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i want to buy the theme, but i have one question. Is it possible to build several sites like the homepage? Many themes here have the problem, that they just offer one homepage with these cool sliders. But I need some of theme where I can show different categorys in the sliders. So is there a page builder where I can add these Sliders like on the homepage of your demo?


Thank you for interesting in purchase the BusinessNews WordPress theme.

The homepage is fully customizable and all sections can be created with shortcodes. Shortcodes are included in WP Editor.

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First of all thank you for great template worth every penny spent! my not finished implementation on dev server is here http://www.m2m-magazine.com/

I have small question though I’ve noticed that when I create new post random tags are added to this new post. I’ve changed theme to different one and this is not happening so I suppose this is feature of the Business News theme (it is nice feature but not in my case as our authors pick tags themselves) I did not found how to disable this option. I’m happy to edit code but I couldn’t find place. Can you please advice?

Looking forward to hear back from you soon.


Thank you very much for your appreciation. Business News theme doesn’t have this option. Do you get the tags only for blog posts or also for “news” custom post type? Did you checked installed plugins, maybe one of them generate automatically tags from the existing content?

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!


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Hi, Thank you for super quick response. No worries if it’s not Theme problem than I will look further. I’m not using custom post types only posts and applying to categories (mostly becouse I had to import load of articles together with images from orginal old page) problem appears on blog posts. If I will find something I will let you know.

Kind regards, Maciej


At Smart phone comes cut photo. (The width is 600. ) Is there any way? —> http://www.hexomia.org/?p=6149

Come out in the form of a computer screen at smart phone can do?

please.. reply.


In the content where you have added the images, edit the content in WP html editor and delete width and height for all images and add only width=”100%” to work in responsive devices.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Right to Left support ?

Don’t work on all pages.


Great theme. Just one small query is arise.

Just go through my website http://www.businessworldit.com/ and tell me how to link my home pagination(below Main News Section) number to my proper page link. Currently its showing http://www.businessworldit.com/blogpage/. I want to change this to http://www.businessworldit.com/all-news to number 1, like this http://www.businessworldit.com/all-news/page/2 to number 2

Please help me how i can link them to proper link.

Thank You.

I am still waiting for your reply

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer! You have my email address. Thank you.

I have a problem in creating a drop down menu in the header top left menu. When i create a sub item it doesn’t appear on hover on the main menu item how can i fix this proplem

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I want to build a news aggregator website where different sections/categories of the website correspond to specific RSS feeds, such that the site updates itself automatically in sync with those feeds.

I’m planning to use this plugin for achieving this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rss-multi-importer/screenshots/

Would this be possible with your theme?


Theme works with default blog posts, also there are a few custom post types. If the plugin load data and insert as blog posts, then you can use it.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi I want to change date format in the Header format: lj FY and date format: Time: 12/16 at 12:16 AM and finally know the location of Time for tranduire in French cordially


Edit the “header.php” file and edit the date in this section:

<?php if (get_option($shortname."_block_today_date") == 'true') {
        $zone = 3600*+(get_option($shortname."_gmt_time"));
        $today_gmt_is = date("l, F j, Y, g:i a", time() + $zone);
        $today_gmt_mday_is = date("j", time() + $zone);
        $today_gmt_month_is = date("M", time() + $zone);
        $today_gmt_year_is = date("Y", time() + $zone);
        $today_gmt_weekday_is = date("l", time() + $zone);

<div class="block_today_date">
    <div class="num"><p id="num_top_day"><?php $today = getdate(); if ($today_gmt_mday_is<10) echo '0'; echo $today_gmt_mday_is; ?></p></div>
    <div class="other">
        <p class="month_year"><span id="month_top_display"><?php echo $today_gmt_month_is; ?></span>, <span id="year_top_display"><?php echo $today_gmt_year_is; ?></span></p>
        <p id="day_top_display" class="day"><?php echo $today_gmt_weekday_is; ?></p>
<?php } ?>

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can i add mega menu like html in wordpress theme.

You have to install the mega menu plugin.

Nice theme! This is what I wanted. Thank you for your support, too.

You are welcome. Thank you :)

Hi there. I am using your theme and it seems that on the Blog One templated pages, the pagination is not showing up. In fact, the pagination is not working at all. What can I do to narrow down the problem? Thanks in advance

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Hello can the template be in English and Arabic? I don’t want want to download a plugin, I am looking for one that already has the arabic language translated for the theme.

Hello. The template includes the multi-language support and you can use the multi-language plugins like WPML.

Do you want to remove the “news-item” from the url? It can be renamed only.

where rename it?

How to increase the size of the images that appear on the home page?

The easiest way is to use the inspect element in your browser and check the css for all sections. There are more images on the homepage, Give me more details and I will guide you.

I want to change the length of all the thumbnails, the more I saw they are automatically generated, how dumb their size?

andersoncharming, just the length of thumbnails is not enough for me. I need to know the page templates, or shortcodes name you are using. Also will be great to see the web site URL with details of the thumbnails from which section. Thank you.

Friend would like to know also where I see the id of the categories of news on the site, I’m hard to find!


In admin dashboard, under News Manager select News Categories. Select the desired category and click Edit, in browser url you will get something like this:


Where tag_ID=9 is the news category ID.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hello, I did found XSS How I can let you know about that?

Hello, please contact me via our Profile page and I will reply to your email: http://themeforest.net/user/WebLionMedia#contact

Hi, I bought the other day the theme called “The Business News”, after i uploaded it both via ftp or via the wordpress panel and activated it appears a blank page. So i think it is broken or at least not compatible maybe with Wordpress 3.9. Can you help me? Thank you very much Best regards, Riccardo


Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.9.1. I received your email, will contact you to check some things to fix the issue.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi…nice template. I need to custom the header very similar of this one…. http://www.novabrasilfm.com.br/#/?onframe=1 Do you think that i’ll be able to make it using your template.

Hi. Thank you.

It is possible, in the header you can upload the banner with the URL on banner click or there is an additional option to add custom code like html code where you place anything. This is the screenshot with all options for the theme’ header:


Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi, I used this: [slider_posts slider_name=”home_slider1” count=”3”] to automatically display slides without having to create them. The issue is that the post text is running of the slide and all over the page.

Also, Is it possible to just show slides from a category or a tag. Like say i add a tag to posts called ‘featured’ and the slider only displays those posts.


Nevermind the text problem, its because i had pasted into visual view and it added crap in the code. Thanks for the shortcode, although it displays 3 small bits in the slider instead of one large slide.

Also I wanted to put the small latest posts but when I add a title in the code the title doesn’t show up: [recent_posts count=’12’ title=’Últimos’ onecolumn=’two’] so it appears like these are also featured instead of recent.


You know what would be great? To be able to make the home full width with no sidebar and spread out sliders, recent posts and categories!

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

1) Author Archive – does not display a list of the authors posts – I see someone else already had this issue but the fix wasn’t posted.


Do you mean the page with author posts like this http://weblionmedia.com/businessnews/author/admin/

Please contact me via our Profile page and send the “header.php” file to my email.