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I love the overall concept of design, but I’m not sure if the typography corresponds to the design theme personally…

Very nice work though!

One sale from 4 hours of publishing… Thanks to first buyer!

Finally something fresh! I love it. It actually stands out from all the identical themes on here.

Great job. I would love to see this coded!

You always rock Kaiser.

Thanks dude, I hope to see your own templates here soon. K.

very good mate

so nice, Im lovin’ it. job well done

Wow, its so clean. Realy like it mate :) Good job ;)

Umm live preview maybe?

Clean/Minimalist + Dark + Shiny = another grandslam for kaisersosa!

Kaiser, I’m not trying to jinx you or anything, but you pump out so many great pieces at a pretty steady pace.. do you EVER get creative block? You’re making me a bit envious LOL .

Hehehehe thanks CyberSpy for your permanent feedback. It’s true what you say about the importance of listening to the needs of potential clients. I believe we get this “habit” from working for companies that require exclusive developments. A template will be never used just like it is and it will always need a customization. If I can help in advance to create a convenient product, I will always listen to suggestions like yours. Best, K.

Webdork: Kaiser makes phenomenal designs that are left for the purchaser to slice up/code however they wish. If you decide to purchase one of his PSD ’s (which again, are incredible so you should), then just ping others on here or go to CSS Rockstars to do the rest for you.

One of the great things about Kaiser is, he is open for suggestions and is very accommodating in helping you achieve what you’re looking for if you need changes so don’t let the lack of a pre-sliced/coded site put you off.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, specially you CyberSpy! As he says, by now I’m only creating PSD files. I’ve tried to create together with a colleague of mine that helped me, a HTML /CSS version of one of my templates (the first one that I’ve uploaded to Envato) but it’s really very complicated to fit into TF standards. So I’ll keep uploading PSD templates and I’m sorry if this is a barrier to get more sales, but I have no choice. Cheers!

Wondering if you can try to use any PSD2HTML service and re-upload here :)

I think it still worth the money.

What about Help files using this option? Thanks Kailoon for your business ideas!

Anyway to get this in CS3 ?

Only PSD version for now, thanks for asking!