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Great Work Love it :)

Thank you!

Nice clean work…

Is there no lighbox effect for product image enlargement? you have a ”+” symbol in the graphic itself looking to be a “enlarge image” option…

Actually it’s planned to have links to a product detail pages and not just a zoom in of the image. Thanks for your feedback!

hi looks great. your jquery slider, is it possible to have it automatically scrolling through images?

I’m looking to purchase this but want to make sure that would be easy to implement.

For sure you can have it and more, just modify any of this values in a .JS file:

containerClick: true, // Click container for next slide
autoStart: 0, // Set to positive number for auto start and interval time
restart: 0, // Set to positive number for restart and restart time
slidespeed: 300, // Speed of slide animation

For more info visit http://nathansearles.com/loopedslider/ Thanks for your feedback!


Nice Template (+1 sale) . But I am finding it hard to edit as per my requirement. I need 7 buttons on the top navigation. How can I add it .

Thanks Hardeep Singh

It’s not hard at all. But as a graphical menu with 3 button states, you must duplicate some layers in the file called “sprite.psd”, duplicate some classes in the CSS file and add a new item to your HTML menu lists.

Thanks for your purchase!


Nice template! I rebuild it for my company but one thing I can’t understand:

div id=”footerWrap” – simple “footer”. How make it on bottom of page? Looong height page. In all different size pages.

I play with “position:” but maximum that i can do is ( for example beacuse all pages have different size) “bottom:-600px;”.

Thx a lot!

A good option for you is to use the Sticky Footer technique: http://ryanfait.com/resources/footer-stick-to-bottom-of-page/

Thanks for your purchase!

how about languages? I want to have 2

how about languages? I want to have 2 languages, english and vietnames.

Do you have any themes? And i will install like a wordpress theme right?

This template is only HTML , not Wordpress, so if you need two languages you must to create two different websites in both languages. Sorry about that!

Hi there, I would like to say first and foremost; great design!! You really have talent. However, I must point out that I’m a little disappointed to find that you are using a Sprite for almost all of the images. I understand the benefits, but there are a lot of drawbacks as well. Some of them being: 1. No encapsulation: If you want to change one image, you have to change the sprite 2. Don’t degrade: If the browser don’t support CSS , you are in trouble 3. There’s also the issue of what happens in browsers with poor CSS support (e.g. mobile browsers). The sprites may end up totally broken. 4. If you’ve never used sprites before, it can be tough to figure out. Anyway, its still a great design, and I’m going to do my best to make it work (even if it means slicing up the images).

Thanks for your purchase and feedback.

This template was reviewed and approved by TF and selled 89 times before your purchase with no complains. The main advantage of sprites is that the browser has to request less pictures from the webserver. That reduces the number of HTTP requests and makes it possible to compress the parts of the design more effectively. These two points also represent the disadvantages of sliced images, actually considered an Old School technique by many colleagues.

Cheers! K.

Can the menu have additional levels? How would I do that?

Hey Kaiser! Como andas? Estuve por comprar este pero con el tema de PSD ’s layers y eso de sprite.psd qeu lei de un comentario… me eché atras… No estoy a ese nivel.. Fui por el Qlasic. Espero andes bien tanto tiempo…! Me gustó el 11 tambien TEO

hello, nice theme, clean and simple, any plans for a wordpress version??

kind regards

Not for now, thanks for asking!