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Excelente trabajo, mucha suerte!! Saludos!! :)

Muchas gracias, igualmente para vos! K.

Very impressive, I think this could sell very good if you code it – do you plan to do so?

Thanks for your feedback! At this moment I only sell PSD files without coded files.

excellent work mate, crisp and clean.

Thanks dude!

Los Hermanos! Great job!

Pentacampeones! Thanks dude.

Stop making beautiful things, I hate you. >_<

Sacré bleu! More .PSDs are coming so I’m in danger right now :P Thanks buddy!

Thanks for all your post around my work!

I would be more apt to buy this if it were sliced and coded as well. If anyone can ping me with a price on doing that (with a good turn around time) please do so and I’ll purchase this.

@kaisersosa: While this is just simply gorgeous, my only critique would be leaving room on the navigation bar for other buttons (making the font/navbar smaller in height) or leaving more room to the right as I find that more often than not, 5 buttons is not enough especially if needing to add “blog”, “portfolio/gallery” and “store”. No, it wouldn’t be hard for people to do, but some people come here so it’s ready to go out of the box. Kudos to you, this is simply great work! This one is flabbergasting.

More templates are coming so I will take account your comments. Right now I only deliver .PSD files. Thanks for yout feedback!

I too would purchase this template if it where coded. Sounds like it would be worth your while to hire someone to do that for you. It’s very cheap. Your designs are amazing by the way. Fantastic!

Hay que codearlo, no queda otra parece. ;)

De apriete nadie tigre. Bienvenido!!

I love this…looks very professional. Plus blue’s my favorite color! :-D bookmarking this.

Is there any hope of you coding this theme,its stunning

Only PSDs for now, thanks!

Is it possible to change the image with the buildings in header image ?

Of course! All images are Envato assets so you must to change all pictures for your project.

Nice!! VERY NICE !+1000 ???????!))

Thanks! :)