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Nice template dhsign. Welcome to Themeforest and good luck! Uspeh ;)

Thanks man! I appreciate it :)

excellent work,good luck:)

Thanks man :)

Great theme. ( Dobre doshul )

Thanks brother! :)

Great work,. congrats,. :D

Thanks mate :)

What a marvelous design man!. Really love it.

Thanks man, glad you like it :)

Congrats on making it to Themeforest man, good luck!

Thank you Romaine :)

Excellent work my friend!!

Thanks Juanma :) Really apreciate it!

Bought it and I have to say I love it so far.

I highly recommend it. Had some trouble with some parts of it (silly me) and got help on their site very fast. Thanx again btw. :-)

Thank you very much! I’m glad that you love it :)

After browsing the Joomla templates with the highest volume of sales, I still had to come back to buy this one instead, because this one is better than those with hundreds of sales. (I think lazy web designers just filter their search to highest sales, figure those are the best and make a purchase). A good web designer does not choose a template based on how many sales it has, but rather, a careful examination of the template itself.

Hey, maybe this one will be up there with those top sellers soon!

Thank you very much again! I’ll be glad if you drop me a link when you finish your project :)

Very nice.. Congrats! & Good Luck..

Thank you :) I’m a fan of your work!

Thank you very much for your Joomla template and for your assistance :)

No, thank you :) You did the whole work :)

I’m having issues with this template and installing it; still no response :/

I wrote you an email yesterday, please check your email or spam!

Thanks for the reply; but I don’t have it in my email unfortunately; zach.chester@gmail.com – correct?

Yes, just resent it. Check your inbox

Hi there,

I have a small problem with the slider, on the homepage it full width but on the other pages it does not want to do so, why? Please check here: http://testwebsite.nu/jobpeople Thanks for any help.


you need to go to: Joomla Administration > Template Manager > business_pro – Default > Click on the “Profiles” tab on the top right > select “Frontpage” layout from the drop down menu > click on the “Assign Pages” and holding “Ctrl” key select the menus where you want to display the full-width slider > Save.

The idea is that Top-A can be both full-width and fixed, depending on what the customer needs :)

If you still having problems write me an email.

Thanks, i have learned something today :)

No problem :) Have a great day!

Love this template. Nice job.

Quick question in regards to the map on the contact page. Is there any way to lock it when viewing it on a smart phone? The reason I ask is when viewing on a smart phone it makes it hard to scroll up and down the page because the map takes up most of the screen and when you slide your finger to scroll it activates the map and zooms in or out. Does that make sense?

I can suggest you to change the height of the module (try 200px or 180px). Other than this, you can try a different plugin/ module with this type of option to lock the map on smartphones.

Best regards, Jordan

Hello, I am interested buying this template but I have question first. Can we have the updated version of this template for free if i you update it in the future?


Yes, you will be able to download any updates. You’ll just need to go in your Downloads section and download the package again, then update the template files. That’s it :)

Best regards, Jordan

I have created an account your support forum with purchased code. But your login seems not working. I logged in but top menu shows still login. and try to create account, then i already have an account.

Anyway, Menu(main) on homepage(index) not showing but showing on all sub pages. Can you please assist on this? Thanks.


can you see if the Main Menu is assigned on Home: Extensions > Module Manager > Main Menu > Menu Assignment > Choose “On All pages” from the drop down menu.

If you still have any problems send us an email trough the contact form or on support (@) dhtheme.com. We’ll be happy to help you.

Best regards, Jordan

P.S. We don’t have a support forum, but you can send us an email from the contact form :)

hi. This Template funktionate with joomla 2.5.9? i can upload it and then make my website?


yes, the template is compatible with Joomla 2.5.9.

Hi there, I was checking this template and I must say I loved it. However, I was wondering if it is possible to customize the color a little further in a simple way. Or should I modify the css style sheet?


can you send me an email (support@dhtheme.com) with more details what you want to change and I’ll explain.

the custom.css won’t loading

Hi, I just sent you an email.

thanks for the quick response!

After working with this template extensively, I can confirm it is truly awesome. The code is great. You can make just about any alteration to the original layout from one .css file. A+ work here.

Thank you very much :)