns as I have the recentnews2 but when I select count=”1” it does not span the whole page.

This shortcode was design to be used in two columns. You can debug and to change the css, if you need other style. The css file is “style.css” from the main theme folder.

Ok does that mean creating a recent_news3?

Yes, I will help you, please send a message to my email via Profile page.