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nice item again :)

Are you planning on turning this into HTML ?

I usually never consider buying templates with no live preview, but I’ll make an exception for this one, I like it, nice attention to details :-)

Thank you guys for your nice feedback! DHM I have a few templates in my PSD2HTML pendings list, so be patience!

Nice work. Good luck with sale!.

Thanks Arsenic!

Amazing Job, i like all details :)

Good luck whit sales.

Tu trabajo también es destacable Darío. Thanks!

Awesome site you should lose the pink (not a business color) and turn that into a html site its awesome

and I would buy it as a template

The color isn’t pink, is magenta, and don’t tell T-Mobile or LG about it! lol

Mate i want to purchase this.. but i suck at slicing and converting to HTML .. any chance you could do this pleaseeeeeeee….

Sexiest template ive ever seen… i almost purchased thinking it was already html.. but really if i buy this it will only be used as a wallpaper because i can’t convert :(

Awaiting your reply.

Regards, Darren

Thanks for your comment! As I said before, I still have a few templates in my PSD2HTML pendings list. Sorry about that.

Kaisersosa, you should put this one as your first priority. As you can see, many people would have bought it already… plus hundreds of others that don’t even bother to come into the comments section and tell you so…

This is a really beautiful design. Can’t wait.

People always ask for HTML version when a PSD template is published. I have other good stuff in conversion phase, and this one is the last of that list. Thanks!

ok mate just asking, really love this one, so thought i would ask, we are going to pay someone to convert for us.

Thanks again

Your Item is excellent, every detail to perfection, but I miss the contact link, anyway this work is excellent I recommend it very much. :D

Gracias Fassto por tu compra! The Contact Page is easy to create using the Company Page template: a few textfields, a Google Map and that’s it! Thanks again, K

I also like you design *.psd very much.

Would you be so kind to share it with us, when the .html and .css are created and ready for sale?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Esensio.

Just click the “Follow” button and you will see all my new templates into TF homepage. Thanks!

So I have to buy this, and then spend $100 on the fonts and more on the stock images before I can use this?

I think I’ll find another one.

For sure, good luck!

I really, really like this design. They layers, highlights, shading, gradients all work and look really nice. Unfortunately my company won’t go for a dark design. I would buy this one in an instant if it were light/white instead of dark.

Nice work; really wish that I could use this for a project. :(

Thanks for your feedback! The light version of this PSD is a very interesting idea, I will keep in mind for future uploads.

Can you some of your templates HTML please :(!

Hi, where’s the HTML version or Wp version ?


Only PSD version by now. Cheers!

Oh I see.. ;) Okay, Kaisersosa, thanks for the information..