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good job! nice modern design

Thank you!

Nice but do you have the orange & gray psd that wasn’t in the zip download file?

Inside the .zip file you will find a .PSD file containing all pages of the template preview. You can find the gray+orange version (only made for Home page) inside this .psd, in a folder called “HOME v2 (gray orange color palette)”. Thanks for your purchase!

Great file by the way. Very happy with my purchase.

Any chance of getting a copy of the fonts used? They are so exspensive to buy.


Authors can’t distribute any commercial font, sorry about that. You could find some excellent options browsing www.dafont.com. Thanks for your purchase!

Any chance of seeing this coded?

It’s really nice.

Hello, How do i open the .psd to get the folder which has the various designs. I am more known with those i open with dreamweaver etc. Please advice. I like it but cannot access it so i sent an email to get my money back. If i can easily open the .psd and get the various designs then i will stick with it

Unfortunately this is a PSD file only. If you want your money back please contact TF’s support. But next time be sure what kind of template you are buying since we have a PSD file category here. Thanks!

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